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June is 4 the Dads and Grads

Updated on June 2, 2013

Well I have no more Grads at home, but I sure do have a Special Dad!!!

I am writing to wish all in my family a very special Fathers Day! I want to introduce you to the Special Dads in my life. First there is a shout out to my Ex-husband Greg, and for My son James, My Special Someone "Jr" and to my Step- DAD.. I will share what makes these people such wonderful Dads.

I have only had the man I call DAD in my life for a little while, okay actually twenty some years, but it seems like yesterday. That is because when you have fun with your family time does not mean too much. And even when times were hard for any of us kids, you would help us get on track again. In today's economy it is not always easy to tell the people we love how much they mean to us.

In the news we listen to people describe "The Twin Towers" or maybe you see a special News interruption from "The Boston Marathon" and out there is a Father telling his children that it will be ok. You protect us from all that you can. No monster or Boogeyman will ever harm us as long as you are near. Food and clothing is your biggest concern, but we never see you worry and you make our lives as happy as can be. There is only one name for you and that must be Dad or Daddy as the case may be.

No matter what is going on they are there for us So,to you I give all my love and I wish you a very Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day!! - How to honor the best man in our lives.

We all know who DAD is and what they mean to us. So here are a few things you can get him for that special day.

Who has the greatest Dad?

Hip-hip hoo ray!

Who has the greatest Dad?


Happy Father's Day!


Special Men in My Life...Greg, James and Logan

Special Men in My Life...Greg, James and Logan
Special Men in My Life...Greg, James and Logan


Thank you!

For being you!

Hi Dad! Although we may have had a rocky start, I am so thankful that you married my mom and that I am lucky to have you as my step-father. By any other name it is DAD! I appreciate all the wonderful things you have done for me and my children. For bringing me two sisters, whom I could never trade away I love them as much as I do you.

My dad is living in a much warmer climate than I and my sisters. But no matter how far he is, he is always close to our hearts. The things that he has seen in his life and the stories he can tell are always the best to listen to. His knowledge and wisdom I hope to pass on someday to my grandchildren. He has picked me up when I was down, and turned me towards the right path, even if I stumbled several times.

I love you DAD!

Greg, what can I say. Our lives have crossed paths many times. I thank you for being there during all of those times. You are a great Dad and I surely could not ask for a better friend than you have been to me. Our son and Grandson have many lives to touch and have yet to do it, but when they do I hope that the sensation of happiness and pride come across your face the same way it did when our son was born. No matter what, you have been there! Enjoy your Day! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

To my darling son, James. I know you feel that you should not hear this at this time in your life, but without you there would be no little one. I chose the picture of you and Logan because he is your son and both of you are smiling,that has to be worth a million! No matter what happens in life he will always be your number one. He has so much of your features and looks, and you should be proud of the handsome young man that he will become.He has special things to do in life, Just like you! Look at the bright side of things, You are a good Father! And there is still time for the others you will have. I give you all my love on this very Special Day! Enjoy!

To my better half JR, since the day we met it has always been about our families. I see the pride you have when ever you speak of your children, and as you should, they are Terrific young adults.and you have molded them into the adults they have become. I know that you had help with doing that and Liz is just as lucky as you. You are also a wonderful Grandfather and it shows when the Grandchildren are here. I wish for you to always be the way you are. Wonderful, loving and always caring. Happy Father's Day!!

To all the Father's everywhere, enjoy this day as it is to honor you for being DAD!

When you have a wonderful Dad, all you want to do is Brag about it! So, Brag about it here!

This is a great place to share your thoughts. - Dads Day should always be a celebration.

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