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My Third Marriage and My Birthday Celebration

Updated on March 7, 2012

My Fifty-Seventh Birthday Celebration

"Eat all you can
"Eat all you can | Source
Fun with my colleagues
Fun with my colleagues
Left to right; Sunny and Jean(mydaughter and her husband) Ma'am Veron, Sir Owel
Left to right; Sunny and Jean(mydaughter and her husband) Ma'am Veron, Sir Owel
Wedding day, October 5, 2011
Wedding day, October 5, 2011 | Source

The story behind my 57th birthday celebration

On New Year, January 1, 2012, I wrote a hub Predictions for 2012. January would be birthday celebration with my son and his children being here celebrating with me but it did not happen as I wished. I told my husband about my little problem on my birthday but as always he was there for me; though just in the net because he is in the U.S., while I am here in the Philippines.

I should have liked to just sulk inside my room; it hurts for a mother to be totally forgotten by her son when he is already old enough to be so independent. Even his children, my most beloved grandchildren; none of them called to greet me. I wouldn't want to know but it really hurts. Until this writing, no word come from them.

The following is a narrative of my feelings that I wrote on June 28, 2001. I used to write down my feelings of despair and loneliness and this one of them.

Come Home to Me

You are my thoughts as I fall asleep at night;The solitary hero in my dreams as I am deeply asleep through the darkest dawn;You are my first recall when I awake in the first glimpse of the rising sun.

My longing heart awaits your re-appearance;Praying for the day when you finally come home to stay; You've been wandering too long and too far away from me;For you have long forgotten the warmth of my loving arms.

Deep in my soul is the sweetest remembrance of you; The memory of us together embeds itself to the fabric of my essence; In my Utopia I search for you; Calling your name let us revive our love anew.

If perchance you opt to desert me for good; Please let me know of your intention; I can forgive your choice of omission but remembrance of you is my sole consolation.

Decades and centuries are mere fragments of time; My immortal soul may wander through the gloom; But I will come home at any clime and season; Still hoping and remembering that we were both here together once upon a time.

I missed my son and his family but my daughter and her family were here as well as my loyal best friends, Ma'am Veron and Sir Owel.

My son and his family.

My whole family, when my son was here in 2005
My whole family, when my son was here in 2005


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