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Keep it Zippo

Updated on April 24, 2014

Keep it Zippo

This is a lens about the best-selling Zippo Lighters you can purchase. Take your time and peruse at your leisure. You do not have to be a smoker to enjoy the beauty, the elegance and the artistry of Zippo Lighters. One thing to understand is that ALL Zippo Lighters, when purchased, come with the famous 'Lifetime Guarantee'. This means that they are repaired FREE OF CHARGE.

Zippo Lighters have now become collectors items [ with many 'Zippos' now classed as 'vintage collectibles'.] So, if you are looking to purchase a 'Zippo' for yourself, a friend, or a member of your family, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are purchasing one of the best examples of American minature engineering, as far as I am concerned.

Because you have to understand that, yes, there are other lighters out there that will do the same job...but then there is the 'ZIPPO'. No other lighter can compare, for history, workability, artistry, and durability. Also, when purchasing a 'Zippo', you are purchasing one of the best designs in American minature engineering, [as stated above] since 1932.

So when purchasing a lighter...


Keep it Zippo

The Lighter that Just Works

What can be said about Zippo Lighters that has not been said? To my mind, simply some of the best examples of minature, American engineering at its best. Not only that, but with a 'Lifetime Guarantee' with EVERY single 'Zippo' you purchase, what other company can offer you such a thing?

This has been ongoing since 1932, in which the company offers 'Lifetime Guarantees' for all of their Zippo Lighters. And now, this is what their loyal fans - and indeed customers from all over the world - have come to expect.

Not only that, but with any Zippo Lighter you purchase, you can be sure that you are not only getting a product that 'just works', [which is the motto of 'Zippo'] but you are also getting a product that looks good in your hands and feels good too.

You are getting a product that gives you more 'bang for your buck' despite its size. Finally, to me, they are simply beautiful pieces of artwork. And the chrome casing is the canvas by which wonderful artwork and engravings are displayed.

So, treat yourself, a family member or a friend to a 'Zippo' today. With 'Zippo's' famous 'Lifetime Guarantee', and their workability, you cannot go far wrong. Plus, many 'Zippos' come within their own gift boxes too.

Keep it Zippo - A Selection of Zippo Lighters for you to Choose

Here I show you a variety of Zippo Lighters for you to choose from. You can be sure that with each Zippo Lighter you purchase, you will receive 'Zippos' world famous, 'Lifetime Guarantee'. They do not charge a single cent/penny for repairs of 'Zippos'. And they have stuck to this policy since 1932.

I have also included the Zippo Fuel Canister. I think that this is just a wonderful little item to add to your 'Zippo'. I have never seen that item before, but I will, myself, definitely purchase it. It holds enough fuel to fill one Zippo Lighter and also doubles up as a key ring holder too.

Zippo Butterfly Burst Pocket Lighter, Brushed Chrome
Zippo Butterfly Burst Pocket Lighter, Brushed Chrome

The chrome on this beautiful 'Zippo', is brushed. I always feel that that gives the lighter a 'classical' look.

Absolutely beautiful artwork on this 'Zippo'. One to be proud off within any collection of Zippo Lighters.

Comes with the famous 'Lifetime Guarantee', and also arrives to you within its own gift box.

Purchase Zippo fuel separately. as all Zippo Lighters arrive empty.

Zippo Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Emblem Pocket Lighter, High Polish Brass
Zippo Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Emblem Pocket Lighter, High Polish Brass

Jack Daniel's and 'Zippo', two American, world famous iconic products. What more can be said?

I simply love every single thing about this 'Zippo'. The design and artwork is quite simply rugged, beautiful. and very typically-American.

Comes with its own gift box too, and with the world-famous 'Lifetime Guarantee'. Like all 'Zippos', this one is not fueled, So, purchase the fuel separately.

Zippo Fuel Canister
Zippo Fuel Canister

Want to carry your 'Zippo' fuel around in a canister? Then this could just be the perfect product for you.

The Zippo Fuel Canister is perfect, made completely from aluminium, this Zippo Canister is simply beautiful.

I have never seen this product before, but I will purchase this to add my own 'Zippo' fuel to it.

This holds enough fuel to fill ONE Zippo Lighter. This can also double-up as a key-ring holder too. Superb little item from 'Zippo'.

Zippo Mazzi Bald Eagle with Flag Pocket Lighter, Street Chrome
Zippo Mazzi Bald Eagle with Flag Pocket Lighter, Street Chrome

Again, typically American image. Stunning looking piece this is. And it is also a real eye-catcher.

Again, like all Zippo Lighters, this one comes with a 'Lifetime Guarantee',

It is also repaired free of charge, if it needs repairing. I really love the fact that all Zippo Lighters come supplied within their own case too.

This is another wonderful touch from the company. .

Zippo Clover Pocket Lighter, Moss Green Matte
Zippo Clover Pocket Lighter, Moss Green Matte

Your Irish roots will really shine through with this beautiful 'Zippo'.

As green as the four-leaf-clover. This is another 'Zippo' I will be purchasing in the near future. Comes with the world-famous 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

Plus, like all Zippos, it has that distinctive clicking sound when the lid is open and closed.


Keep it Zippo - A selection of Zippo Lighters to Purchase

If you are looking for that perfect gift to give to a family member or friend - or even to purchase for yourself, look no further than a beautiful 'Zippo'.

Zippo Lighters

Zippo Lighters for sale

Keep it Zippo

Design and art. A product that 'just works'. 'Lifetime Guarantee'. And a consumer base that is second to none, worldwide. When George G Blaisdell designed the Zippo, back in 1932, I am sure he did not imagine for one minute how big his product, indeed, his company would become.

But by concentrating on the things that matter, in business [like good customer care, reliable product and treating customers with respect] he absolutely guaranteed the success of Zippo.

Keep it Zippo - How to refill Zippo Lighter Fluid

A short video clip on how to refill your Zippo.

KEEP IT ZIPPO - The Lighter That Just Works

Zippo Lighters have established themselves as one of the main American brands since 1932. The catchphrase ['They just work'] is known worldwide. Consumers can now purchase Zippo Lighters in whatever colour and design they wish. And, furthermore, they have now become 'collectors items'.

For me, Zippo Lighters are an amazing feat of miniature engineering, which has contributed greatly, to their success worldwide. The simple act of adding a 'hood' which protects the flame during windy days, was another main reason for its success.

Not to mention the fact that Zippo Lighters are very beautiful items, in their own right. They have been featured in film and advertisements, and have had names dedications of love, and poetry carved upon their steel casing. They have in fact, become a part of 'Americana' and one does not have to be a smoker to appreciate their beauty, simplicity and design. For me, the only lighter to use, above all others, is a Zippo. When you are looking for a lighter that 'just works' then you will not go far wrong with a 'Zippo'.

Zippo Lighters, to me, are the ultimate in lighter technology. They epitomize all the right things in how a product, when made in the right way, should work. From their production to the end-consumer- they are made with the consumer in mind, at all times.

And it is this wonderful customer service that the consumer receives, as to why people keep coming back again and again. This is why 'Zippo' have been such a success and an example to companies worldwide, as to how to design their products, market their products and how to treat their customers with respect.

Keep it Zippo

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