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Khal Drogo Halloween Costume

Updated on August 23, 2017
A fan of Game of Thrones dressed up as Khal Drogo.
A fan of Game of Thrones dressed up as Khal Drogo. | Source

How to Make a Khal Drogo Halloween Costume

Game of Thrones is one of my favorite themes for a Halloween costume. Since Khal Drogo is one of my favorite characters on the show I decided to write about making a homemade costume based upon this barbaric, yet honorable and romantic character.

First a little background about Drogo. Drogo is the Khal (King) of the Dothraki. The Dothraki are a nomadic warrior people. Viserys Targaryen approached Khal Drogo with a deal...his sister, Daenerys, in exchange for warriors to regain his throne. Viserys was quite a coward and didn't last long living with the Dothraki people. His wife, Daenerys Targaryen, is called the Khaleesi. Daenerys was given to Drogo in marriage to seal a business arrangement. Drogo was to supply 10,000 Dothraki warriors in exchange for the young, silver-haired beauty. It comes as a surprise to both of them when they fall deeply in love. Drogo calls Khaleesi "Moon Oo My Life" and Khaleesi calls Drogo "My Sun and Stars."

Alone, both of these characters supply us with wonderful costume ideas. Together, they are an unbeatable couples costume.

(I don't have to tell you that Khal and his Khaleesi are my favorite characters from the Game of Thrones, do I?)

Getting the Details Right: Khal Drogo Costume

First, take a look at what you will need to make a Khal Drogo costume and then pull everything out of the closets and the attic to see what you already have. This look isn't too difficult to make yourself.

The most challenging part is going to be the hair and the beard. You want to be authentic, but remember: This is a Halloween costume and it's meant to be fun, not cost you a fortune. What items you don't have in your closets, try to find at your local thrift shop. Saving money is always a good thing!

Look over the Khal Drogo pictures and videos on this page for details about his unique look.

  • The bear claws on his back, shoulders, and chest are his armor, drawn on with paint as is the Dothraki custom. The Dothraki don't believe in wearing real armor. It is considered gutless.
  • His long black hair and beard tell us that Drogo is an accomplished Dothraki warrior, one who has never been defeated in battle. (Note that this iis the TV series version of what Drogo looks like.)
  • The eyes are darkened with kohl to achieve the look that would strike fear into the hearts of Dothraki enemies. Apply black eye shadow from your eyebrow to your eyelid and underneath your eye too.
  • Drogo has a scar over his right eyebrow and it extends down under his eye. Create the scar with latex scar makeup kit or draw some scar-like shadows. Jason Momoa, the actor who plays Khal Drogo, actually has a scar in his eyebrow and now hair won't grow there. His scar, however, doesn't extend over his eyebrow and under the eye like the character's does.
  • Thicken and darken your eyebrows with black eyebrow pencil.

What You'll Need to Make a Khal Drogo Costume

A Khal Drogo cosplayer performing at the 2014 Phoenix Comicon Masquerade.
A Khal Drogo cosplayer performing at the 2014 Phoenix Comicon Masquerade. | Source
The Hair and Beard
Long, black, and braided. Find a wig if necessary.
Blue bear claws on back, shoulder, and chest.
Leather or suede pants to mimic the Dothraki horsehair pants.
Wide leather girdle (belt).
Beard is long and pulled together into three separate sections fastened by string or elastic bands. A good fake beard and mustache will do.
Smokey black eye makeup & don't forget that unique eyebrow shape.
Faux fur loin cloth.
Ceremonial medallions that hang around waist.
The book version of Drogo has him wearing a mustachio, a thick mustache, with rings in it and bells in his long braid.
Scar over right eye.
Arm guards/wrist bands.

The Right Khal Drogo Pants

The Dothraki people remind us of the Huns and Mongols hordes who lived long ago. They travel from conquest to conquest, setting up camp as they go, and like those ancient nomadic warriors, the Dothraki depend on horses for everything. The books tell us that the Dothraki pants were made of horsehair. For this costume, suede or leather pants will have to do.

Making a Wide Belt/Girdle

By transforming a leather apron, you can make your own belt for Drogo. An apron and belt for a Roman centurion costume works perfectly. You can rough it up with some paint or tint, put a piece of faux fur behind it, and add some large medallions to the waist. Voila! A fairly authentic Dothraki costume girdle. It's pretty cheap and I think it might take less time and money than looking for the right waist belt.

Another way to get the Drogo girdle right is to buy some suede and design your own. You can also use suede fabric to make your own wrist guards.

Take a Look at Khal Drogo to Get Costume Ideas

More Peeks at What Drogo Looks Like

Khal Drogo Cosplay Costume


Dothraki Leather Arm Guard Ideas

Wrap leather strips around your wrists and arms and then tie them with a leather string in a laced fashion. Or, you can buy arm guards or bracers for your homemade costume!

RedSkyTrader Mens Leather Arm Guard Set with Brass One Size Fits Most Black
RedSkyTrader Mens Leather Arm Guard Set with Brass One Size Fits Most Black

Drogo's costume has some things in common with Roman centurion costumes. These arm guards have the metal rivets and leather to make convincing Dothraki warrior gear.


What kind of man was Khal Drogo of the Dothraki?

How Big a GOT Fan Are You?

How would you describe the Dothraki Warrior King?

See results
Here's a great picture of what a Khal Drogo costume can look like!
Here's a great picture of what a Khal Drogo costume can look like!

Jason Momao Auditions for Khal Drogo: From the Blu-Ray and DVD of Game of Thrones

Book or TV Version of Khal Drogo: Which Look Do You Like Best?

There are two different looks for Khal Drogo: One from the books, which includes bells in the hair, a braid made to one side, and rings on moustachios. The other look is from the TV series, which features less rings, no bells in the braid, and the braid designed down the back. It's not a big difference, but it is a difference nonetheless.

Drogo And Daenerys Costume Ideas


Look What Khal Drogo Did To Viserys



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