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kids birthday party venues

Updated on December 5, 2011

Finding (or Preparing) the Best Venue for your Child's Birthday Party

My 3-year-old son has been invited to his fair share of children's birthday parties, and recently, we attended one which had me at my wits' end nearly the whole time. Why? Because the party, fun though it was, was held at a clubhouse that had some tables laid out beside a large swimming pool.

Since my son was playing with his classmates throughout the whole party, I had to keep a tight lookout for him, and a couple of times they actually ran outside and then ran back inside! Talk about a no-no for a children's birthday party!

It was that experience that led me to write this lens about picking a venue for a child's birthday party. As a concerned mom, I'm definitely not against the fun factor and the classy appeal of clubhouses, but as we prepare the best birthday parties for our kids, I believe that considering the following is a great way for choosing the best venue for a memorable party with no unnecessary accidents.

Factor #1. Guests

Are you inviting only your child's friends and classmates, or also your own adult friends? This will play a huge part on what kind of venue you will choose. For example:

Do you pick a venue that allows for formal seating as well as having a play area?

Can you have the entire party in your backyard with only a few seats?

Can you have the party at a restaurant or a play house?

Can you have a barbecue with a picnic-type setting, or will adults look for champagne served in formal tables?

Great Kiddie Invitation Cards

Whether you have a theme for your party or not, invitation cards with cartoon characters will surely grab anyone's attention. If you are lost for ideas, the invites below may give you an idea what theme to have for your child's birthday party!

Hallmark Smurfs Invitations
Hallmark Smurfs Invitations

If your child loves the Smurfs, this will be a great way to let his friends know!

Adorable Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitations Card Supply (8 Pack), Multi Color, 3 7/8" x 5 5/8".
Adorable Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitations Card Supply (8 Pack), Multi Color, 3 7/8" x 5 5/8".

The all-favorite girls' birthday party invitation! Of course, you may want to find a more unique theme, unless your daughter actually does love and collect Hello Kitty.

Winnie the Pooh Invitations 8ct
Winnie the Pooh Invitations 8ct

Another sure-win invitation card set! Winnie the Pooh is just about every child's favorite!

Barney - Best Manners (Invitation To Fun)
Barney - Best Manners (Invitation To Fun)

What child doesn't know Barney? This makes a great theme for toddlers and preschoolers. Of course, if you can find a Barney mascot to go with your party, it would be a blast!


Factor #2. Is it Kid-Friendly?

Kid-friendliness is not only limited to play houses or the local McDonald's, although these two places are certainly child-friendly.

Choosing a child-friendly venue for a birthday party means to pick one that allows children to be what they are: children! How do children behave generally? Are they being themselves when they are forced to sit still throughout the party because of too many breakables, like China, glass decors, and fragile vases? Sure, kids can actually appreciate beautiful things, but unless you want to spend your whole time scolding the next child who runs by, do pick a more spacious venue with less fragile decors.

Factor #3. Games and Entertainment

What games are you considering to include at your child's birthday party? These are important things to think about before you pick a venue.

Will you need much running space?

Will you be having games that result in wet floors?

Will you be needing many props to serve as places to "hide" things, such as in Treasure Hunt-type games?

Will you be having a clown or a magician?

Will you be having a bubble machine?

For games that tend to be rough and possibly wet, open spaces are best choices. For quieter and "cleaner" games like dress-up contests for little girls, you would be better off having it indoors.

Unique Pinatas for a great party game for all ages!

Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata
Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata

This is great for a boy's birthday party, and may even give you an idea for a Treasure Hunt theme!

Aztec Imports Fairytale Unicorn Pinata
Aztec Imports Fairytale Unicorn Pinata

Another little girl's dream come true: a unicorn filled with goodies!

Pinata Toy & Candy Assortment (100 pc)
Pinata Toy & Candy Assortment (100 pc)

Now you won't need to do the legwork in finding stuff to fill into your pinata! This 100-pc assortment will definitely spell fun for your party guests!


Factor #4. Safety

Safety does not have to be a party pooper. Instead, adults at the party can have as much fun as the kids if the venue you choose is already relatively child-proofed. Are there proper security measures in place? For example, hosting a party at a club house is indeed classy, but if there is no way to secure the pool area, it poses a serious danger to the guests. After all, children’s party guests, especially for a preschooler’s birthday, will definitely have at least half a dozen kids running amok at every minute. If you can have the club house closed off with no exit to the pool, it might be a good idea, but otherwise, look elsewhere.

If you are hosting the party in your own backyard, just make sure the fences to keep the kids from running out to the street are properly installed.

Need to childproof a home or backyard?

Kidkusion Driveway Safety Sign -2 Pack
Kidkusion Driveway Safety Sign -2 Pack

This will help you issue a warning for passing cars to slow down by your yard.

12 Pack Electrical Outlet Safety Caps, Child Protection and Draft Stoppers
12 Pack Electrical Outlet Safety Caps, Child Protection and Draft Stoppers

When holding a party indoors, these will discourage kids from poking into electrical outlets!

Prince Lionheart Corner Guards, Chocolate Brown
Prince Lionheart Corner Guards, Chocolate Brown

A great thing to add to coffee tables and dining tables if your guest list has toddlers 3 feet or shorter!


Any ideas you want to share about fixing up a venue for a child's birthday party?

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      Didge 5 years ago

      What a great lens: Thank you for sharing.