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kids halloween costumes

Updated on August 28, 2013

Halloween Costumes For Kids

In every seasonal celebration children bring a unique excitement to the party, and Halloween is no different. They are the ones that keep alive the Halloween tradition of reverse tricking- despite how a few adults still partake in reverse treating. This is the reason every good parent tries to get their kids the funniest/cutest costume they can lay their hands on.

I believe you are a good parent and are looking to get a costume for your child this Halloween. This article intends to help you through the decision making process.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Child Costume

This is dragon costume that is normally worn by boys, although the sight of a girl child wearing it is not out of place. The package includes a jumpsuit, hand covers, mask and foot cover. I have never heard of someone looking for a reason to dress up in a superhero costume. Don't be the first!

Before you get this costume you should know that the feet are not completely covered in as displayed in the photo and the wings don't stand up nicely. They tend to flop around. But this doesn't take anything away from the costume.

Car Hop Girl Child Costume

This is one of my most preferred costumes for girls. It is very catchy, resplendent, cheap, and can be used for other school activities (like drama). I'm sure you know the car hop girl to be the gorgeous hipster waitress at dinners.

The costume is loaded with a cap, an apron and a dress. Other accessories are to be purchased separately. The car hop girl costume is also a smart choice for a mother and daughter Halloween attire.

Disco Dolly Child Costume

The Disco Dolly Costume is typifies the 1970s when the awesome kids kept afros and disco music ruled the world. The disco doll is a dancing queen who loves to shake, shake and shake to funky tunes. There is no better time to take on this temporary identity than Halloween.

You know with retro costumes you can never go wrong. The attire is washable, this could come in handy since it's a child wearing the outfit.

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