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Kids Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Costume for Halloween

Updated on September 4, 2015

Kids Willie Robertson Costume, CEO of Duck Commander and one of the stars of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is doing amazingly on A&E, it only makes sense that Halloween costumes for children are being offered this year.

Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander and really pushes the rest of the crew to continue working, Si on his reeds seems particularly reticent, but the rest of the crew isn't much better.

Pictured is the easiest way to dress your child up as Willie Robertson for Halloween.

Another option would be this set, but it does not include the duck call that the pictured set has.

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Kids Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Beard
Kids Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Beard

Willie's Beard

Of all the Robertson clan, I think Willie's beard is the biggest and fullest. Phil and Si's beards are long and grey, and are impressive, but have seen better days. Jase's beard is relatively small compared to Willie's. Jep has peace fuzz compared to the rest of the clan.

So, a big, obvious brown beard is best. This is the official Duck Dynasty Willie beard, and the best choice, overall.

Who's grown the most impressive beard?

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Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Bandanna
Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Bandanna

Willie's Bandana (or hat?)

Willie is almost always seen with an American flag bandanna around his forehead. Sometimes he is seen with a backwards hat, but I think that might be a bad idea.

The reason for this is quite simple. With a backwards hat, Willie looks like Silent Bob (Director Kevin Smith's alter-ego, of Jay and Silent Bob movies). You certainly don't want your little one confused with him.

So, bandanna it is. Check out this wiki-how on how to fold a bandanna. Make sure to have the stars showing!

Willie leads a busy life, between shoots for Duck Dynasty, running Duck Commander and Buck Commander (harder than you would think, considering the help he has) and, as it turns out, he is opening a restaurant in West Monroe, Louisiana.

He has also attempted to open a winery, but ended up with a bunch of bad tasting grape juice. No word yet if he will continue to pursue that goal.

Duck Dynasty American Beard Willie TV Show Adult T-Shirt Tee Select Shirt Size: X-Large
Duck Dynasty American Beard Willie TV Show Adult T-Shirt Tee Select Shirt Size: X-Large

A nice, big picture of Willie so that your neighbors can get the hint.


Willie's Clothes, size, and accessories

Frankly, I think the best thing to do would be to take a dress shirt, maybe from dad, and just stick a pillow in it. Quick, easy, and cheap.

However, if your neighbors are dense, you might want to purchase a duck dynasty shirt to give them a hint.

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