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Kim Kardashian In A Wonder Woman Costume For Halloween

Updated on October 3, 2016
Image by 1derwoman,, CC BY 2.0
Image by 1derwoman,, CC BY 2.0 | Source

This attire surely looks atractive

I recently discovered another costume I like - Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume.

And now I really don't know which outfit to wear on Halloween. So many great costumes and so little time for them. I wish I could wear two or three on one night.

I believe I'll have to think really hard to decide which is going to be my costume this year.

Image by Kalumba2009, CC BY-SA 2.0, Flickr
Image by Kalumba2009, CC BY-SA 2.0, Flickr | Source

I have been watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians and other reality shows with them for a few years now. Not very regularly, but when I have a chance to watch it, there is always some kind of drama going on.

Then I find few photos online where Kim K. is wearing Wonder Woman outfit and she looks fantastic in it, just like she always does.

Did you know?

Kim often spends few thousand dollars for make up for one single party. She calculated she spends around million dollars in a year for all kinds of beauty treatments, including regular facials with 24 carat gold and laser treatment of cellulite (worth four thousands each week).

She pays over five hundred buck per week for peelings only!

On the other hand her make up remover costs less than two dollars.

American Hero Costume

I instantly checked at Amazon if this costume is available and voila, here it is - it's pretty much the same - corset like top and shorts. She wore black tights too and I still have to decide if I'll add them too or not.

This is the sexy superhero costume - red, blue with white stars and golden romper, golden lasso and golden headband with red star. As I can see it's available in four sizes.

Do you want to become a Wonder Woman too?

Wonder Woman costume like Kim Kardashian
Wonder Woman costume like Kim Kardashian | Source

This costume is made of three pieces and other accessories can be ordered separately which is a good thing. Material is durable, colors true to the picture and you can enjoy them on several occasions. Halloween is just one of them, but some prefer to use it at cosplay.

I also checked buyers reviews and now I'm even more convinced that this is the perfect Halloween costume.

Do you like Kim Kardashian in this costume?

Image by The Heart Truth, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image by The Heart Truth, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Do you like Kim Kardashian in this costume?

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Red High Heels Boots

I'll just add red boots - here are one that I really like. The only thing I regret is that I can't wear them after Halloween - well except maybe at some costume party.

Red High Heels Boots

Best Wonder Woman knee high boots
Best Wonder Woman knee high boots | Source

These boots are synthetic, but sole is handmade. The heel are 3.5 inches high - are sure hope that they won't be too high for me, because I usually don't wear heels that are so high.

And how does Kim K. looks like in Wonder Woman costume?

I cant' show you any picture of Kim Kardashian in Wonder Woman costume here because of copy rights, but you can check them out on Pinterest. I have also found several fascinated and surprising facts about Kin Kardashian and Wonder Woman. You can check them in a link below. And right after bot links is also a short video from Youtube, so you can see everything in movement as well.

Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman

The real person behind a princess of the Amazons

She was created by William Moulton Marston, psychologist and inventor (he is co-creator of lie detector, by the way) in collaboration with illustrator Henry George Peter to protect and serve, as an alternative to male superheroes in 1941.

The role model for the character was his wife Elizabeth, intellectual and scientist. Elizabeth was the one who influenced the looks and behavior of the new hero, she was woman who actually suggested that new character should be a woman and not a men. The other role model was Olive Byrne, who lived with the couple.

Huge part of this success certainly lies in right timing. 1941 was the year when Second World War exploded all around the globe. Captain America was probably the most prominent super hero who fought the aggressive military union to protect the free world. This was time of greatest global conflicts where practically everybody was included. It was not only job for men, no, not anymore. It was also fight for women and children.

Today Earth still needs her and her fans are more numerous than ever.

Linda Carter or Kim Kardashian?

Which do you prefer in the role of Wonder Woman?

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