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Kitchen Utensils for Sportsman

Updated on March 12, 2016

Why I am a Sportsman

One of the main reasons that I am a sportsmen is because the bounty that is provided by nature for me and my family. There is nothing healthier than wild game, fish and fowl for taken for our consumption.

There's a certain pride a person takes in harvesting these animals. That pride is shown in the way that sportsmen treat those animals after he or she harvests the animal.

There is nothing better in my mind then preparing something wild, that I took for family and friends to enjoy.

The best thing about today's world is there are more things out there for the sportsmen to buy that will help broaden the techniques and master different ways of preparing these items.

image credit Dedicated to America's Outdoor Sportsman

10 essential items in your hunting pack that you always carry

3.Butt Out Tool
4.20 ft of nylon rope
5.Water and a few protein bars
6.Scent elimin. spray and cover scents
8.Ski mask
9.Extra knife

Dedicated to America's Outdoor Sportsman
Dedicated to America's Outdoor Sportsman

Helpful TIPS

How to Remove Fish Smell

(1)--Wash your hands with ketchup or toothpaste

(2)--Wash with soap and water


Box the Little Chief

When using a Little Chief do not throw away the box. If you put it over the smoker it help retain the heat.


To cool your sausage put ice water in your ground up meat . It cools it and help mix the ingredients better.

Six Cooking Utensil or Items Sportsman Would Use


Crock Pot ///////// Slow Cooker

When using these crock pots it is best to leave the premises while the recipe is cooking because you will not be tempted to open the lid and look. Every time you do this you loose a forth of your meal??????

These work the best on cold winter days because when you get home and are wet, cold and exhausted dinner is ready.

Meat Grinder ///// Food Grinder

Food Grinder -----Electric Meat Grinder -------Heavy Duty Grinder, Silver

Food Processor

As far as I am concerned you cannot get a meat grinder that is to big.........I had a friend who had a homemade grinder built off an electric motor attached to a wooden table, while another friend bought a commercial grade grinder from a butcher shop that was going out of business ...The main secret is how your meat is cut up before you put it in the grinder.

Getting a sausage attachment is a good thing....

Smoker Cooker

Charcoal Grill for

Charcoal Smoker ------ & Smoker -------------------- Food Smoker ------ Convection Cooking

The best thing about smoker cooker that are available is the ease of temperature control. With the smokers that have the wood chips or pellets I do not think you could choose a bad one. In my mind the smoker cooker is like the crock pot you have to leave........

Food Dehydrator

A must for putting food up for later.

What is there not to like about a food dehydrator. Not only the wild game but also all the vegetables and healthy snacks you can make for your family.This is a perfect tool to stuff your seasoning rack with home grown spices.


FoodSaver ----------44 FoodSaver 8x11 -----FoodSaver Quick- ----FoodSaver FreshSaver

SmartSeal Vac.-----1Quart Pre-Cut -----------Marinator 2-1/4-Qrt---Handheld Vacuum Sealing

Sealer Kit ------------Food Storage Bags -----Square Canister ------System, White

Most expensive part of a food saver is the bags. I had a friend show me how to reuse the bags multiple times to save money.......

Just by making the bag a little longer when you start, SO after you empty the bag and you have any left overs you can put them back in the bag and reseal it.......As far as marinades nothing beats a FoodSaver......

Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 32Qrt---Bayou Classic High- ----Masterbuilt Butterball ----Masterbuilt Butterball

Stainless Steel --------- Pressure Outdoor -------Oil-Free Electric-----------Professional Indoor

Turkey Fryer ----------- Gas Cooker Propane ---Fryer and Roaster ------- Electric Turkey Fryer

There are more safety and helpful ideas than any other thing. No safety you should know.........So do not limit your self to just turkeys.. believe it or not with the right rub you can make a mallard duck taste like prime rib with a turkey fryer.....Nothing is better than a mess of deep fried Crappie especially when its outside and your wife does not complain about the fish smell in the kitchen...THE ONLY THING THAT STOPS YOU FROM MAKING OTHER THINGS IS YOUR IMAGINATION.....

The 8 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Varmint Hunting And How to Fix It

1. You’re Hunting Where There Are No Coyotes

It has to be the right terrain for coyotes.

2. You’re Using the Wrong Call

If one does not work try another

3. You’re Not Seeing Them

If they see you first you will not see them.

4. You’re Calling Too Much or Too Little

Change your call or how often you call. You cannot call them in if you scare them off.

5. You’re Spoiling Your Setup

You are to loud when you arrive. Be quite and hide your pickup.

6. You Don’t Have Enough Places To Hunt

Look around and see if you can find more places to hunt.

7. You’re Giving Up Too Soon

If you give up to soon you will not get any.

8. You’re Hunting Pressured Dogs

Has your area been hunted out or have the coyotes got to smart. Change areas..


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