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Choose a Knight Costume for Kids - Huzzah!

Updated on April 17, 2013

Kids love to dress up as a knight!

Kids love to dress up as knights. Especially the boys, but lots of girls too. We've got a brilliant selection of costumes for young knights. Lots of accessories too including swords and shields.

My toddler and preschooler boys love to dress up as knights. They've been a few medieval reenactments so they love to play jousting games and save people from dragons. Brilliant for the imagination and for learning about history. My 2 year old son often dresses up as a knight and asks to be called Sir Hector! My four year old is fascinated by where knight lived and what they ate. We have lots of fun with medieval role play.

Melissa & Doug Knight Costume Role Play Set

Age 3-7

We love Melissa & Doug toys, the always well thought through and well designed for kids to get the most from them. They have sensibly included a much better quality tunic and helmet than many other knight costumes we've seen, but kept the cost down by not including trousers. Many knight costumes just have a pair of plain black trousers so you can easily borrow a pair from another dress up set. We like that it comes with a sword and shield too.

Hobby Horses for Small Knights

Age 3+

Every small knight needs a faithful steed! My boys both have hobby horses that make a noise. There's not much cuter than two small knights galloping around the house!

Girls Can be Knights too!

Knight costumes are definitely not just for boys. My older son, aged 3 at the time, chose a knight costume as a present for his girl cousin's 4th birthday. Lots of little girls like to run around and knights.

For girls who like knights we recommend the Jane and the Dragon books and TV show. We have the TV show on DVD and it's wonderful. Jane is a brave and funny medieval girl training to be a knight, complete with dragon. Excellent and boys and adults will enjoy it too.

Jane and the Dragon DVDs:

Jane and the Dragon:

Dragon Rules

Jane And The Dragon:

A Dragon's Tale

Watch Video on Demand:

Season 1: A Dragon's Tale

Season 2: Dragon Rules

Martin Baynton's Jane and the Dragon Books:

Jane and the Dragon

Boys Medieval Knight Sword Shield Dressup Cape

Age 3-7

My boys love to swish around in a cape. This knight's cape makes a great extra for a knight costume. At the moment my boys only have a superhero cloak, I think I've just found a birthday present.

Small World Toys Imaginative Play Knight in Shining Armor

Age 3+

We have this set (or one very similar) and the kids love it. Since before he turned 2 my younger son has dressed up in much too big plastic armor and a helmet! We instituted a rule that the only thing you can hit with a sword is a shield. Luckily the kids have stuck to this and often offer is a sword so they can attack :-)

In Character Kids Medieval Knight Boys Renaissance Halloween Costume

Age 6/8/10

A brilliantly detailed costume for older boys. Makes for a rather sophisticated knight.

Jr. Knight Costume With Hood

Age 8-10

This Jr. Knight Costume is a great choice for older kids age 8-10 (comes in 12-14 too).

Deluxe Knight in Shining Armour Child Costume - Ages 3+

This costume is rather gorgeous and makes for a very handsome knight.

"My son has it, and is beautiful. He looks so handsome in it. Wish they made other knight costumes like this one with the romantic air of the knight in shining armor." - Amazon product review

Castle Play Tents and Playhouses

Oh wow this one's cool. Looks like just the place to prepare for a jousting tournament!

And kids would have brilliant fun with this coloring castle. Great for a party or a wet day stuck indoors.

Do or did your kids dress up as knights? Or just let us know you stopped by.


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