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Knit Headwraps - Fashion and Warmth in One!

Updated on April 29, 2015

Wrap Your Head in Style!

The first time I saw a knit headwrap, I knew I had to have one! And then when I had one, I needed more!

Unless you live somewhere where it never gets cold, a head wrap is the perfect holiday gift for all your girl friends - young and young at heart!

Because they wrap around your head, they're not as hard on your cute hair-do as a hat. Most wraps button in the back for easy on/off.

Check out the fun styles below!

Cute Holiday Headwrap Photo Credit: Easymakesmehappy

Floral Knit Head Wrap in Black and Grey - This style goes with anything!

Floral Head Wraps

Floral Headwraps Courtesy of
Floral Headwraps Courtesy of

Floral Head Wraps

The floral head wraps are my favorite! I've gotten so many compliments on my black/grey floral headwrap.

It looks great with my black peacoat. The knit flower adds that feminine touch that sometimes gets lost under all those winter layers! Weather dressed up or going casual, it's a great addition to any cold-weather wardrobe.

I love how the head wrap doesn't make you look bundled up, but still keeps you nice and toasty!

Links to Free Patterns - Create Your Own Head Wraps!

Are you crafty? You can create your own head wraps with the free patterns below!

Wraps with Feathers

Feather Headwraps Courtesy of
Feather Headwraps Courtesy of

Feather Head Wraps

Feathers are both retro and modern! So I guess that makes them the style that never goes out of style?

Feather adorned head wraps go with any casual or dressed up style.

Feathers come in either natural or dyed design to compliment the headwrap colors and you're sure to find one that goes with your winter coat.

Head Wrap Poll

Which Style is Your Favorite?

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Animal Head Wraps - Show your Wild Side!

Animal Knit Head Wraps Courtesy of
Animal Knit Head Wraps Courtesy of

Animal Design Head Wraps

There are no rules that say adults can't enjoy a whimsical animal head wrap! I've actually seen a few of them out and about this winter keeping an adult warm.

From penguins to kitty cats, the fun designs will delight the young and young at heart!

Fashion and Fun go hand-in-hand and wearing one of these is sure to make someone smile!

Head Wrap Tutorials

Do you own a headwrap? - Stop by and Say Hi!

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    • NibsyNell profile image

      NibsyNell 4 years ago

      Love these so much. Especially the feather ones!

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 5 years ago

      Those animal headwraps are funny, but I like the floral ones best.

    • kimmer1491 profile image

      Kim 5 years ago from Big Lake, MN

      LOVE the animal wraps - have to get one for my little boy!

    • profile image

      dessertlover 5 years ago

      These are all cute! I've seen a lot of the animal beanies lately - must be trendy! Cute lens!

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 5 years ago from USA

      Hi! Don't own a head wrap but they are pretty cool. Love the "flapper" styles. Nice lens!