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Labor Day Poetry For Kids

Updated on January 31, 2017

Stick To It

Stick to it, boy,

Through the thick and the thin of it!

Work for the joy

That is born of the din of it.

Failures beset you,

But don't let them fret you;

Dangers are lurking,

But just keep on working.

If it's worth while and you're sure

of the right of it,

Stick to it, boy, and make a real fight of it!

Stick to it, lad,

Be not frail and afraid of it;

Stand to the gad

For the man to be made of it,

Deaf to the sneering

And blind to the jeering,

Willing to master

the present disaster,

Stick to it, lad, through the trial and the test of it,

Patience and courage will give you the best of it.

Stick to it, youth,

Be not sudden to fly from it;

This is the truth,

Triumph may not far lie from it.

Dark is the morning

Before the sun's dawning,

Battered and sore of it

Bear a bit more of it,

Stick to it, even though blacker that ink it is,

Victory's nearer, perhaps, than you think it is!

Edgar A. Guest


So nigh is grandeur to our dust,

So near is God to man,

When Duty whispers low, "Thou must",

The youth replies, "I can."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our Country is a tapestry,

Woven by loving hands;

By Faith and Hope

'twas deftly made

From threads of other lands;

And each retains its native hue

Whose beauty animates

A varied pattern, lovely, new--

Our own United States.

Anna Louise Dabney

Good Enough

My son, beware of  "good enough,"

It isn't made of sterling stuff;

It's something any man can do,

It marks the many from the few,

It has no merit to the eye,

It's something any man can buy,

It's name is but a sham and bluff,

For it is never  "good enough."

With  "good enough"  the shirkers stop

In every factory and shop;

With  "good enough"  the failures rest

And lose to men who give their best;

With  "good enough"  the car breaks down

And men fall short of high renown.

My son. remember and be wise,

In  "good enough"  disaster lies.

With  "good enough"  have ships been wrecked,

The forward march of armies checked,

Great buildings burned and fortunes lost;

Nor can the world compute the cost

In life and money it has paid

Because at  "good enough"  men stayed.

Who stops at  "good enough"  shall find

Success has left him far behind.

There is no  "good enough"  s short

Of what you can do and you ought.

The flaw which may escape the eye

And temporraily get by,

Shall weaken underneath the strain

And wreak the ship or car or train,

For this is true of men and stuff --

Only the best is "good enough."

Edgar A. Guest

I hope you enjoyed our Labor Day poetry for kids. If you have some old favorites, new favorites or comments, please feel free to share them with us.


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