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Lace Makeup Tips and Tutorials for Halloween and Costume Events

Updated on June 25, 2014

Lace Makeup

Lace makeup is an awesome choice for special parties and events like Halloween and cosplay. The design features of lace allow for it to be used to express a variety of looks and themes.

For example, it can be employed for a Gothic or dark look, go another route as an exotic or mysterious expression, or even as a mask imprinted on your face.

The vast majority of makeup lace uses the color black, and for a good reason, it looks outstanding. But there is an occasional foray into different colors, which create their own unique look.

There are also different hues of black and grey combined in some instances for a complementary presentation that looks wonderful. Many times this is done when creating a lace mask.

Lace Makeup Designs

There's reason lace makeup is called lace makeup, and that's because of the fact it looks like lace.

So when most makeup designs are completed in this genre, it will be a representation of the lace we're all familiar with.

Having said there, there are those that do get very creative with their lace designs, and branch off into their own interpretation of lace and how they want it to look. We'll show some of that here to give you another view and option for a specific lace look you may want to experiment with.

Black Lace Fabric

While most women use makeup tools and makeup to create their lace designs, there are times when some are in a hurry that lace fabric is used in place of liner to create the design.

In that case a design shape is cut out of the fabric and pressed onto an adhesive that was placed on the desired part of the face you're going to put it.

Once the required lace fabric is pressed on and in place, other regular makeup can be added to complete the desired effect you're after.

Lace Makeup with Pre-Made Patterns

We'll start off with a look at lace makeup that is pre-made for you. This is from Face Lace, which was launched by makeup artist Phyllis Cohen when fans wanted to know how they could do makeup as she did.

This particular face lace design is one of her creations made for a quick makeup job when busy women don't have time to do it. It's a great option and looks great, but is limited by the specific design made.

You can see it has a place in your makeup strategy, but is limited by the creativity of the original artist. Still, it's a good choice when you need something dramatic and which makes a statement when you're short on time.


Creative Makeup Tutorial Using Face Lace

Handmade Lace Makeup Mask

Next we have a lace makeup mask made from hand and not from a pre-made design. It's fantastic, including an array of design elements for an awesome look.

At first glance it may look overwhelming to complete, but if you look closely at the various designs within the overall mask, you'll see that they are very simple shapes produced one at a time to complete the nice image.

If you're still not convinced, there is a video tutorial of this exact design created by the woman you see in the photo. It's surprisingly simple and, as you can see, works very well.


Black Lace Makeup Tutorial

Mask Made of Real Lace and, Makeup

Since we've had a couple of examples of lace makeup using real lace and makeup, it seems appropriate to show one that incorporates both elements into the lace design.

The real lace is that seen under both eyes, evidenced by the darker black color. Chrystals are used at the top of each upward curve to give the appearance it's being held in place. Nice feature.

As for the rest of the lace mask, it uses face paint and regular makeup to finish the look. Pretty cool.


Gothic, Lace Makeup Look

This is a pretty cool lace makeup look incorporating a Gothic theme, and what appears to be a little bit of Punk as well.

It's a playful and fun look that has a lot of different elements to create the very unusual image. You have the interesting hair where the lace appears to drop down from over the eye and down to the cheek.

What makes it unusual to me is the choice of hair color and those rosy, pink cheeks, which offsets the dark lace and eyes. Also interesting is the fake eyebrows penciled in above at that strong angle. I think that adds a lighter feel to the look as well.

Finally, that nose ring and chain flowing around the under part of the cheek, and of course her wonderful smile, makes this quite an unusual lace makeup facial design.

Lace Makeup Video Tutorials

Next is a group of makeup video tutorials with a lace theme. It includes some using traditional makeup to create the look, and others using lace fabric as their primary medium of choice.

Either way, they're a wonderful look at the amazing variety of looks and designs associated with lace as a makeup design theme. Most of these include a combination of lace fabric and traditional makeup for their facial creations.

Intricate Lace Makeup and Body Paint

Runway Inspired Makeup

Halloween Tutorial: Quick Lace Mask!

Dark Eyes and Lace Makeup

Here there is a very bold and dramatic dark coloring of the eyes, using the lace design to complement the overall look.

I want to draw attention to the lace part of the makeup. Notice how simple the designs are, but how effectively they are made to look very dramatic because of the use of darker makeup on certain parts of the images. It really makes it stand out dramatically.

This is something anyone could do once the basic lace design is completed.


Lace Makeup Designs

There are a lot of makeup themes which can be adapted to a variety of social situations, and when toned down a bit, can even be used for going out under most circumstances.

Although there may be some of that with lace makeup, overall this is definitely a special occasion look, one that would work mostly at Halloween, costume and cosplay parties or events.

Of course some of you may be a little more willing to take some risk and attempt the lace look in more traditional settings, but overall it's really a look that works best when others are expecting unique looks that they themselves are wearing as well.


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    • moonlake profile image


      6 years ago from America

      Very pretty for Halloween. My granddaughters would love this. Interesting hub enjoyed reading it. Voted up.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, Halloween just seems to be getting better and better each year, doesn't it? I'd heard of exotic makeup, but not lace makeup. This is simply outstanding!


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