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Lady Cop Adult Costumes

Updated on September 10, 2014

Sexy Lady Adult Cop Uniform Costumes

Lady Adult Cop Costumes

You will love how the lady cop costumes commands respect and sex appeal. No one will be able to resist getting cuffed by the lady cop wearing this costume.

The offenders will be lined up to have you make an arrest with you wearing this sexy uniform. Cheesy I know but isn't the point in wearing a costume like this to get attention? I would say that these revealing outfits will get plenty of looks as well and allow you to show off your hot bod.

I prefer the mini dresses coupled with knee high stiletto boots. I like the power and sex appeal that it gives. I open up the top a bit to allow a little cleavage to show through. Honestly these cop costumes are a favorite for Halloween parties and more risque costume parties that I have been known to go to.

No, these costumes are not very practical outside a party or the bedroom but they sure are fun to paly in given a chance.

This Halloween choose a sexy lady cop costume and have all the guys ready to head downtown with you! There is something very appealing seeing a person in a uniform. A sexy woman in a revealing cop uniform can project power and sex appeal. With revealing attire and high heels these costumes will surely get plenty of attention.

Busted Adult Police Officer Costume
Busted Adult Police Officer Costume

Busted Adult Police Officer Costume

Getting busted has never looked or felt this good.

You'll have the boys falling over themselves to get booked wearing this police officer costume. Perfect for a naughty Halloween party.

Includes a stretch knit dress with a two-way zipper front and a "Busted" knit bra top. A police hat, a removable "Officer Ivana B. Bad" name badge, a belt, an officer's badge, a pair of handy handcuffs, fingerless gloves, and a baton are also included in this sexy style. Who knows how many laws are broken when you patrol in this arresting ensemble!

Knee high boots or possibly high heels would make a great addition to this type of sexy uniform.

Costume for Officer Goodbody

This Officer Goodbody is just the type of authority that is going to get everyone's attention. You will love this costume for a risque Halloween party appearance as it includes a crop top, high waisted shorts, hat, badge, belt, baton, walkie talkie, and handcuffs.

Hard to imagine that all eyes wouldn't be on the body that wears this revealing outfit. Creative footwear would certainly bring the attention to a leggy look. A great costume for a special costume party.

Stop Traffic Lady Cop Costume
Stop Traffic Lady Cop Costume

Stop Traffic Lady Cop Costume

You will be certain to stop traffic in this sexy cop costume. This Halloween you can take the law into your own hands, and probably other things wearing this hot costume.

Take the law into your own hands in our sexy Stop Traffic Cop Adult Costume. This police officer uniform will certainly be stopping traffic.

Keep the bad boys in line with this sexy traffic cop costume. Law enforcement has never looked this good!

The 7-piece sexy Traffic Cop Costume includes a black zipper front mini dress, adjustable grommet belt, peaked hat with badge, badge, handcuffs, baton and toy walkie talkie.

High heels, knee or even thigh high stiletto boots would go quite well with this costume given the wearer a fabulous leggy look.

Sexy Lady Cop Costume
Sexy Lady Cop Costume

Sexy Lady Cop Costume

Everyone will be looking to break the law when this sexy lady cop starts frisking the offenders.

She will lay the law down and you will most assuredly like it when this police officer comes your way.

Includes a black button-front mini-dress with miniature ruffle trim and attached badge, tie, belt and sassy glovelets. A walkie talkie prop and a cute captain's hat are also included in this provocative police woman's ensemble.

We like the garters with fishnet stockings and stiletto heel boots but you could just as easily go for a bare leggy look with sky high heels.

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    • profile image

      callofduty4 5 years ago

      Ok now that lady traffic cop can pull me over anytime, really hot costume!

    • profile image

      foxx2jett 6 years ago

      Nice! Nuff Said.

    • costumediva profile image

      costumediva 6 years ago

      My friend is a cop and I think she'll love these costumes. I like the Busted costume - very sexy and the blue color really stands out.

    • profile image

      CrazyPirate 6 years ago

      Always thought lady cop uniforms were not very sexy but these halloween costumes sure blew that out of the water.

    • John Howel profile image

      John Howel 6 years ago

      Lady cops, sexy lady cops, sexy adults - whatever. I started getting dazzled by the descritpions, but enjoyed the costumes. I guess a few people will be getting driving tickets this Halloween.

    • Bellani LM profile image

      Bellani LM 6 years ago

      Love it. I am sure that Police costumes are always popular

    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 6 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      I spent waaaaay to much time looking at this lens. Great job!