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Homemade Lady Gaga Halloween Costume EASY Make Your Own Little Monsters Outfit

Updated on August 3, 2014

DIY Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

Fantastic easy to make Lady Gaga dress-up Halloween costume ideas. If you want to dress up as Lady Gaga, or are one of her dedicated little Monsters, then this halloween costume is just what you are looking looking for. With our easy homemade Lady Gaga costume ideas. Not only is this Instantly recongizable Lady Gaga costume easy to make but this is a fabulous halloween costume idea which can be tailored for adults teenagers and kids alike.

Lady Gaga not only continues to dominate the music charts, but also her fashion, her style being copied from the catwalk to every day wear (well some of it)

So when my daughter asked if she could dress up as Lady Gaga for Halloween, I knew I had a challenge on my hands. Renowned and respected in the Fashion Industry for her intricate and detailed designs. However this turned out to be a lot of fun, she won the competition for best halloween costume, and it has been borrowed more times than I can remember, it is already booked for this year halloween party by my Niece who is the Ultimate 'lil monster.

We have always made out own halloween costumes, in fact we also made a homemade Katy Perry costume this year

Pictures are authors own and should not be copied.

Lady Gaga T-shirts
Lady Gaga T-shirts

A Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

.....was it going to be impossible?

We had to find inspiration from somewhere.

So we found a few photos of Lady Gaga from her video Poker Face, and browsing the net, we printed the ones that that my daughter liked and decided to draw out our own version, now I am no artisit however I could imagine the basics.

We had to think about what we needed,

BIG shoulders body suit, lots of beading, a blonde wig with her signature ligthning streak on her face. Sounds simple...

Picture Credit

Our Very own Homemade Lady Gaga Outfit - How does she look

Homemade Halloween costumes -lady gaga
Homemade Halloween costumes -lady gaga

I don't own a sewing machine, which would have halved the time I spent handsewing this creation.

By handsewing the beading, catching at certain points with a couple of stitches, however for the back it was individual beads sewn on!

The lightning stripes at the back were cut out from the excess of the material from the bag.

Do you like making your own costumes - ....oor is it better left to the professionals

Would you make your own costumes

See results
Lady gaga posters
Lady gaga posters

How I got Lady Gagas huge Shoulder Pads look

Lady Gaga loves huge shoulders, and is a recognisable look.

I found a square Silver Shopping bag, and thought this was fabulous and just what we needed. I turned it upside down, and cut a slit up the front and back, cutting toward shoulder to shoulder making space for her head to go through.

I cut it diagonaly from side of the bag (sleeve to neck opening) at each side, (leave enough of the side of the bag to be tied around your arms, and same at the back.

This will sit over your shoulders and give a very square look, if the shoulders need

Create huge Shoulder pads like Lady Gaga - (check your size from shoulder to shoulder!)

this is exactly how I made the jacket and shoulder pads, I cut straight up the front and made space for her head neck, but the Bag shape was perfect for attatching glittery jewels and so Lady gaga

homemade halloween costumes - lady gaga
homemade halloween costumes - lady gaga

Gagas costumes always have

Body suit & leggings

As my daughter was only 10, I decided to use a black t-shirt and leggings and a pair of sparkly leggings underneath I cut a cheap black pair of leggings to make shorts, to create the illusion of a body suit, making going to the loo easier

I used the leftovers from the bag to make lightning designs and hand sew onto the t-shirt, I also used old christmas beads to sew Lady Gaga onto the back of the costume.

Lady Gaga Poster - Flyer Promo

Lady Gaga Sequins and Sparkling beads - sparkle just like the lady herself!

We actually raided the christmas Decorations bag! and found strings of sparkly beads we never used!

homemade lady gaga
homemade lady gaga

The Skirt

We used an old net skirt, and to get it to stick out we threaded a coat hanger through the hem, you could use a Tu-Tu. this would probably be a lot more comfy, especially for younger children.

My daughter loved the whole, 'excuse me, you need to move so I can get my skirt through' experience.

Lady gaga Net Skirts - a net skirt is a must

Every child loves a net skirt so pop it over leggings and they are fit to party just like the lady herself

Layer just like Lady Gaga - Black t-shirts & Sparkly Black Leggings

As you can see I just used a cheap black t-shirt and sparkly leggings

How to create Lady Gagas Make up - Bigger the better

The more the better, Big eyes, with lots of eye liner, flicked out like cats eyes. Huge false eylashes, yep you can go all out here.

Lady Gagas Shoes - Big huge platforms.....

Much as my daughter wanted a pair of huge platform shoes there was no way she was getting a pair so we settled on a pair of black pumps and brightly colored laces.

Lady Gaga Sunglasses - dress up sunnies

To hide behind and from the snapping and flashing of the paparapzi

Lady gaga Hair & Wigs

The only thing I could not make

Lady Gaga has lots of hairstyles, and there no disappointment in choice. we were fortunate a friend of mine is in pantomime and had a blonde wig fit for the purpose. ButI love these wigs all styled just like Gaga herslef

Lady Gaga Wigs

What do you think of Lady Gagas homemade costume? - Do you think she would love it or what!

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    • costumediva profile image


      5 years ago

      Very cool costume ideas! I love Lady Gaga!

    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • LisaAuch1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa Auch 

      6 years ago from Scotland

      @anonymous: oh My! she is going to LOVE it!!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Absolutely love it so much we are making it this year .Thank you so much for sharing !!! My nine year old is going to love this !!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Love it!

    • HealthfulMD profile image

      Kirsti A. Dyer 

      7 years ago from Northern California

      Congratulations. You lens has been named one of the Best of Make Your Own Halloween Costumes. Be sure to stop by to pick up your award image.

      Halloween Angel Blessings

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very creative.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A Lady Gaga costume is a great idea - and pretty limitless with how crazy you can get with it!

    • TheJVilleKid profile image


      7 years ago

      Very nice, but my daughter still wants to be a zombie cheerleader! lol

    • Ann Hinds profile image

      Ann Hinds 

      7 years ago from So Cal

      This is easy enough that even I could make it. Great suggestions.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens, I enjoyed it. Have a wonderful week.

    • Stacy Birch profile image

      Stacy Birch 

      7 years ago

      Nice lens, is it just me or does she remind you of the 80s?

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 

      7 years ago from Colorado

      Fabulous costume. Homemade rules! Enough to make anyone go gaga over it. Couldn't resist the pun. ;-) Very nicely done.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This really is a very unique Gaga costumes lens Lisa. Nice to stop by again to say, Hi.

    • WhiteOak50 profile image


      7 years ago

      Oh, this is great. I love all of the sparkles!! Great job on this page!!

    • pcgamehardware profile image


      7 years ago

      I have some professionally made Lady Gaga costumes on some of my lenses and I think your homemade ones may even be better. Nice lens and great Ideas.

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 

      7 years ago from Texas

      "My daughter loved the whole, 'excuse me, you need to move so I can get my skirt through' experience." LOL, that's hilarious! You have some great ideas here for making your own Lady Gaga costume.

      You know it may sound silly since I'm a 35 year old stay at home mommy that's knee deep in toddlers, but I actually like Lady Gaga's music.

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Blessed today, and tweeted out to 8,000 of my newest friends :D LOL

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      Awesome Lisa! I love this lady Gaga get up - how creative and fun for your girl. I'm excited to be home from my trip and get working on our Halloween costumes as well. Have fun, be blessed :)

    • Showpup LM profile image

      Showpup LM 

      7 years ago

      Really cute costume. I love how you can customize it for your own favorite look.

    • ArtformTheHeart profile image


      7 years ago

      Definitely a fun theme for a costume and yours turned out wonderfully. Great lens!

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      7 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I love these costumes! Squid Angel Blessings**

    • xbumper profile image


      7 years ago

      Lady Gaga sort of lends her self to great Halloween costume ideas naturally.

    • LauraMarie LM profile image

      LauraMarie LM 

      7 years ago

      Great ways to make a budget Lady Gaga homemade costume for Halloween!

    • debnet profile image


      7 years ago from England

      Lovely costume and I'm sure your daughter can't wait to wear it for Halloween! Blessed by a squid Angel ;)

    • HealthfulMD profile image

      Kirsti A. Dyer 

      7 years ago from Northern California

      Great ideas for making your own Lady Gaga costume. I think it is much better for kids to be involved in the costume making process. Helps them appreciate what goes into making them even more.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Tell me, who would not have fun making a Lady Gaga Halloween outfit? So much fun! Angel Blessed!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      If you want a unique twist on a Gaga outfit for a Halloween costume then why want make your outfit into zombie Gaga or vampire Gaga by adding accessories such as blood, make-up and torn clothes. Should really stand out at Halloween!

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      7 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      Totally cute lady gaga outfit!

    • SeanVernall LM profile image

      SeanVernall LM 

      7 years ago

      This is really great, but do you think it too much if I were to create this outfit for myself. After all I am a fan :)

    • katiecolette profile image


      7 years ago

      Another great lens, Lisa :) Your "very own" Lady Gaga is super cute!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You are as creative as Lady Gaga herself and at an amazing savings! I mistook your lovely model for the Lady. Your idea of using that silver shopping back is absolutely brilliant, what wonderful Lady Gaga fun!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Beautiful singer with a very charming voice.........nice lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Lady Gaga is really out there, but you can't help but to like some of her Music!

    • jolou profile image


      7 years ago

      Your daughter looks great. There is no doubt Lady Gaga is extremely popular with young people.

    • joecarioca profile image


      8 years ago

      Simply, admirable what you have done here. It is pleasing to look you express from the heart and your clarity on this significant content can be easily looked. Remarkable post and will look forward to your future update.

    • I-sparkle profile image


      8 years ago

      Lisa, I was blown away by your creativity! I love Lady Gaga, and your daughter looked great!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      8 years ago from Central Florida

      Making the costume is so much part of the fun. Have to make use of our ingenuity. Your creation was great!

    • DecoratingEvents profile image


      8 years ago

      Your daughter is adorable and makes a great looking Lady Gaga!

    • ElizabethSheppard profile image

      Elizabeth Sheppard 

      8 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

      I think a lot of people will dress up as Lady Gaga this year. She is very much an original! I enjoyed this lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very creative & resourceful ~ well done!

    • desilegend profile image


      8 years ago

      Love lady Gaga. She is genious!


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