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Lady Steampunk Costumes

Updated on September 8, 2014

The fantasty world of Wild West and Victorian Steampunks

Folks seems to have a difficult time describing what exactly steampunk is. It is sort of a science fiction, Victorian, fantasy that is sort of an alternate world, but sort of not. Maybe it's in Victorian era or maybe it's set in the Wild West.

Whenever I see those goofy goggles that steampunks wear on the face or head I immediately think, yep that's a steampunk. Because it relies heavily on steam- or spring-powered technology the goggles are obviously for eye protection. Steampunks appreciate metal and gears and whirlygigs that move. They might have a pistol or watch but there are so many fascinating gears involved with it it almost seems impossible for it to function as it should.

Steampunk costumes would be amazing to wear for Halloween. There are tons of options ranging from gritty to sexy.

My favorite is the sexy variety that combines the Old West with Victorian era costumes. The dresses are alluring but not trashy. They are revealing but not overly so. You can find those that look like sexy lady Victorian costume or others that take inspiration from the Wild West.

Steampunk Victorian Vampiress Lady Costume
Steampunk Victorian Vampiress Lady Costume

Steampunk Victorian Vampiress Lady Costume

Steampunk and vampires. Why not? Both genres are about history and really a love of the Victorian era. A steampunk Victorian vampiress makes for an alluring but dangerous Halloween costume.

Vampires are hot every Halloween. Taking that well-worn idea and putting in the cool and hip of the steampunk seems like a great idea to me.

This costume is features plenty luscious items to make your Halloween special like the beautiful black and red dress with angled hem. No vampiress is complete with the included mini black cape with a classic stand up collar. The lace neckband is always a sexy touch. Your gothic look includes black fingerless gloves and steampunk goggles. Finally the set is complete with the spat style boot covers.

Steampunk Beautiful Victorian Lady

The Victorian era was a time of gorgeous costumes and classy women. At least in public, right? They wore the most beautiful gowns to parties. Steampunk has taken the alluring dress of Victorian dames and added a science fiction twist for a sexy and hip look.

This Victorian dress is beautiful. You will be the hit of the Halloween party when they see you in this enchanting costume.

It really only comes in two pieces: a black double button Victorian style jacket and a long fitted skirt with lace trim on the bottom. Add cool high heel boots and a pair of ever-present goggles and you will be the hottest steampunk lady at the party!

Racy Steampunk Rose Lady Costume
Racy Steampunk Rose Lady Costume

Racy Steampunk Lady Costume

Some steampunk gals like their costumes a little more racy. Maybe they prefer the Wild West saloon girl type rather than the prim and proper Victorian gowns. This is the perfect steampunk costume for the daring lady.

This steampunk costume is sure to get plenty of attention If you like your Halloween parties sexy and with plenty of steampunk steam then this costume is perfect for you!

The costume comes with a brown faux leather corset that wears below the bust. A pretty white peasant style blouse covers just enough. The layered black sheer skirt with opaque underlay will show off your long legs. Add a steampunk hat and ankle booties or boots and you have a complete sexy steampunk costume.

Steampunk Vicky Lady Costume

This costume is an interesting visual and combination of both Victorian and Wild West. It has the elements of both yet is very much a unique design that is sure to get plenty of attention at your Halloween party.

Steampunk is all about melding history and science fiction into a single look. This costume will display your flair for the inventive as well as hip style.

You will love the white top featuring eye-pleasing ruffles. The jacket has puffy sleeves with ruffle trim. The sexy faux leather corset, loose pleated skirt and a cage style petticoat will show off your curves while remaining classy and fun.

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    • costumediva profile image

      costumediva 4 years ago

      I like the Racy Steampunk Rose costume - very sexy and unique!

    • profile image

      callofduty4 4 years ago

      These costumes are great very different from the norm for sure, lve the Rose costume

    • halloweenforever profile image

      halloweenforever 4 years ago

      These are cool, looking for a them for Halloween girls night out and these are really sexy!

    • profile image

      samrichmond 4 years ago

      These are really cool! Hot too!

    • halloweennut profile image

      halloweennut 4 years ago

      I had never heard of steampunk but these costumes are really sexy!

    • profile image

      MaryMorgan 4 years ago

      I had never heard the term 'Steampunk' before, but I think these costumes are great!

    • profile image

      halloweenprops 4 years ago

      Steampunk rocks!