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Lovely Ladybug Gifts for Pre-teens

Updated on January 11, 2015

Cool and Cute Ladybug Gifts

I love ladybugs - they have a tubby, round, cuteness about them, not easily matched by other bugs. In some places, they are called Lady beetles, because they are a type of beetle. In England, we call them ladybirds.

Most people recognise the classic "red with black spots", but they do come in other colors too. If you are lucky, and look carefully, you can find white, yellow, pink and orange ladybugs with black spots. You may even find a brown or black ladybug with yellow or red spots.

If you've ever wondered why they have such distinctive colors, it's actually quite simple. The coloration is to make them recognisable and unappealing to predators. Ladybugs secrete a foul-tasting fluid, when threatened, and their coloring is a reminder to predators that : "I taste horrible."

From our perspective, their bright colors and cuddly shape have been an inspiration to toy and gift designers. As a lover of ladybugs and all things related, I have sampled a lot of ladybug gifts...

A lovely bug necklace

This gorgeous ladybug necklace is decorated with crystals and detailed enamelling. One of the really nice things about this pendant necklace is that it comes in a matching ladybug shaped velour box. There are several other pendants in this series, including a Bumble Bee and Butterflies, a turtle or snail, even a crown. The boxes all match the pendants and are also collectible.

Ladybug Puzzle

Ladybug gifts are popular with all age groups, but not everyone wants jewelry. If you have a serious or quiet pre-teen, with an interest in bugs, they might enjoy a bug puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are good for boosting concentration, development of reasoning and problem-solving skills. They can also help in development of the fine motor skills needed for picking and placing the correct pieces.

500 Piece Round Jigsaw Puzzle - Beetles & Bugs by Janeen Mason
500 Piece Round Jigsaw Puzzle - Beetles & Bugs by Janeen Mason

Colorful, round 500 piece beetle and bug jigsaw puzzle - a must for budding entomologists and puzzlers.


Watch Live Ladybugs Grow

We already mentioned that ladybugs are very really special. Did you know that they are also helpful for gardeners and farmers. Why? Because they are voracious consumers of plant-eating insect pests, like aphids. Ladybugs lay their eggs in aphid colonies. When the ladybug larvae hatch, they start to feed on the aphids, which to protect plants and crops.

Children with an interest in ladybugs will love to watch their own ladybug larvae grow, develop and emerge as adult ladybugs. Pre-teens should be OK to look after the colony themselves, but younger children should be supervised. Refill kits are available.

Insect Lore Ladybug Growing Kit - With Voucher to Redeem Baby Ladybug Larvae Later
Insect Lore Ladybug Growing Kit - With Voucher to Redeem Baby Ladybug Larvae Later

Ladybug Land includes a habitat, with see-through dome, instructions and a coupon for 15 to 20 ladybug larvae with special food. When the adult ladybugs emerge, watch them for a few days, then let them go free!


Ladybug Land

Anti-Gravity Ladybug

Who could resist an anti-gravity ladybug that runs up walls? This fun radio controlled anti-gravity ladybug can climb walls, spin and scurry about on the floor. Of course, it needs smooth surfaces for vertical wall-climbing, but it is quite impressive. Its eyes shine, which is neat in the dark.

Wall Climbing Ladybug
Wall Climbing Ladybug

A stunt Ladybug that races on walls and scurries about on the floor - needs a smooth vertical surface for wall climbing. The functions are forward, reverse, left turn, right turn and spin. The ladybug runs on a rechargeable battery. The remote control needs 6 x 1.5v batteries


For the outdoors bug fan

A strong, waterproof day pack is useful for school books, packed lunches or carrying around that essential bug hunting kit.

Wildkin Lady Bug 15 Inch Backpack
Wildkin Lady Bug 15 Inch Backpack

Durable 600-denier polyester ladybug pack, with moisture resistant lining and padded straps and padded back for extra comfort


Do You Like These Ladybug Gifts? - Have I missed a really cool gift?

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      6 years ago

      @aishu19: Thanks for visiting this page!

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      6 years ago

      These are cute ladybug gifts . Adorable


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