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Large Outdoor Nativity Sets for Sale: 5 Best Quality Deals you will find online!

Updated on July 22, 2014
Nativity scene wall decal
Nativity scene wall decal | Source

3 Things to Love About Teak Isle Nativity Sets

  1. All nativity sets are made out of PVC (Proboard) plastic they use for making boat parts to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  2. Teak Isle nativity sets are UV stabilized and Homogeneous which means they simply will not rot or delaminate.
  3. You will never need to repaint.

5 that you can use Again and Again and Again for every Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start decorating your home with all kinds of beautiful decorations. How can you bring out the full Christmas festive glow to your home this year without spending money on all kinds of ornaments and lights? The answer is to buy a good quality outdoor nativity set for your yard!

I went on a little search hunt for the best outdoor nativity set for my yard and found these 5 that really caught my attention both in terms of their beauty and quality. These 5 also have the best ratings and feedback from other customers who've purchased them.

NO 1- Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Nativity Set, Yard Nativity Scene

Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Nativity Set- Info

(click column header to sort results)
Customer Ratings  
Key Features  
5*+ by 200+ Customers
Silhouette Style
Marine grade plastic
Easy Storage
Staking Kit
Free Shipping/1 Day Shipping available
Amazon Best Seller
25% Discount- You Save $56.66

If you’re looking for an outdoor nativity set that is of excellent quality and doesn't look overly commercial, this gorgeous white silhouette beauty will be a perfect choice for you. As mentioned above, this set is made out of marine grade PVC plastic that does not delaminate and has been said by the product manufacturer that it will never need painting. It’s strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. This set is very easy to set up, just watch the video below if you’d like to see how it looks in real life and how they set it up so fast.

Look how easy it is to assemble.

NO 2- Outdoor Nativity Store Large Classic Outdoor Nativity Set - Holy Family Scene

Product Info

Key Features
5*+ Ratings by over 50 customers.
Color Nativity Figures: Holy family
Collapsible stable and stakes
Quick Setup
Easy Storage
Durable, all weather/fade resistant PVC Plastic
Free Shipping/1 Day delivery option available.
33% Discount- You Save $60.00

This nativity set is pretty similar to the one above in terms of style and material quality but this one, as you can see is a colored holy family scene set in silhouette style. Although the one above looks equally gorgeous, I would still prefer this one because I simply love how the colors give life and a bit more character strength to the set. So if you’re like me and prefer colored sets, this is a great choice to go for.

NO 3 -Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Large Nativity Trio

Product Info

Key Features
5* Rating/Feedback by 4 Customers.
29% Discount- You Save $144.01
Heavy/Durable enough to withstand harsh wind conditions.
Made out of thick premium poly resin

This beauty runs out of stock very very fast.

This one is a little pricey compared to all the other sets but the money is definitely worth it for its breath taking beauty and quality. I absolutely love the realistic and traditional look of the holy family figurines from this set. It has been stated by the manufacturer that each figure is cast in a thick premium poly resin and then molded from its original sculpture. It is created this way to enhance the outdoor durability of the figurines.

NO 4- Outdoor Nativity Store Classic Outdoor Nativity Set - Full Scene

Product Info

Key Features
5*+ Rating/Feedback by 16 Customers.
29% Discount- You Save $150.01
Full Scene of Set NO 2
11 color outdoor nativity figures
Collapsible stable and stakes
Fade/Weather resistant PVG Plastic

This is the full scene set of the second outdoor nativity set displayed on this page. If you liked the second one and find that this one doesn't harm your Christmas budget then why not go for it? You can see more close up pictures of each figure on the product page.

NO 5- GENERAL FOAM PLASTICS C3680TS 3-Piece Nativity Figurine Set, 28-Inch

Key Features
5*+ Ratings by 7 Customers
34% Discount-You Save $55.73
3 Piece Set
Shipping available for countries outside the USA

Above Plastic Outdoor Nativity Set on Amazon

If you’re not a fan of the silhouette style nativity sets and would rather prefer a nice plastic full figurine nativity set with a bit of color then this one is for you! It has less 5+ ratings/feedback compared to the other sets but if you have a look at those feedbacks, you will be amazed at what the customers are saying about its quality.

I just absolutely love what one of the customers said:

"I have had my set for 7 years now. They have sat through snow storms, been encased in ice and have ridden on floats in parades."

Wow, 7 years for an outdoor nativity set that has passed through all kinds of weather is pretty impressive and a great evidence for its quality and that’s what we’re looking for.

Brand NEW Colorful Teak Isle Outdoor Nativity Set

Above Teak Isle Nativity Set on Amazon

Key Features
Marine grade plastic + Exterior signage grade print for protection against harsh winter weathers.
Will last for years.
Easy to assemble
Easy storage
36% Discount: You Save $118.33
Same comany as the current Amazon best selling nativity set listed as NO 1 on this page.

Pure beauty!

Oh my gosh, this is a brand new colored outdoor nativity set that I saw on Amazon today. It is the same one as the first set but a colored version of it. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? They also have a full colored scene nativity set of this one available on Amazon.

Vote for your favorite set here ...

Which one of the 5 outdoor Nativity Sets listed on this page has caught your attention?

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