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Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

Updated on October 9, 2014

Fast and Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas

Sometimes you decide to attend a Halloween party at the last minute due to work schedule adjustments or you might just change your mind and decide that you do want to go to that party after all! That's me a lot of the time so I have this list of last minute costume ideas to fall back on.

If you haven't thought of your Halloween Costume yet and need some fast and easy last minute costume ideas to be ready within a few days, we're here to help! Use these ideas to inspire you for a fast and easy last minute costume.

Take a look at some of the best costumes that won't break the bank, often you'll have many of the clothing or accessories needed right in your closet and you'll be able to participate in the holiday without anyone knowing that you had nothing to wear! We include video demonstrations and supplies you can get to help you create the look for each costume here.

(Hippie image and all others shown courtesy of

Zombies are all the rage for an easy Halloween costume idea!

Be a Night of the Living Dead Zombie for Halloween!

Clothing for a Zombie costume needs to be old, dirty and typically torn. Use any old shirt and slacks that you can cut or tear holes in, wear your dirtiest boots or add some mud to them. Apply zombie makeup and you'll have one very fast and easy Last Minute Halloween costume fit for any party or to greet your guests!

My dad and brother had an opportunity to be zombies in the remake of Night of the Living Dead movie because the Director of Photography, Frank Prinzie is a family friend. They had such fun wearing all the old beat up clothing and scary makeup showing scars, wounds, blood and missing teeth. Zombies make an easy Last Minute Halloween Costume that you could do yourself too.

Easy Zombie Makeup and Accessories - for a fast Last Minute Costume idea!

The extremely popular TV series The Walking Dead is sure to be one of this year's favorite Halloween costume ideas: Zombies will be out in force! Create your own wicked Zombie costume using these simple makeup and accessory pieces and scare the __ out of your friends and neighbors!

Rubie's Costume Co Zombie Makeup Kit Costume
Rubie's Costume Co Zombie Makeup Kit Costume

It's so much easier to get into character when you look the part! You'll love this zombie makeup kit that has everything you need for that spooky look.


Be a 1960's Hippie

Use what you have and a few other supplies to make your own hippie costume

Be a Classic Witch for Halloween

Make a Witch Costume

Use any old black dress or sexy lingerie and black boots, scary face makeup, carry your household broom and add your own homemade Witch Hat.

For a fast and easy idea - get the green makeup.

A Saloon Girl is a Sexy Last Minute Costume Idea


Sexy Saloon Girl

Use your own sexiest lingerie, fishnet hose, boots or heels and add a feather hat.

I've used the sexy saloon girl costume quite a few times since it's so very easy to do and as long as it's with a different group of friends each time, no one will know you've done it before!

This saloon girl costume is available at amazon to buy if you still have time to get it.

If not, try to recreate the look with any sexy teddies or a camisole and hose that you already own!

Add some spiked high heels and some feathers you might have in your craft box.

Do heavy makeup and don't forget those smoky eyes and red lipstick for the perfect finish.

Be a Scarecrow!

I made a simple scarecrow costume super fast one year using clothes that my family already had.

I simply used old jeans, a flannel shirt and stuffed my body with newspapers for a puffy look.

Then I added mom's straw hat and some straw or hay sticking out of the collar, arms and legs. Keep cloth or the newspaper closer to your skin though since the hay is super itchy!

Got an old corncob pipe laying around from dad or a grandfather? Great accessory for a scarecrow.

Ghost Costume

Find any old sheet for a sweet Casper the friendly ghost or try a spooky ghost.

The sheet and a little white makeup makes this a simple last minute costume that almost anyone can do.

Last Minute Cat Costume

Spider Costume to Make at Home

Don't miss the party - Get a Costume and Go!

I hope you got some great ideas for your last minute costume. Pick one you love, that's fairly easy to create and have fun passing out the candy or going to that party after all!

Thanks for Sharing your Comments on Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween! - I hope you got some inspiration for a costume here so you CAN attend that party a

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