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last minute homemade halloween costumes

Updated on January 15, 2016

last minute halloween costumes

Boo! Halloween is almost here...still no costume?

Maybe time snuck up on you. Maybe you thought your child was too old this year.

Or maybe you just didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume. Whatever the reason, you can get creative with a trip to your closet and a few household items. With ideas like a basket of laundry, a skunk and a bag of can wear these creative costumes with pride!

Sweats, tights and turtlenecks can go a long way...

When throwing together an easy and cheap costume using what you have in your drawers and closet will be your best bet, but you may have to purchase matching sweatpants/leggings and shirts to really put your costume together. In colder climates, combining sweatpants and tops with accessories is a are great way to make a costume and keep kids warm for trick-or-treating!


Black leggings or sweats and a black sweatshirt with a hood. Cut a long white felt stripe or paint a white stripe from head to toe. Use a quick stitch or fabric glue to sew two black felt or craft foam ears to the top of the hood. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw a few whiskers and a skunk mouth on your little stinker.

Dog, Cat, Poodle et al

Most animals can be easily created using eth same concept at the skunk -

solid colored sweat suit, craft foam or felt and maybe a headband for the ears

along with an eyeliner pencil or face paint...

Even a tiger, cheetah or Dalmatian can be fashioned using painted spots and stripes on the sweat suit.

In the past I used iron on backing and felt to make the spots - but that takes a bit more time.


Dress your child in all green including a hooded green sweatshirt.

Create the turtle shell by either attaching a poster board oval to their back

or cut four holes - 2 arms and two legs, in a green pillow case (a green garbage bag also works for older kids). Loosely secure the opening at the top by tying, stitching or using stick-on Velcro pieces or ribbon.

A little hint...when I made this costume I made shoulder straps on green poster board so that my daughter could remove the shell off her back when needed. I simple stapled the two strips of elastic on the poster board - still no sewing!


Begin by wearing orange or gold top and pants. Make a pencil cone hat using cardboard, scissors, staple and a ribbon for tying on the hat. A permanent marker can be used to draw the tip of the pencil.

Now use the permanent marker or felt to make the #2. I've also seen the pink and silver felt glued onto the bottoms of each pant leg to create the illusion of an eraser and the metal band.

Little Green Martian

Wear green top and bottoms. Attach chenille stems to a head band and if you have pom-poms use them as well to make the antennae. Cover a belt with aluminum foil and wrap it around your waist and then top it off with a little green face paint and maybe some orange lips - how fun!

Quick Wings

An manner of fairy, butterfly or other winged creature can be created by stapling strips of elastic to cut and decorated pieces of poster board or foam core.


Black sweatpants, shirt and red poster board wings will do the trick. Use a black marker to make the dots on the wings and attach two black Chenille stems to a headband -- you are good to go!

In the Box

combining the solid colored clothing a box and some creativity has always been a favorite for last minute costumes


A fruit packing box works best and you can get one from your grocery store.

Cut the top and bottom of a box so that only has four sides.

Attach four cottage cheese or large yogurt containers to the front using super glue (or hot glue).

Spray paint the entire box in the Lego color of choice. Cut four small holes on the top edge of the box -

your shoulder straps will be tied here.


Paint a large and small box with silver spray paint. Remove the top and bottom - and add shoulder straps. Fashion a hat using the small silver box and wear all grey. If you feel creative super glue some nuts and bolts to the box and hat or draw robotic features.

A Bag of...

Clear plastic bags have been very popular over the years;

cut holes for arms and legs and fill then tie the top with a ribbon.

These costumes should NOT be used with small children - after all it is a plastic bag!

Fill the bag with ...

Primary colored balloon that have been wrapped with plastic wrap and you are a bag of hard candy.

Pastel balloons become a bag of jelly beans.

Pink balloons for a bubble bath - wear a shower cap, pair of spa slippers, a soap on a rope and carry a back scrubber.

Basket of Laundry

My personal favorite easy to make costume is a basket of laundry.

Cut the bottom from an inexpensive plastic laundry basket.

Tie on some shoulder straps. Now , staple old socks and unwanted articles of clothing all around the basket so that it looks full. Attach dryer sheets, socks etc to your clothing using safety pins. You can really top off this costume by creating a tie-on hat using a large empty bottle/box of laundry soap.


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