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Last Minute Halloween, Samhain or Fet Ghede Bracelet Offering

Updated on October 11, 2013
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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Sacred Gifts

You know how it goes. You are so busy seeing after everything else, like candy for the Trick or Treaters, your own costume, working out a ritual that you sort of forget about making offerings. Sure Papa Ghede, Baron, Maman Brigitte or the Ghede themselves will gladly accept rum and cigars, but something you took some time to make will go over even better.

For those of you wondering who the heck I just mentioned, fear not. This project also make a fun bracelet for you or for gifting to a loved one. Think of making several to tuck into Halloween baskets, give out at a Samhain gathering or to festoon that altar or buffet table on Fet Ghede.

DICLAIMER: I am not a Mambo or initiated practitioner of Voudon. Any mistakes rest on my head, dread sovereign. Oh, all photos are originals so if you copy for Internet use a link back would be awesome. If you own the copyrights to any material herein and want credit and a link or something removed, please let me know.

This lens is of course dedicated to the Baron Samedi in hopes that he will perk up and of course he got the bracelet early. My readers know me all too well.

PS I apologize in advance for the photo quality. The Baron and Ghede were 'helping' and if you know them you know what I mean.

You'll Need:

Eighteen purple glass beads

Two Purple Skull Beads

One Skull Pendant

Two Skull Charms

Two Round Black Beads


Just raid your bead box on this one. The purple glass beads were a gift from my sister friend Uma for which the Baron graciously thanks her. The purple howlite skull and round black beads came from eBay, the skull charms, pendant and elastic (crystal string) from Fire Mountain Gems.

Eighteen is the Baron or Papa Ghede's number of nine doubled, and no that does not mean they get nine bracelets. But the honestly love skulls since technically they are skeletons although they can appear as flesh and blood men.

PLEASE NOTE: I have a small wrist so please adjust the number of beads you use up or down as needed.

Step One: Cut Elastic and Lay Out a Pattern

You can measure this to a bracelet that fits you, then double it or at least add half the length. Extra to trim off is a lot better than not enough. Keep in mind that as you add things the elastic will stretch.

You don't have to stick with it as you bead, but lay out a basic pattern using your beads, pendants, charms, etc. If you are making this as an offering keep in mind how it will hand on the doll (I draped mine on a skeleton doll) or look on the altar. In my experience the Barons don't wear much jewelry per se, but hoard it like dragons.

But Goddess forbid you don't give them any. Especially if all your other spirits are getting something. Then they sulk like Emos and won't talk to you.

Step Two: Bead!

Got your elastic cut and beads laid out? Then starting from the center, start to bead. This lets you see how the final product will look faster and allows for adjustments. You may notice a bit of stretching depending on how heavy your beads are, but this is normal and happens with materials other than elastic as well.

If you want to play any special music, go for it. Keep in mind that if the music is geared towards a specific spirit they may try to help. I was using quite a few choice words as this project just seemed harder than normal and growling that I didn't need any help from the Ghede, but then I'm funny in the head that way.

Baron Samedi and Papa Ghede

This isn't meant to be a crash course on Vodoun just some fun and instructive videos. Keep in mind these two gentleman are very beloved and very real to millions of people.

Beautiful Vintage Victorian Halloween Style Black Lolita Skull Pendant with Purple Bow Cameo Necklace
Beautiful Vintage Victorian Halloween Style Black Lolita Skull Pendant with Purple Bow Cameo Necklace

Thinking Day of the Dead instead? Try this lovely lady as your bracelet centerpiece. She'd also work as a present for any lady spirit like Santa Muerte or Manan Brigitte.

40mm Acrylic resin skull pendant bead black
40mm Acrylic resin skull pendant bead black

Almost as handsome as the Baron himself, this simulated coral bead would make a stunning addition as a pendant.

skull accessory scarves charms, skull pendant for jewelry scarf, PT-505
skull accessory scarves charms, skull pendant for jewelry scarf, PT-505

This darling skull would be the delight of any lady receiving the bracelet.

10 Pcs Mixed Tibetan Silver Skull Charms Pendants
10 Pcs Mixed Tibetan Silver Skull Charms Pendants

Want to make the bracelet say something else? This wide array of charms is sure to please.


Step Three: Tie Off, Snip Ends

Make sure that there isn't any sagging in the bracelet or too much tension as you bring your end together for the first knot and knot securely. I like to make three knots and some folks like to use a glue made to hold knots in elastic in place like E6000 glue.

If gluing follow directions and allow time to dry before presenting or wearing.

Step Four: Present

Your presentation will go smoothly. Mine went a little harder since the Baron was sulking. He figured I was using Papa Ghede's colors to get an offering out of a crafting lens and wasn't speaking to me. I knew he was really upset when the first batch of photos looked terrible, even with his permission.

So I had to ask him again, and this time he was a little nicer and he accepted the bracelet. But only after he was also sure it was his lens, and he tried to negotiate for some other things too. But in his defense he feels he isn't getting enough attention lately, and since he is in general very cheerful and fusses over me, he deserves his gift early.

He would also like my coffee. We shall see.

Skull Beads

10x13mm purple turquoise carved skull beads 15.5" strand
10x13mm purple turquoise carved skull beads 15.5" strand

Purple works for so many occasions and these carved beads will last a lifetime. I like the cheerful expressions myself.

JOLLY STORE Crafts Skull Beads Flat Black
JOLLY STORE Crafts Skull Beads Flat Black

Flat black skull beads are just the ticket for necklaces, bracelets and more.

10 Black Howlite Skull Beads (Loose) - Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) - Goth
10 Black Howlite Skull Beads (Loose) - Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) - Goth

I adore howlite for the soothing properties (just the thing with a grumpy lwa) and how the material is so inexpensive compared to turquoise.


Fet Ghede Flash Mob

Fet Ghede is a huge party in Haiti where the ancestral dead along with the spirits connected to them get honored on All Souls Day, November Second. These dancers are performing in public thought if it is a ceremony to honor the ghede and they show up in possession they will dance the banda, drink piman (peppered rum) and do all sorts of other things that would ruin my g-rating. My apologies for the few cuss words, but that woman has nothing on the typical ghede.

Enjoyed the craft? Do tell!

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