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7 Gift Ideas for Someone Leaving

Updated on October 27, 2010

What to give to that someone ?

Everyone hates to say goodbye . But it is a fact of life that we have to say a lot of goodbyes to a lot of people whom we love . Often times , it is not what we say at the beginning , but what we do at the end that people will remember us by . Giving a gift to someone leaving you is a good decision to make because you will make the person feel appreciated and hence feel love. In return,you will be remembered by the person as a caring and loving individual.Let's get to it then .

Literally a "Goodbye" Present?

Contrary to what people think , a goodbye gift does not have to be a sad one or something going " We will remember you" But instead, it should be something that the person can use for the next phase of his life . This will be more practical and encouraging to the person! Put yourself in the shoes of that person leaving you , what would he want or need for the next step of his or her life?

No Clue of what to get?

Well if you have no clue of what the person may need or if he seems to already have everything , it is no use getting him something common like a mug , bag ,pen or anything that he already has . Why not get him something quirky ? Something cool or fun that will brighten his day ? From what I know , everyone and I mean EVERYONE can deal with one more smile everyday.

If he's a Young Man... - Magic Spinning Globe

Leaving Gift Ideas- Globe
Leaving Gift Ideas- Globe

If he's between the age of 18-30 , you may consider getting him something fun and refreshing .This is a super-awesome globe. It's 4.5 inches in diameter, and is somehow magical. Holding it in your hands, the continents magically stay upright - oriented North as up. And the most cool thing about it is that holding it up to the light makes it slowly rotate from west to east.

If she loves nature...

Leaving Gift Idea- Aloe
Leaving Gift Idea- Aloe

Why not get a Grow Your Own Aloe kit . Did you know that Aloe Vera is one of the most efficient air-cleaners? It will defininitely make her office or home greener and fresher too! The kit is idiot-proof , just follow the directions, and she'll be ooohing and ahhhing over her aloe plant in less than a month.

If the person is a geek... - IP Address door mat

leaving gift ideas- doormat
leaving gift ideas- doormat

What could be a better gift idea for a geek than a door mat that says 'There's No Place Like'. This door mat is built for some heavy traffic.

If they love the Earth! - Freeloader Portable Solar Charger

leaving gift ideas-solar
leaving gift ideas-solar

Think about something that can potentially stop global warming if every government , man , woman and child used . It's non other than solar energy! Well if your friend loves the earth and wants to take a step to fight global warming ,think of getting this portable charger .The Freeloader Portable Solar Charger is an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device.

If They Love Music - X-mini Capsule Speaker

X-mini capsule speaker
X-mini capsule speaker

Well this is an easy one if your friend loves music. Think of a scene at a picnic where you're enjoying the breeze and the sun on your face. What's missing ? Music of course! And you can bring your favourite music along anywhere you go just by connecting it to a mini-capsule speaker. This speaker has a shockingly loud max volume! Give your friend the gift of bringing music out anywhere!

If your friend is into Gadgets...

leaving gift ideas-cover
leaving gift ideas-cover

Perhaps something that infuses the past with the present .A bridge between vintage design and modern technology , the leathered material and the Apple product or laptop. At Restoration Hardware , it is not hard to find out that putting leather on top of these sleek new-age gadgets actually looks very cool , considering how everyone is trying to don a sleeker look for their iPhone these days.

As Long as they are human ...

leaving gift ideas-clock
leaving gift ideas-clock

Consider getting the Twist Alarm Clock for your friend to help them wake up in the morning especially since almost everyone has problems with that . In an age where people can hardly get 8 hrs of sleep at night , waking up in the morning can be a very challenging task . This alarm clock requires you to perform a simple arithmetic task by twisting the two rotary digits in order to complete the equation and make it silent.Cool stuff...

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