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Legend of Zelda Party Supplies

Updated on March 18, 2015

Zelda Birthday Party Ideas

Heroes fade eventually, but legends never die. So it's time to throw your child a legendary Zelda birthday party that they will never forget. If your looking for Legend of Zelda party supplies or ideas on how to throw the party, you are in the right place. Whether you are a fan of the games yourself or it's something that your child enjoys, you will both have a lot of fun putting together a Zelda themed party.

Featured here are just a few tips and tricks for making the party planning easy and fun. So what you'll find here is plenty of Zelda birthday party ideas for birthday cakes, decorating your party room, foods you can prepare with the theme in mind, fun games that will be a blast for guests to play, favors to include in your favor bags and plenty more.

Zelda Birthday Invitations

Legend of Zelda Personalized Party Invites
Legend of Zelda Personalized Party Invites

For Legends of Zelda birthday invitations there are two options that will really wow your guests. You can get some custom personalized invitations made or you can make your own. These Link invites from ArtFire are gorgeous and definitely worth the time of having to print them yourself.

If you want to make your own Legend of Zelda party invitations, you can create invitations that look like aged paper and send out a summons asking for help to defeat Ganon. To create the paper just drag steeped tea bags across plain paper. Once it dries tear around the edges and write in your information. You can also print out the invitations before you dye the paper with the tea if you want a cleaner look to the text. You can even do the same to the envelopes (minus the ripping) so that they match the invites!

Legend of Zelda Wall decals
Legend of Zelda Wall decals

Zelda Birthday Decorations

There aren't too many places where you find original Legend of Zelda Birthday decorations, although there are some online sources (one of which we've feature below).

Zelda coloring pages can be used as posters to decorate the party area. You can find plenty of free pages to print off that you can have your child color in, then it's just a case of putting them on your walls.

Another brilliant idea which will transform your room and add a leafy outdoor feel to your party would be to have leafy vines hanging around the party room, Amy has an awesome tutorial showing you how she made these vine garland decorations for her son's birthday party.

Also add green, brown and yellow party streamers and balloons as part of your Zelda party decorations. This will spread more of the theme colors around your party and make the room look more vibrant.

You could use contruction paper to make your own banner by cutting the papers into shield shapes, stringing them together and printing out letters as Cakewalkers did for her Legends of Zelda party theme.

Legend of Zelda Wall Decal

The Legend of Zelda Link Big Vinyl Decal Sticker
The Legend of Zelda Link Big Vinyl Decal Sticker

As wall decor, this black Zelda Link decal with a see through blackground will be perfect for the theme and might even be the standout thing amongst all the decorations. The detailed vinyl decal has a slightly darker feel to it than other zelda decorations but this makes it suiting for older fans who perhaps might want less colorful decor for their party. The decal can also be applied to windows and other smooth surfaces so your not limited to just the walls.


Plastic Vine Leaf Decorations

Darice MC-1975 Flocked Ivy Garland, 6-Feet
Darice MC-1975 Flocked Ivy Garland, 6-Feet

Drape these on your party table, have them hanging in your door way, resting on some furniture or hanging from the ceiling. Link is always travelling through a world of much greenery and so to bring some of that into your party this ivy garland decoration would work well.


Legend Of Zelda Party Packs

Zelda Party Pack
Zelda Party Pack

Birthday Express have an exclusive Legend of Zelda Licensed Party supplies Pack which have everything you need to throw a very special party. Packs include supplies for decorations, invitations, favors and tableware. So you can purchase a pack which includes all these items or individual items like plates, cups,napkins, balloons, pinata all of which will feature Zelda and characters from the game.

Zelda Birthday Party Food

For some Legend of Zelda party food ideas you are in luck because not only are there some great recipes out there that recreate some of the foods and elixirs in the game, but they are healthy!

Geeky Chef came up with this great Elixir Soup that will certainly rejuvenate your guests and it's filled with healthy veggies! Geeky Chef also came up with a great recipe for Chu Jelly (if it sounds strange don't worry it's basically Jello made with fruit juice) which your little gamer will know all about. To complete this look you will need a little bottle to put the jelly and the elixir soup in to.

Triforce pizza, tangy sugar fairy dust and marshmallow hearts are just some of the foods you can add to this party. The recipes to make these are available from Zelda Party Channel site where there are more fun themed party food and party ideas there too.

For the rest of the food you can easily add some of your child's favorites or go with some rustic foods like chicken wings. You want some hearty food to keep those little adventurers on the move!

How to make Legend Of Zelda Cookies

Here's a quick tutorial on how to to make Zelda heart and Rupee cookies with a candy core.

Legend of Zelda Birthday Cake courtesy of gbazz
Legend of Zelda Birthday Cake courtesy of gbazz

Legend of Zelda Birthday Cake

There are lots of awesome Zelda cake ideas and pictures around the web if your planning on having the cake made for you by a professional. Cake Central is the spot for lots of Zelda cake pictures which will give you plenty of ideas for how to have the cake and so I'll focus more on ideas on making the cake yourself.

If you are good with icing or fondant you can recreate the triforce logo or Zelda's shield, Nerdy Nummies Rosanna Pasino has an awesome tutorial showing how to do this below.

For something quick and probably the easiest in comparison to other Legend of Zelda cake decorations (oh and my personal favorite) you can use edible images. EBay comes through once again with a decent selection of edible Zelda birthday cake toppers. The best part is that they look just like the video game art and you can personalize them!

How to make a Legend of Zelda Shield Cake

Legend of Zelda Coloring Pages
Legend of Zelda Coloring Pages

Zelda Birthday Party Games and Activities

For some great Legend of Zelda party games you can have the kids act out different aspects of the games. Here are some party game ideas that you can add to the fun:

Zelda Rupee Scavenger Hunt

Buy little treasure chests (can be found at a local craft store for $1) and lots of fake jewels. Hide the jewels all around your backyard or home (these will be your rupees). The kids then get to hunt for and collect the rupees just like Zelda does in the game. Once kids have found all the rupees let them trade it in to to purchase a sword.

If you want a sword option that looks similar to Zelda's and you don't want to worry about the kids getting hurt or breaking anything, these medieval style inflatable swords would be perfect.

Zelda Coloring Pages

Coloring pages would be the perfect activity to have kids do to slow things down a little. Legend of Zelda coloring pages can be printed for free and put aside with some crayons or coloring pencils.

Legend of Zelda Party Favors

Legend of Zelda Party Favor Boxes
Legend of Zelda Party Favor Boxes

Another great idea is to have the kids create and decorate their own shields to go with their new sword. You can easily cut out the swords from poster board and then give the kids plenty of markers and stickers to create their shields, or paint if you are daring. Birthday Express even has some Zelda themed stickers that you can use to help the kids decorate their shields.

If you chose not to do the above activities or you did and you still want to add in some extra Legends of Zelda party favors you may be struggling to figure out just what to use. Night Garden Design has a great tutorial for how to make your own rupee shaped crayons which would make excellent party favors, especially for younger kids. If you want an easier route then Birthday Express has a great favor kit that includes a mask, stickers, crayons, a glow stick, a splat rock, a laser spin top and a Zelda notebook. It's pretty much the combination of everything kids want in a goody bag (with the exception of candy).

So now it's time to start the adventure, save the princess and learn to play the ocarina... or just have a really great party, it's up to you.

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