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The Lego Movie Themed Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Updated on January 17, 2018

Plan The Best Lego Movie Birthday Party Ever!

Stack up on ideas for their birthday party, find lots of themed items for The Lego movie. Party supplies for invitations, favors, decorations, cake and ideas for party food and games.

There's not many things more awesome for a kid than stepping back to take a look at the completed Lego structure they've put together. Well perhaps one and that's the Lego Movie which just might be on the same scale of awesomeness. The truth is Lego has been around for ages and probably played a part in many parents childhood too and so it's great to see it hit the big screen and take on a new form of entertainment for the younger generation.

I know for a fact that there are going to be plenty of kids who will want to have a Lego Movie birthday party once they have seen the movie and so it will be up to good ole Mom to go on the hunt for Lego Movie birthday supplies and make something out of nothing.

Hopefuly this page will make your job easier as it features The Lego Movie birthday party ideas and supplies ranging from personalized invitations, edible cake and cupcake decorations, fun ideas for Lego movie birthday party favors, party décor and more.

Photo Credit: Lego Movie Poster

Personalized Lego Movie Invitations
Personalized Lego Movie Invitations

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

For The Lego movie birthday party invitations you could make your own Lego block invitations. All you need to make these is some colored card, a one inch hole puncher and some 3D foam tape (all of these can be picked up at a craft store). Punch out a couple of circles with the hole puncher and when you have enough stick them onto a plain piece of card with the foam tape. This will make them raised and give them a 3d look. Here's an example of one of these DIY Lego block invites.

If you would prefer to send out personalized lego movie birthday party invites that have been professionally done, ebay and etsy is a great source. You'll find sellers who offer a variety of invites themed around the Lego Movie ranging from photo invitations to ticket style and most sellers can even make you a custom style if requested.

Free Lego Movie Birthday Invitations

Free Printable Lego Movie Party Invitations
Free Printable Lego Movie Party Invitations | Source

For a solid finish print these of using cardstock paper so they have a sturdy finish. These Free Lego Movie printable Emmet and Wildstyle invites are available courtesy of Halegraphx.

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Lego Birthday Party decorations
Lego Birthday Party decorations | Source

For this theme we have to acknowledge that it's going to be quite colorful. The Lego Movie birthday decorations are not available yet but there are so many awesome ideas for bringing some of that Lego magic into any room reserved for the party.

Print of this free Lego Happy birthday banner templates (courtesy of bigKlittleG). Once printed cut around all the letters and paste each letter on red card so that it looks more like the Lego logo and it will make it sturdier. Then it is just a case of stringing them together and hanging up the banner.

As there are not a lot of posters for the movie right now you could use Lego Movie coloring pages instead. Just print them off and have your little ones color them in, before sticking them on the walls as part of The Lego movie party décor.

For theme colors use yellow, red, blue and green as these are usually the colors that normal Lego's come in.Spread these colors around by using latex balloons and streamers in these colors. Make bouquets with the balloons by tying 3-4 balloons together with ribbon. Fill them with helium and allow them to float. As a nice touch have a Lego figure hanging of the ribbons to make it look like he is hanging on for dear life.

In the movie there are lots of worlds that they visit ranging from the Wild Western to Cloud Cuckoo land where they meet Unikitty. Ask your child if there is a particular land that they liked and base some of the decorations around that. Yes it would be a Lego movie party but it would also have a cool side theme thing going on too like cowboys or ponies. It only makes the party that little bit more special and unique for your little one.

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Printable Set

Lego Movie birthday party printable kit
Lego Movie birthday party printable kit | Source

As an add-on to your party decorations this printable Lego Movie birthday party set, has lots of items that would be perfect for adding a little extra to the party. The set features printable templates for invitations, birthday banner, cupcake toppers, treat toppers, water bottle labels, candy wrappers and more for $14.25. The coolest thing about it is the Lego brick background used on each item, it looks awesome! Click the image to find out more...

The Lego Movie Wall Decals

As wall décor stick these Lego movie wall decals around the party to bring the movie characters to life at the party. The Super STICKER Shop on ebay sells this collection of lego movie wall stickers which can be applied to walls and feature many of the movie characters.

Lego Party Favors
Lego Party Favors

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

There are tons of Lego birthday favors available so finding a few great favors won't be too difficult. Here are some DIY Lego movie party favor ideas for people who don't mind getting stuck in and saving a few bucks while they're at it.

Free Lego Movie character masks can be printed off and attached to craft sticks so guests can hold them up to their faces. You could even punch a hole in either side of the mask and attach some string so guests can wear them.

Mason Jars would make great Lego candy holders. Obsuessed has a great tutorial showing how to make Lego storage jars. She used baby food jars (but any mason jar will do), yellow spray paint and a black sharpie pen for drawing on Lego character faces and expressions. This was all that was needed to make them.

You could also make your own Lego brick keychains as Julie from Life as a Leach did for her son's party by drilling a hole through normal lego bricks and then attaching a keychain through the hole. She also shares more DIY favor ideas for Lego Favor bags and Lego brick magnets.

The lego movie birthday party favors can even be as simple as a cello bag with a few lego bricks inside for guests to build something fun. You could have a label which tells them what to build, your child can help you decide the pieces to include and what they build.

Photo Credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs

The Lego Movie Party Bags

Lego Movie Party Favor Bags
Lego Movie Party Favor Bags

These custom Lego movie party favor bags are truly awesome! - Available from Dekolores etsy store,they would be the perfect way to deliver favors. Fill them up with candy, little treats and fun favors. The bags feature characters from the movie including Emmet,Wildstyle,Good cop/bad cop, Lego Batman and more. (Click image to be taken to item page)

Lego Candy Blocks

Candy Blox Blocks, 2 Pound
Candy Blox Blocks, 2 Pound

You remember those Mason jar favor holders we talked about further up these candy lego blocks would be the perfect thing to put in them. A cello bag full of these would also work well.

What's cool about these candy bricks is that you can actually build them like real Legos... So beware they are not the softest of candies for that reason, but an awesome addition non the less.


The Lego Movie Minifigure Party Favors

Lego Movie Minifigures
Lego Movie Minifigures

Lego Movie minifigures would make the perfect party favors for a Lego Movie theme party. The only catch I've found is that ordering them online may be a little expensive in comparison to picking them up from store. The figures are sold in mystery packs and you get one figure per pack, so you really don't know what Lego Movie character figure you'll get. I think this makes it an even better party favor choice as it adds to the drama. The best stores to find these Lego Movie mystery figure packs are Toys R Us and Target where you'll be able to pick up a few for around $3 per figure. (If you want to check out the Individual figures or even order the full collection without the "mystery" click the image above to be taken to who also have the Lego Movie sets in stock as well)

Lego Birthday Favors - More Lego Inspired Party Favor Ideas

Fun Express - Construction Worker PNW Vest - Apparel Accessories - Costume Accessories - Bulk Accessories - 1 Piece
Fun Express - Construction Worker PNW Vest - Apparel Accessories - Costume Accessories - Bulk Accessories - 1 Piece

Emmet is your average Lego construction worker at the beginning of the movie and all through the adventure he is wearing his construction vest. These vest would be good favors to help guests get into character. You could even use them as a place holders by hanging them on the chairs around the party table.

LEGO Minifigure Head Sharpener
LEGO Minifigure Head Sharpener

Lego minifigure head sharpeners will be fun favors that will have a use long after the party. It's always a bonus when there is a favor like this as it reminds your guests about the awesome party everytime they use it.

Lego Brick Eraser 4 pack (1903199)
Lego Brick Eraser 4 pack (1903199)

Another simple but useful favor kids will be using for some time after the party. Erasers shaped like Lego bricks.


Chocolate Lego Bricks

Make some Lego Chocolate bricks by melting some chocolate and pouring it into a Lego brick candy mold. Leave it to cool down, then put it into the freezer to solidify and you'll have these tasty treats. You can make white chocolate bricks too as seen in the picture and even add some food coloring to make colorful bricks.

Photo Source: Marco

The Lego Movie Candy Wrappers, Favor Labels and Tags

These Lego Movie stickers, wrappers and labels will be perfect for matching favors with the theme. Use Lego Movie candy wrappers for wrapping up candy bars, Lego Movie goody bag stickers can be applied to paper lunch bags or even solid colored favor boxes or Lego Movie juice box stickers for fun beverages.

Batman Lego Movie Cake
Batman Lego Movie Cake

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Cake Decorations and Ideas

If your planning on making the lego movie birthday cake a great way to decorate is with edible cake images. There are plenty of Lego movie edible cake images available from sellers from ebay and etsy who offer plenty of images to choose from. Images can be personalized with a birthday message and are simple to apply to any cake. For decorating Lego movie cupcakes there are even edible images to decorate them too.

Lego brick cake pops are easy to make as well if you're using the Lego molds. To make them just put a little bit of melted candy or chocolate in every cavity on the tray and then cut up pieces of cake that will fit the cavities and put them into each one making sure to press down on the cake a little to make sure that there isn't any bubbles trapped in there. Then fill each cavity up with melted chocolate/candy so that the cake is totally engulf. All that's left is to leave the tray to cool by popping it into the freezer for a while so that they harden and then to pop a lollipop stick into them after.

If your child has any minifigures these would make great Lego movie cake decorations. Just place them on the cake. For the new Lego Movie minifigures Target have a few in store but you can pick them up online from who have all the Lego Movie minifigures available for order.

Photo Credit: Cindy Lynch

How to make Lego Movie Cakes - Also learn how to make Lego Movie cupcakes and Lego head Cake pops

Free Lego Movie Cupcake Toppers

Free Lego Movie cupcake toppers
Free Lego Movie cupcake toppers

These printable Lego movie cupcake toppers (courtesy of Halegraphx) would make great Lego movie cupcake decorations. Click the image to download the file to your computer before printing them off (cardstock paper is always my preference). Once printed, cut the toppers out and use glue to stick them to craft or lolly sticks. Make them doublesided so that stick is not showing.

Lego Blocks Cupcake Wrappers

Building Blocks Cupcake Wrappers 24ct
Building Blocks Cupcake Wrappers 24ct

These lego brick cupcake wrappers would be the perfect way to add the finishing touches to Lego movie themed cupcakes.

The wrappers feature colorful lego brick designs and are best used when wrapped around regular cupcake liners to give your cupcakes a look to match the theme.

Lego Minifigure heads and brick cookies
Lego Minifigure heads and brick cookies

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Food Ideas

For your Lego Movie party foods you don't have to look too far for ideas as we can gather plenty from the movie itself. Before the movie we had no idea what llittle Lego men ate when they got hungry and apparently they love chicken wings. Remember the line "Who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get crazy!!"... This was one of the statements made by one of the construction lego men when work was over and they were deciding where to go hang out. you could type and print this quote and put it in front of a serving of chicken wings or just label them crazy chicken wings.

There are also mentions of how much they love croissants from one construction Lego man and of giant sausages from another. A serving of each would be great.

You could also make mini figure cookies or Lego brick cookies. A Lego Mini figure cookie cutter would be useful for cutting the shapes but you could always do it free hand especially if you want to make cookies like the ones shown in the pic above.However a cookie cutter would be handy for cutting sandwiches and rice krispie treats into Lego themed shapes, which would make easy finger foods that kids can just pick up and eat with out much fuss.

For something a little healthier make Lego fuit salad by cutting up strawberries, banana's or pineapple, blueberries and kiwis to make a colorful fruit palate for kids to tuck into - to make it more appealing you could put them on skewers so it's easy for guest to put on their plates.

Provide a bowl of smarties, some crackers, a little frosting to act as glue and some cheese and other light treats. Make a workstation for building your own Lego snack.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Richard

How to Make Crispy Beef Tacos

The references to tacos in the movie makes it a good food to include on the party menu. There is even a Taco Tuesday man character. Here is a good video tutorial for making crispy beef tacos every one will love regardless of what day it is. Tacos are pretty messy and so make sure that you have plenty of napkins close by and expect some crumbs for sure.

Pin the age on the Lego minifigure game
Pin the age on the Lego minifigure game

The Lego Movie Birthday Party Games and Ideas

Once again you can take a few themes from the movie and make fun games out of them, here are some Lego Movie party game ideas:

Find the pants for "where are my pants" guy.

This can basically be a Scavenger hunt for pants guy's pants. Leave some clues - this could be a note pants guy has left which talks about the different places he went before he lost his pants. If you have enough guests, split them into two groups to make it a little more interesting. The first team to find them gets a prize.

Build a spaceship

Benny the old lego astronaut with the cracked helmet is always eager to build a spaceship so we can add this into the party by having a lego space ship building competition. To do this have a random asortment of Lego bricks and have each child build the best spaceship possible within a 10 minute period. Once the time is up decide who's is the best.

How much lego in the jar

To play this simple game just fill up a jar with lego bricks making sure to count the exact amount. Then have each child guess how much is in it and the closest to it without going over, wins.

Pin the head on the Lego man

Play the traditional game but with a Lego twist. Print off these free pin the head on the Lego minifigure templates courtesy of Halegraphx to play the game. Of course you could also play pin the age on the lego minifigure as seen in the pic above too.

Photo Credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Lego Movie Pinata

Lego Movie Emmet Pinata
Lego Movie Emmet Pinata

The Emmet Lego movie Pinata is available from the aldimyshop etsy store (click the image to see more details). You can also find Lego Batman and Wildstyle Pinata's too. Click here to see all Lego Movie Pinata's.

Share Your Lego Movie Party Ideas and Thoughts!

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    • profile image

      Jesse Wallace 

      5 years ago

      For the ticket style invitations you should checkout they can do the design for $30 and even print them professionaly if you want. My wife just got some done and "Everything was awesome!"

    • PaigSr profile image


      5 years ago from State of Confusion

      I think the pinata would be a fun one no matter when you used got your hands on it.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      A Lego party theme sounds like a fun idea!

    • ToysGloriousToys profile imageAUTHOR

      David B 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      @babyjl6797: Thanks for sharing... Build your own lego minifigure cake.. what an awesome idea.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Last time I did a Lego themed party I made cupcakes in the shape of the lego minifigures and let the kids build their own Lego cakes! I cut the shapes from regular cupcakes that I made & then used a pourable icing to cover them, which ends up drying glossy so it looks like plastic! I made hair or hats for the heads from fondant. I put a dowel rod into the leg portions so the cake would stay together & stand upright. The kids loved it and it was fun to watch them pick from the different heads, bodies & legs and build them all together!


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