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Lego Winter Village: Market New for 2013 - 10235

Updated on July 20, 2013

Lego Creator Christmas Lego Sets

The Lego Winter Village sets are holiday-themed Lego Creator models. The Winter Village Market is the new model for 2013. This is my favorite in a long time, it looks like a traditional German Christmas market.

In previous years the range has included a Cottage, Post Office, Winter Village Bakery and Toy Shop. These sets are still available this year if you missed them and want to build up your collection.

LEGO Winter Village theme is very popular with adults as well as kids. Building a holiday scene is a great way to get in a festive mood in the build up to Christmas. We're big LEGO fans (I have two boys who will be 5 and 7 this Christmas) and building a festive scene is a big part of our build up to the festive season.

Image: Lego Winter Village Cottage 10229 (2012)

LEGO Winter Village Market Designer Video

I love that LEGO now make these designer videos that give you an insight into how a set was conceived and an insider's view on all the features.

LEGO Winter Village Set 2013

10235 Christmas Market

I love this set, especially the merry-go-round with horses that you can actually make go around.

Several years ago I visited the German town of Nuremberg at the the right time to visit the Christmas market. Much of the imagery that surrounds Christmas has its roots in Germany.

The LEGO set manages to capture the feel of such a market with stalls selling gifts and food and drink.

LEGO Winter Village Cottage - 2012

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229
LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

The Lego Winter Village Cottage is the latest addition to the LEGO Winter Village series. This is the set for Christmas 2012.


LEGO® Winter Village Cottage (10229) Video

Lego Winter Village Post Office 10222

Here's a preview of the Lego Winter Post Office (10222). Watching the video is a good way to see the detail of the set.

LEGO® Creator Winter Village Post Office 10222

@ Amazon


Lego has announced the release date for the Lego Winter Village as October 1st 2011. Available now (but may go in and out of stock.)

The set is a lovely Christmas preparation scene. Everyone is rushing to get their Christmas cards and gifts posted on time and the post officer workers are very busy.

The Christmas Post Office includes:

- 7 minifigures including a lady post office worker, postman, woman, 2 children and 2 musicians

- The Post office building has a dark-green split roof with snow, fireplace

- Evergreen trees, bench, lamppost, mailboxes, dog and lots of accessories

- Village pavillion with star on top and seats inside

- Traditional post delivery car

- A working LED light brick for a Christmas glow

Lego Creator Winter Toy Store

Lego Christmas Toy Shop - Contents

Lego Winter Village Toy Shop
Lego Winter Village Toy Shop

LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199

@ Amazon



The Lego Creator Winter Toy Shop is a lovely set. I love the red and white striped canopy, the big Lego Christmas tree and all the little presents.

The Lego Christmas Toy Shop includes:

- A toy shop filled with toys

- Big village Christmas tree

- 7 minifigures including Carol singers, cat, snowman

- Bench and old-fashioned lamppost

- Toys: toy train, robot, jack-in-the-box, stuffed animal and toy car

- Lego Light Brick for lighting inside the toy shop

Lego Christmas Bakery

Lego Winter Village Bakery
Lego Winter Village Bakery

LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216

@ Amazon



Another lovely Christmas scene where the Lego people are getting ready for Christmas by buying their Christmas trees and festive food.

The Winter Village Bakery includes

- A bakery with baguetters, croissants and other tasty food

- A frozen pond (ice rink) for skating

- A Christmas tree vendor stand

- 7 minifigures plus minifigure legs sticking out of the snow!

- Snow owl and horse and carriage

- LEGO Power Functions light-up brick inside the bakery

- Lots of winter accessories

Lego Winter Village Sets on eBay

It's worth check eBay both for early availability of the new set for this year and for older sets that are no longer in production but may still be available used or new (some retailers and collectors may still have unopened sets in new condition.)

Do you like the Lego Winter Village sets? - Comments

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    • yayas profile image

      yayas 6 years ago

      I love the Lego Winter Village Post Office 10222. That looks like so much fun.

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

      This looks cool, but I can't believe the price! It's only Lego after all. I imagine these are being purchased by adults for decorations rather than for kids to play with.

    • RavenRunner profile image

      RavenRunner 6 years ago

      I did not know Lego made winter villages! That is so cool!