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Top LEGO Friends Sets

Updated on December 21, 2017

Hmmm to girls play different from boys? You bet they do. I know you are think about Nature vs. Nuture argument and that it must be the parents influencing girls to play in a different way. I thought the same thing UNTIL I had kids. The reality is girls play different from boys and it does not matter how many cross gender toys or games you try to introduce into the mix. Parents have very little effect on what toys kids play with -- society probably does as a whole, but most of it is just innately wired into our brains.

For years, LEGO has been searching for a hit girls toy to rival their LEGO sets aimed at boys. Girls like much more social oriented toys, they like characters they can "make talk" and put into social situations. The best selling girls video game is Sims, which is a game about "playing life", or "playing house" as we used to call it as kids.

Before now, LEGO's efforts to market to girls has largely been a fruitless effort. However, in 2012, LEGO introduced LEGO Friends and the results have been outstanding. They are engaging LEGO sets that cater to the way girls want to play. There are LEGO Friends sets for Adventure Camping, Treehouse dwellings and Horse Camps. They provide characters that girls can identify with and use to "make people talk" as my two girls used to call it.

Girls do not want action heroes, fantasy characters, epic battles of death and destruction. They want toys that allow them to "play life" with characters that they see in their own everyday life. Girls identify with reality in their imagination, whereas boys identify more with supernatural (or "unreality") in their imaginative play.

If you have girls, you need to put LEGOs Friends on your list of potential toys because the girls have spoken and these LEGO Friend sets are a hit.

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lego friends heartlake stables
lego friends heartlake stables

Bestselling LEGO Friends Heartlake Stables

This Friends Set is a huge Hit for girls

What girl doesn't love Horses? I have yet to meet one. The LEGO Friends Heartlake Stables and the LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp are two of the most popular LEGO Friends sets for girls. The Heartlake Stables is part of the Heartlake family of places revolving around this fictional town.

Most girls fantasize about owning a horse to take care of and ride at their leisure, but of course few hobbies are more expensive than actually owning a horse. However, the LEGO Friends Heartlake Stables is an inexpensive alternative to foster your daughters love of horses and the outdoors.

Heartlake Stables Includes:

A barn with 2 horse stables and several stable accessories

2 practice jumps, 2 riding helmets, 2 saddles and 2 bridles and horse grooming accessories

Prepare for the competition with the saddles and practice jumps

Includes 2 mini-dolls and 2 horses

LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp

Is a step up to the most complete Friends set available. It is not cheap but a very special gift for a daughter that absolutely loves horses.

It includes a total of 1145 pieces of LEGO items and is the largest LEGO friends set ever made in lego friends collection history.

Photo courtesy of Links to buy are provided below

Three Great Horse Themed LEGO Friends Sets - Foster your daughter's love of horses with these Friends sets

LEGO Friends 3189 Heartlake Stables
LEGO Friends 3189 Heartlake Stables

For a daughter that loves horses, Heartlake Stables offers hours of enjoyment. You. Includes Mia and Katharina mini-doll figures, Bella and Niki horse figures, stables and accessories. They can care for and groom the horses, conduct riding practices and invite guest riders to the stables. Heartlake Stables is a great value for the amount of play it creates.

lego friends olivia's treehouse
lego friends olivia's treehouse

Popular LEGO Friends Olivia's Treehouse

Several other LEGO Friends Sets for Home Life

Having two daughters, I can tell you that some of the most used toys we ever bought them were toys about everyday living. There was a Dollhouse, My Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie Dream House and many more. This LEGO Friends Olivia's Treehouse is perfect for your daughters to create their own story around this make believe home.

Being a Treehouse makes it even better than a typical house because it creates a little bit more of a separation, like its their own special place. I think this and the other ancillary buildings around Heartlake are great gifts for letting your daughters imagination soar around everyday living situations.

Olivia's Treehouse includes:

Olivia mini-doll figure, a multitude of pets and accessories to care for the pets.

A two-story Treehouse

Lots of accessories such as telescope, food cartons, pet foods and much more.

LEGO Friends Olivia's Treehouse and other Heartlake Buildings - Cool Friends sets about everyday life in Heartlake

LEGO Friends Stephanie Soccer Practice 41011
LEGO Friends Stephanie Soccer Practice 41011

Stephanie is a star soccer player and your daughter will enjoy training her for her next big game. There is a dribble cone obstacle course and goal-shooting function for hours of practice. Set Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure and her dog, Scarlett.

Lego Friends Adventure Camper
Lego Friends Adventure Camper

Take off on Vacation with the LEGO Friends Adventure Camper

And other LEGO Friend sets about Vacation fun

There are great Vacation accessories for letting your daughter's imagination roam. The LEGO Friends Adventure Camper is one of the most popular Friends sets because it can get the whole family away from home. Whether your daughter wants an adventure in the mountains, at the beach or to a theme park, the LEGO Adventure Camper has everything she will need to make it happen.

The Adventure Camper includes:

2 bikes, surfboard, picnic table, barbeque grill, and lots of camping/picnic supplies

Includes Olivia and Nicole mini-dolls

Lift the camper cushions to store everything you need

Your turn to sound off on LEGO Friends - Are you a fan of these girl toys or any other thoughts you want to share?

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    • profile image

      Gabriel 3 years ago

      new entry into Cake of the Week last week. Amy joined us from Cooking,Cakes and Children with this floaubus lego cake. I'm desperate to do a funky lego cake but try as I might my girls seem to want other

    • rosiembanks profile image

      rosiembanks 5 years ago

      I'm not sure how I feel about the Lego Friends range. They're pretty cute and if I think about them as, say, Polly Pocket playsets that you can customise for yourself, that's pretty cool. But as the girl version of Lego? I'm kind of uneasy about them. My sister and I used to love playing with regular Lego, and no one could have told us that it was just for buys and we would have to wait for special "girly" Lego. In fact, we even had a couple of Belville sets, which was Lego's earlier attempt at girly sets, and they just weren't as much fun because the pieces were really specific, you couldn't use them to build other things - which is kind of the point of Lego. These look like they have the same problem. Great lens though!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Great stuff here - gotta love Legos!