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Lemonade Mouth Birthday Party

Updated on February 3, 2015

Lemonade Mouth Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a Lemonade Mouth birthday party? Get plenty of ideas and supplies for the perfect Lemonade Mouth party, rockin' out to songs like Determinate, Somebody or Turn Up the Music. Disney's newest musical Lemonade Mouth was a bit hit, so this summer it is sure to be a popular party and birthday party theme.

Gather your friends, turn your kitchen into Dante's Pizzeria, grab a slice then hand out some instruments and "Turn Up the Music" and let the singing begin! From karaoke, to Finish the Lyrics games, you'll have a great time. Get plenty of ideas and supplies for your Lemonade Mouth birthday party here.

Lemonade Mouth Invitations

Give them a pink slip

It all started in Detention, so what better way to invite friends to your Lemonade Mouth Birthday Party than by giving them a pink detention slip!

Detention Slip

Student's Name:______________________ Date:________________

Assigning Teacher:____________________________________________

Report to Room:______________________________________________

Detention Time:___________

Reason for Detention:__________________________________________

Get creative, print it out on pink paper, give your name as the assigning teacher, provide the date of the party, put the party address in the "Report to Room", the "Reason for Detention" will be your birthday, or end of year party etc.

Use CD Cases: Another creative way to send out an invitation to your rock band themed birthday party is to make an invitation and send it in an old CD case. You could use this with the detention pink slip idea, or just a hand made invitation with the party details, and images of guitars, or lemons in the background.

lemonade mouth pizza party idea
lemonade mouth pizza party idea

Serve Pizza for your Party

Make it like Dante's Pizzeria

Disney has not yet released any party supply merchandise for the Lemonade Mouth movie, however you can still plan and host a great Lemonade Mouth birthday party with a little creativity, and sticking to some authentic parts of the movie. For instance Olivia, Stella, Wen and the rest of the band often eat at Dante's Pizzeria, so you can set your table up just like in the movie. Serve pizza, with red drinking cups, white plates and napkins, use wicker plate holders, and finish it off with a typical pizzeria red and white gingham table cloth. If you prefer a more rock theme, scroll down for some rock star theme party supplies instead. Serve some homemade lemonade, in keeping with the movie.

Fox Run 5493 Paper Plate Holders, Bamboo, Set of 4
Fox Run 5493 Paper Plate Holders, Bamboo, Set of 4

These wicker plate holders will really help to make your table look like the movie setup.


Go for an authentic pizzeria look with a classic tray for your pizzas.


Rock Star Party Supplies

If you don't want to go with the Dante's Pizzeria theme, choose a Rock Star theme. Here are some choices that will go together with a Rock Star theme. Choose some guitar or rock star themed plates and napkin sets from somewhere like Amazon, add in a few inflatable rock star electric guitars, and even some rock star inflatable microphones for each of your guest for a real rock star feel.


Lemonade Mouth T-Shirts

Party Activity or Party Favor

Lemonade Mouth merchandise is not widely available at the moment, so why not make your very own Lemonade Mouth t-shirt. You can design and make your own Lemonade Mouth t-shirt online either as an activity for your party, each guest being able to design their own shirt, or you can make them ahead of time, and give them out as great party favors!

You can simply go to Lemonade Mouth T-Shirt Creator. and choose your own photos, logos or artwork, add some text, then download and print it on an iron-on transfer onto a white t-shirt.

Lemonade Mouth T-Shirt Supplies

Making your own Lemonade Mouth shirts is easy: just buy some iron-on transfers, some nice white t-shirts then go to the link listed above and start designing your very own Lemonade Mouth shirt!

Ok, so maybe it's not Mel's Organic Lemonade, but you can still make your own lemonade for your Lemonade Mouth party.


  • 6 -8 lemons (1 cup lemon juice)
  • ice cubes
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 5 cups water to dilute


  1. 1. Make a simple syrup by boiling 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a small saucepan, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved. Once it is dissolved place the syrup aside to cool down.
  2. 2. While the syrup is cooling, cut each lemon in half, and use a juicer to extract the lemon juice and separate the seeds. You will need about 1 cup of lemon juice for the lemonade, but that is just a guide, depending on your own taste.
  3. 3. Pour the syrup and lemon juice into a nice lemonade pitcher, adding 3-5 cups of water to dilute the lemonade to your taste. Take one extra lemon, and slice off both ends and discard, then slice the remaining lemon into about 5 slices. Remove the seeds and place the lemon slices into the pitcher for a nice effect.
  4. 4. Cool and add some ice just before serving. Enjoy!
Cast your vote for Make Your Own Lemonade

Lemonade Mouth Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes - Here are some music inspired desserts

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Music Inspired Cupcake Idea from: cupcakesfluffy.blogspot.comLemonade Mouth Cake Ideas: Music Notes Cupcake Ideas from: Mouth Cake Ideas: Guitar Cake Ideas from: Mouth Piano Cake Idea from:
Music Inspired Cupcake Idea from:
Music Inspired Cupcake Idea from:
Lemonade Mouth Cake Ideas: Music Notes Cupcake Ideas from:
Lemonade Mouth Cake Ideas: Music Notes Cupcake Ideas from:
Lemonade Mouth Cake Ideas: Guitar Cake Ideas from:
Lemonade Mouth Cake Ideas: Guitar Cake Ideas from:
Lemonade Mouth Piano Cake Idea from:
Lemonade Mouth Piano Cake Idea from:

Do you want to read more about Olivia, Stella, Charlie, Mo, Wen and the actors that played them? Follow them on twitter, get their old movies and find out what they are doing by clicking on Lemonade Mouth site.

Guitar Pinata

Party Destination - Rock Star 22" Pull-String Pinata
Party Destination - Rock Star 22" Pull-String Pinata

Finish off your Lemonade Mouth party with a great guitar pinata. This pull string Rock Star pinata will keep with the rock star/ Lemonade Mouth theme. Fill it with some great candy and you are all set.


Lemonade Mouth Party Activities

Have tons of fun with your friends at your Lemonade Mouth party. Try some of these fun party activities:

Karaoke Have a blast jammin' it out together or solo with your favorite songs from the musical. Get some of the instrumental versions of the songs from iTunes.

Create a Dance Work together to choreograph your own moves for one of the songs.

Battle of the Bands If you have enough people at your party you could have a battle of the bands between two groups, one singing Lemonade Mouth songs, and the other group singing to Mudslide Crush's songs.

Finish the Lyrics Have someone play the music, and then at some point simpy pause the music to see if the other person can finish the lyrics, or sing the next 5 words of the song. Here are the lyrics to Somebody and Determinate.


Do you want to jam out to Lemonade Mouth songs at your birthday party? Do you need some instruments to put together your very own Lemonade Mouth band? Here are a few instruments that you could get to add decorations to your party, and use for a rock session.

Rock Band Inflate Instrument Set (2 dz)
Rock Band Inflate Instrument Set (2 dz)

If you and your guests want to have a battle of the bands, or a concert at your Lemonade Mouth party, get this set of two dozen inflatable rock band instruments so everyone can jam together.


Lemonade Mouth Party Favors

Here are some music inspired favors that you can give out at your Lemonade Mouth Birthday party. Click on the link to Amazon and search for even more ideas.

Are you a Lemonade Mouth Fan? - Who is your favorite character?

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