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Leopard Makeup Tutorials and Tips

Updated on June 25, 2014


Leopards are a beautiful member of the cat family, and is readily identifiable by its rosettes or spots, which are densely distributed on its body.

The brown, white and black colors of the leopard make it ideal subject matter for makeup fun, especially the unique spots which make it look so compelling.

Those spots aren't real hard to make, and similar to household cats, lion and tiger makeup, suggest you're on the prowl in a fun way, and it also looks extremely cute on the ladies, who like to be a little catty and feline at times.

And considering leopards are one of the most stealthy predators there are in the wild, it may just get some people a little nervous around you when you show up at the party.

Leopard Makeup Designs

When using a leopard influence as a makeup pattern on the face, most people choose to have the complete leopard look. There are a number of interpretations of the look, but there is no doubt when you see it that it is a leopard you're looking at.

To differentiate, some have even chosen a white snow leopard as the model for their look. Others will use the normal colors of the leopard, but use more of one color than another to create the look they like. The one thing that remains the same for all those using makeup to create a leopard look, is the incorporation of the leopard spots. Without those you are simply another, unidentifiable cat.

For those that don't want to make an entire leopard face, they choose to go with the spots themselves, usually flowing in a line across the face, or in some cases, down the face and into the neck.

Now we'll look at several ways leopard makeup designs have been applied to the face.

Realistic Leopard Makeup

We'll start off with a couple of women who decided to incorporate a more realistic leopard look into their facial makeup. The first one really had the right idea, as the odd shaped white mark around her nose and ending at her mouth is very realistic to the shape of the leopard's face. Look at the real leopard face above to see what I mean.

Too bad she didn't fill it in more with the rosettes, and color it more natural to the color of the leopard, rather than the white. Still a great leopard face though.

Below we see another well done leopard face, this time with a little more filler in the spots I mentioned concerning the first one. Most people added a little more white to their face than the actual leopard has, but that's just a small quibble when the rest is done so well, as it is here.

I only mention it because of the decision to try to accurately portray how a leopard actually looks. In that regard, they were still very successful.

Leopard Face Makeup


Fantastic Leopard Makeup Mask

Here is one of the best of the leopard makeup jobs, as far as realism goes. Again, compare with the face of the leopard at the top of the article to see how accurate it really is. The only negative, as far as realism goes, was making the forehead a little too white. Other than that, and even with that, it's an awesome leopard makeup mask.

You can go to the video below the photo to see a tutorial on exactly how she put it together.


Leopard Mask Video Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Makeup Video Tutorials

Below are several more leopard makeup video tutorials, each one sporting its own unique look.

When you see these leopard video tutorials, as well as the one above, you will be able to make a leopard face of your choice, and be as good at it as anyone out there.

Also keep in mind when looking at the disparate leopard faces what type of time you may want to commit to it. Some will take longer than others, if time's a factor to you.

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Makeup

Leopard Spots Facial Makeup

Now we have an example of the leopard spots mentioned earlier in the article. It looks really cute for those who don't want an entire face made up as a leopard mask.

Notice the different blushes used on the temple and side of her face. The color going to the eye is a brighter hue, while the one extending down to her cheek is a little darker, creating a very nice effect.

Too bad the photo didn't go lower, as you can see she included some complementary clothing to finish off the look, which with the little shown, looks like it really worked well.


Full Body Leopard Makeup and Paint

This is a very bold leopard look, as she decided to not just sculpt her face into a leopard mask, but went the whole way, and apparently painted her entire body as a leopard.

The way she styled her hair to go with the cat look was great, as are the ears behind the hair.

While the artist confused the look of a lion with a leopard in some parts of the makeup, it still looks fantastic, and maybe it was even done on purpose.

Either way it doesn't matter, as it's a makeup and painted leopard look that won't be soon forgotten.


Snow Leopard Makeup Face

In this last photo we see an awesome portrayal of a snow leopard, which has a body of white which is decorated with the dark spots.

This is a very cool leopard mask, and like snow leopards in the wild, not too common as a mask choice.

The detail is outstanding. Did you notice the way the artist included the very realistic whisker of the cat in the design? Even hairs above the eyes are subtly added to create the awesome look of the snow leopard..


Leopard Makeup Masks

After viewing this great gallery of leopard faces using everyday makeup, you can see why it is such an awesome costume choice.

There is no doubt the key factor in how compelling the leopard designs are is the subject matter itself, with that magnificent face and spotted skin, which creates such an outstanding and majestic look.

That translates well to the face, and is a terrific option for those wanting to stand out at any costume party.


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    • profile image

      Stephanie 4 years ago

      The first video you put on here I believe is a boy not a girl. Lol awesome page. My daughter is going to be a leopard for Halloween so I have been scouring the internet for how to's. Lol