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Let's Plant A Tiny Tree Indoors To Celebrate Arbor Day... Or Any Day!

Updated on February 18, 2015
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

A Different, Smaller & Easier Way To Celebrate Arbor Day!

Let's face it, a lot of folks don't have time or cash to celebrate Arbor Day in the traditional manner by planting a tree. You have to run out and buy a tree, dig a hole, plant it correctly, and make sure to care for it daily until it gets established! That's a lot of work to do for someone with a busy life and a tight budget.

What you CAN do is something on a far smaller scale! In this lens we'll talk about planting a tiny tree indoors! You could of course carry it out to your patio to enjoy for the summer, too.

If you do get tired of caring for it indoors eventually, you could always plant your tiny tree outdoors later on!

Wouldn't this be a fun little project to do with your kids?

Here, I'll provide you with absolutely everything you need to get started - right down to the mimosa tree seeds!

What You Will Need

– Tree Seeds or a Tree Seedling

– A container - ceramic, clay, a paper cup... something that has a drainage hole at bottom.

– Potting soil

– Little pebbles

– Other decorative items

How To Make It

If the container you've picked has a drainage saucer or tray, you're all set. If not, get something to put under your pot to protect your furniture.

Place about 1/2" of pebbles in the bottom of the pot. This will allow for air circulation for the roots and better drainage for the plant.

Fill your container with potting mix up to about 1" from the top. Place your seeds on top of the potting mix. (You might choose to plant one, two or three seeds).

Add 1/4" more potting mix to cover seeds. Press down gently.

Now add another 1/4 - 1/2" of pebbles for a top dressing layer. (That's just for "pretty")

Add room temperature water, and you are done! Keep the container in a bright warm area out of direct sunlight. And be patient, tree seeds can take weeks to germinate!

Care of Your Seed/Seedling

You'll want to keep the soil moist. I always give mine a tiny drink (a couple teaspoons) every day until it sprouts and thereafter. Once you have a seedling, move the planter to a sunny window that receives bright, but not direct sunlight. Mimosa will also grow fine in shade but at a much slower rate with fewer blooms.

Plant One, Give One!

This project is so super-quick and easy, why not set up a second (or third) tiny tree for a friend? Bet they'll love it!

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Making It Cute Until The Seed Sprouts!

Try popping a silk flower on a stem into your pot to entertain you until the seedling arrives!

Will My Tree Survive Where I Live?

Just in case you decide to plant your tree outdoors later, it's a great idea to plant a tree that's hardy (will survive winter) in your growing zone. If you don't know your growing zone, just click the link below!

My Container Mimosa This Spring

She's Back!

My plant suffered a tragedy when one of my schnauzers decided to enjoy it as a refreshing "salad" a couple months ago. All of the leaves you see here are brand new. I think this says a lot about the ability of this plant to withstand trauma!

The Most Important Thing

Set your tiny tree somewhere you will see every single day. You want to make sure it gets a little drink of water each day. I like to keep mine by my kitchen sink because it's so easy. How about on your bathroom counter? Brush your teeth, water your tiny tree.

Mimosa Growing Outdoors in Container - With A Shamrock Plant!

I started this plant from a seed in 2010. Here's how it looked last summer enjoying its sunny spot outdoors.

Did You Know?

Mimosa trees, like their relative the Sensitive Plant, have leaves that fold closed when it gets dark or when it is raining. Kinda cool!

My Favorite Tree, Chocolate Mimosa - Same as the normal but with brown leaves!

I paid an embarrassing amount of money for this tree last year, I "had" to have it for my front yard! I had obtained some Chocolate Mimosa seeds, but just couldn't do the waiting time for them to grow up! This is how she looked last summer. Right now she's a bit sickly, having gotten attacked by ants. Hopefully she's going to recover.

Had I grown a tree this size from my seeds, that would've taken about 2 summers, from my experience.

Have You Ever Tried This Before?

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    • orange3 lm profile image

      orange3 lm 5 years ago

      I have started many, many trees from seeds. I plant some in my yard and give many away.