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Light-Up Inflatable Party Decorations

Updated on April 19, 2013

Inflatable Party Decorations that Glow

Light-up inflatable party decorations to add a glow to your event. You can get glowing archways, light-up pillars and complete inflatable sets in elegant white or bright colors to fit your event theme.

These inflatable decorations are a really fun way to decorate for a prom, wedding, anniversary party or other big evening event. They're big and impressive and will make your event really memorable. The inflatables are designed to be easy to put up and are reusable for future events or selling on when you're finished with them (which keeps the cost down.)

The inflatables are available in several different shapes including numbers (pictured), columns and archways. You can mix these the create a full light-up set for your event.

You can choose classic white to create an sophisticated effect or use a single color for a consistent theme, or lots of bright colors for a fun party effect.

Everyone likes things that light up and glow from small children through to tweens and teens to adults of all ages.

This 2012 Inflatable Columns Set works well for a graduation, prom or a wedding or anniversary where people will want to remember the year.

Hopefully there will be a number 3 added to the range next year so you can just buy that to change the year.

When inflated the numbers are 4 feet high. You can create some fun photo opportunities with people standing behind and in between the numbers or sitting on the floor in front. You'll never forget which year the photo was taken!

Light Up Inflatable Columns

Another key inflatable decoration is the 8 foot tall column which towers over most people. The columns are available in white and various colors including this

Afterglow Inflatable Column Red Each. You can also alter the effect by using different colored light bulbs inside. (The inflatables take standard light-bulbs 60W or less.)

You can also buy colored slip covers so you can change the color of your column to suit different events and themes.

These light up inflatable columns can be used indoors or outdoors if you have a power supply. If outdoors then you'll want them in a sheltered area.

Motorized Inflatable Decorations

You're probably wondering how these inflatable decorations work.

The inflatables use a motorized base to keep them inflated throughout the party. This means that you do need to have a power supply. When planning your party make sure you think about where the power cables will go so that they won't be a trip hazard.

Many of the inflatable products include the motorized base, but it can be bought separately and used with inflatable slip covers for additional flexibility. If you're a party planner then this allows you to have a range of inflatables that you can choose from for different occasions.

Note that the motorized base comes in different sizes including the

Motorized Column Base. You must choose the right base to match the covers.

As you can see from this picture the light-bulbs that light up the inflatables also fit into and take power from the motorized base. Note that the bulbs are not included and you can use white or colored light bulbs to create the effect you want.

There will be some noise from the motorized base so be aware of this if your event is going to be quiet.

Afterglow Inflatable Decorations Video

The decorations are self-inflating when you plug them in so set up is quick. Watch the video to see lots of inflatable decorations going up very quickly.

Inflatable Archway with Lights - Black or White

Afterglow Inflatable Arch Black Each

The Inflatable Archways are 9 ft high and 10 ft wide so they create quite a dramatic effect. They can be used outdoors, but only in a sheltered area. When using indoors make sure the room is tall enough to fit the archways.

An archway is very effective when used to create an entrance or walkway for an event. It also makes a great photo prop.

How to Assemble Afterglow Kits

This video shows how the light-up inflatable decorations are assembled. You will need light-bulbs which are not included.

The slip covers zip onto the motorized base. Some sets include both base and cover and then can be bought separately - make sure you choose the correct products.

We Like Afterglow Light-Up Inflatable Decorations Because ...

  1. They light up! Everyone likes things that light up.
  2. They are reusable. Many expensive party decorations are discarded after a single use. These light-up inflatable decorations are reusable. This is great for party planners and events that run every year.
  3. They're quick to assemble. These inflatable decorations are self-inflating so they're very quick to assemble. That's good. It can take such a long time to prepare for a big event. Something that looks impressive and is up in minutes is definitely worth having.
  4. They work with so many different themes. These inflatable decorations are not tied to a specific theme so you'll get a lot more use from them. You can use different colored lights to get different effects too. So your inflatable decorations can work with any prom theme, birthday party, wedding, Halloween or holiday party. And anything else you come up with!

Buy Light-Up Inflatable Decorations.

These light-up inflatable party decorations are available at Stumps:

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Light-Up Inflatable Party Decorations

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