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Lighted Palm Trees

Updated on August 24, 2015

Lighted Artificial and Real Palm Trees

Lighted palm trees are becoming an increasingly popular part of Christmas decorations, and these artificial palm trees look great; whether you live in the tropics or a northern climate, as you can see below.

When I first started searching to see what lighted palm trees would look like, I was startled to see how great they look and how they don't interfere with the overall Christmas yard or house decoration themes we put up.

These obviously work fantastic in tropical areas, but think of the interesting looks you would get from passerbys and family and friends if you had some of these out in a more northerly climate.

While most of the artificial palm trees I've included here are primarily to set up as Christmas yard décor, you could use some in the house; and I also added one that stands about 30" tall for those who want to have that as part of their indoor Christmas décor.

Another thing I noticed about the lighted palm trees was how they can be included with a number of other fixtures or Christmas scenes and not look out of place. For example, they go nicely with a nativity scene, or they work with yard decorations like flamingos, among others.

Artificial palm trees can be used in a number of circumstances, and what I also like about them is because they are unusual, they're great Christmas props to experiment with and create some interesting and delightful Christmas yard scenes that will surprise your friends, family and visitors.

Individual Lighted Palm Tree

We'll start by looking at this wonderful example of what an individual lighted palm tree looks like. I look at it and immediately get a number of ideas and strategic places I could put this Christmas palm tree prop. Nice looking artificial lighted palm tree.

Individual Palm Tree

Set of Lighted Palm Trees

For those who want a bunched lighted palm tree look, here's a good sample of how that would look in your yard. I do like this, especially in how easy it would be to set up and without the need to take several individual artificial palm trees to place them around each other.

Although the group of trees look odd in this lighted situation, in fact that's because of the lights wrapped around it. In the dark they would look fantastic.

Lighted Palm Tree Set

Holographic Lighted Palm Trees

This is a great looking set of what is called a holographic palm tree, and as you can see, would look great inside as well as outside.

Again, the key for these trees is to be sure they are used in a place where there isn't much light when they're turned on, as that is when they work the best.

Other types of trees can look good whether they're turned on or not when in the light, but because of the shape of the palm tree, and the lackluster way the lights look on them when exposed to daylight or high light situations, they don't look good under those conditions.

They are definitely for the night hours.

Holographic Palm Trees

Lighted Palm Tree Christmas Yard Display

Lighted Palm Trees with Various Colors

These are fantastic looking lighted palm trees, and those plume-like looking branches look great, along with those different colored lights.

After saying in the last part of the article that lighted palm trees are primarily for dark times and areas of the house, here is the exception to that rule: the palm trees made of vibrant colors. Look how nice they look in the next couple of photos.

Lighted Palm Trees with Different Colors

Lighted Multi-colored Palm Trees

Smaller Lighted Palm Tree

This lighted palm tree is perfect for the indoors, as it stands 30" inches tall and could be worked in almost anywhere. Smaller lighted palm trees could also work great with larger trees outdoors, placing them next to them and adding an extra dimension to the look by filing in those empty areas without any leaves.

Small Lighted Palm Tree

Fantastic Look of Lighted Palm Trees

Of course if you live in tropical climates, you may be chuckling, as you wrap your living palm trees with lights, but lighted artificial palm trees even have their place there as you may not have the type of placement of your living trees which would create a great design.

Either way, lighted palm trees are great, whether they're artificial or real, and they continue to be a growing and popular addition for Christmas inside and outside yard decor.


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    • profile image

      artificial outdoor palm trees 

      6 years ago

      Nice Blog. It's great to read your blog. Thank you for the information. Keep up the good work. You can have look at this site too

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I didn't realize how nifty those lighted palm trees could look. The photos you have show them off really well. They would look neat at any latitude at any time of year.

    • profile image

      Artificial Palm Trees 

      8 years ago

      Wow, I never knew that artificial palm trees were becoming popular as a Christmas decoration. I guess you learn something everyday. I love the pictures of the lighted palm trees. Look fun!


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