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Lilliput Lane Cottages - A British Collection of miniature cottages

Updated on August 2, 2013

From the Scottish Highlands to Land's End, the British Collection of Lilliput Lane's miniature cottages is a celebration of real cottages in the British Isles

Lilliput Lane started producing their miniature cottages in 1982. David Tate, the founder of Lilliput Lane, opened workshops at Skirsgill near Penrith on the edge of the Lake District, and the company has remained in this area ever since. Sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, all of the models are painted by hand and the painters even mix their own paint.

These cottages will make up a wonderful collection that can only increase in value over the years. Even now some of the earlier cottages are becoming rare to find. And what a wonderful keepsake showing the heritage of old British architecture.

The Vintner, Stratford Upon Avon


Lilliput Lane Collectibles

Lilliput Lane has always been famous for celebrating historic and vernacular English architecture, and the catalogue of pieces can be sorted by region. The cottages are cast of a proprietary gypsum mix known as Amorphite and are handpainted, with constant reference back to a colored master. Some painted variations do occur in older models.

There is also an active Collectors Club(Click here) with special events held annually in the UK. The current Lilliput Lane line includes Christmas editions, limited editions, lighted cottages, regional cottages and historic buildings. A special line includes snow for use in Christmas scenes. There is also a line of Christmas Tree ornaments.

Lilliput Lane Land of Legends Beginning in 1985, Lilliput Lane produced a secondary line Lilliput Lane Land of Legends Limited (known to collectors as 5L) featuring castles, dragons and fantasy pieces. This secondary line included Pocket Dragons and other pieces cast in resin, instead of Amorphite

In 1990, the Land of Legends line sold off and eventually restructure as part of Collectible World Studios. Land of Legends pieces are listed under Collectible World Studios rather than Lilliput Lane.

American Landmarks - From 1989 to 2000, Lilliput Lane produced a series of American Landmark models, all originally sculpted by Ray Day. An archive of all his models for the Lilliput Line American Landmark Series can be seen online

Identifying Marks - All of the cottages feature labels on the green baize (fabric) base which feature the name of the piece and a date. Older cottages may have a brown baize base. All pieces have a backstamp somewhere on the side of the piece.

Forgeries - There are forgeries and 'look alikes' of these cottages. Forgeries may have backstamps. Usually the forgeries do not have openings in the cast the way the original does, and they often are incorrectly colored.

Certificates and Deeds - Lilliput Lane models are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity most of these have a story line on the reverse unless there is a separate deed with a storyline or a leaflet/storycard. Models since April 1985 have come with deeds. The deeds have included a story on the reverse since 1995.

Collectible Villages

English Cottages

Hawker's Cottage, Cornwall


The Reverend Robert Stephen Walker, the famous poet, eccentric and vicar of Morwenstow who is responsible for starting the church's tradition of celebrating Harvest Festivals in 1843, lived here for a brief moment in time.

A charming Grade-II-Listed Cornish cottage, with a thatched roof and blooming garden.

Diamond Cottage, Henbury, Bristol, South West

Lilliput Lane have returned to the remarkable Blaise Hamlet Estate, near Henbury, for the inspiration for the commemorative piece to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2011. After all, with a name like Diamond Cottage how could it be resisted.

Ferry Cottage, Devon

Situated on the ferry landing stage at Kingswear, this cottage captures the calm and tranquillity that epitomises this small village today and which draws visitors to this peaceful corner of Britain.

This beautiful miniature ornament features a very idyllic cottage with a thatched roof, colourful garden and a small lake on which a boat is situated. It is impeccably detailed and full of British character.

Lilliput Lane Ferry Cottage (L3263)
Lilliput Lane Ferry Cottage (L3263)

From the Lilliput Lane British Collection (Devon). Height: 7.0cm Length: 9.0cm.


Catslide Cottage, Hampshire

This charming Grade-II-Listed stone cottage can be found in the idyllic Hampshire village of Chalton and features two playful cats, one of whom is sliding down the thatched catslide roof - hence the name!

A wonderful miniature ornament featuring a very uniquely-shaped cottage with a long, sloping roof on the West side, which certain felines make a habit of sliding down. The regular, red brickwork is broken up with large sandy-coloured stones, giving the building remarkable visual character. As usual with Lilliput Lane, the piece is decorated with an abundance of bright flora surrounding the cottage, making it very visually captivating.

Lilliput Lane Cat Slide Cottage (L3299)
Lilliput Lane Cat Slide Cottage (L3299)

Height: 7.5cm. Length: 10.0cm.


The Bakery & Wellhouse, Hertfordshire

This quaint oak framed building from Aldbury dates to the mid-nineteenth century, when it was built for the Brownlow Estate as a communal bakehouse on the site of an existing well.

Bishop Bonner's Cottage, Norfolk, East Anglia

Dated 1502, this is the oldest surviving domestic building in Dereham and was once the home of Edmund Bonner, the infamous 'Bloody Bishop' of London. Today, it houses a local history museum and is admired for its exquisite pargeted frieze.

Bell Tower Cottage, Durham

The bell of this former nineteenth century village school from Bracepeth, Durham, beckoned the village's children to school right up until the mid-twentieth century when it was converted into three private dwellings.

Lilliput Lane Bell Tower Cottage (L3232)
Lilliput Lane Bell Tower Cottage (L3232)

Height 3inches / 7cm

Length 4.25inches / 10.5cm

Gift Boxed


Locations and Photos of Lilliput Lane Cottages

Photo: Mike Tarrant Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant - Bell Tower, Durham

Many tens of thousands of people around the world own ......... or have given models made by Lilliput Lane.

Some may have wondered if there is a building on which it is based ...and if so where it is.

Deed cards give some information...maybe the town.....but not a precise location.

We believe this is one of the most comprehensive collection of information identifying the buildings on which the models are based.

Visit Here

Scottish Cottages

Culloden Cottage (Heilan Name), Highlands Scotland


Standing at the famous Culloden Battlefield and visitor centre, this traditional Scottish croft has copme to symbolise the end of an era in Scottish Clan cultural history.

Height 4.5 cm Length 6.5cm

The Old Mill On The Esk, Dumfriesshire

This latest addition to the Lillput Lane range has been inspired by Langholm's landmark distillery in Dumfriesshire, which sadly went out of production in 1917.

A charming miniature of a two-storey building that sits on the banks of an estuary. It has large white walls and an interesting roof that has perpendicular apexes. Outside, a water wheel sits in a walled off area in front of the building, where water from the estuary is fed into. The distillery has a black slated roof and a red bricked chimney, plus wooden doors and blue-framed windows. The Lilliput Lane artists have emphasised the beauty of the model by adding a variety of colourful flora surrounding the building.

Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Scotland

This magnificent building houses the Astronomy Technology Centre for the United Kingdom.

Eilean Donan

Situated near Dornie, Eilean Donan stands a majestic sentinel at the convergence of three lochs, Loch Long, Loch Alsh and Loch Duich, having endured a turbulent history.

Height 9 cm Length 21 cm

Eilean Donan

Welsh Cottages

The Smallest House, Conwy, Wales


Found in Conwy, Wales this cottage is just six feet wide, eleven feet high and nearly eleven feet deep. It really is of Lilliptian proportians - as mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

Height 6.5cm Length 7 cm

Bodnant gardens, Conwy, Wales

This former eighteenth century pin mill was rescued from demolition and carefully rebuilt in its present site overlooking the long rectangular pond canal at Bodnant Garden in 1939.

Caerphilly Castle, Wales

This castle is one of the largest in Britain after Windsor Castle. Its thirty acre site complete with large scale water defences is of concentric Norman design.

Lilliput Lane Cottage Catalogues

A nice selection of Lilliput Lane Cottages

Maps of the British Isles

When you go to visit the real cottages in the places featured here, you are going to need a good map.

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