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Lion Costume - Lion Costumes For Kids, Adults And Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Lion Costume Cuteness

Here's a cute and cool selection of lion costume choices for kids, adults and dogs. The kids costumes are adorable, really fun, easy to wear outfits that are great for any party or dress up box. The lion costume choices for adults are really special, lots of details and realistic features. The dog costumes are just plain cute.

The lion costume choices listed are stand out pieces that are sure to get you noticed. If you want to wow with a costume, this is a brilliant choice to go for.

See below for the lion costume options available, there's lots to choose from at various price points. If you want a costume that is sure to make an impact this is a winning choice to make.

Lion Costume For Kids

These costumes certainly have the Awwwwwwww factor. They're unbelievably cute and are sure to have your child as the center of attention whenever they wear their lion costume.

Coming in jumpsuit form these are really easy to wear, comfortable costumes that will have your child party ready in minutes.

If you don't see the size you require, go through to the product page of a costume for more size options.

These lion costume options are great fun, it's impossible for any child not to look at their cutest in one of these outfits.

Whether buying for a costume party or for the dress up box at home, these are stand out costumes that kids will love wearing.

A lion costume is the perfect excuse for a photo opportunity, you'll want to treasure the memories of your little one in this adorable costume choice.

A lion costume is great for teaming with other wild animal costumes for a family theme. Below the lion costumes for dogs you will find lots of links to other animal costumes for kids, adults and dogs.

You can also use a lion costume in the Wizard of Oz theme, this is a lovely theme for a family to adopt for a party.

Lion Costume For Adults

If the lion costumes for kids are adorable, these for adults are beyond cool. The detailing on these costumes is amazing. These are some of the best animal costumes around.

Coming in jumpsuit form for the unisex lion costumes, these are comfortable easy to wear costume choices that are super easy to get on and off.

Some of the unisex lion costumes come in one size, others vary. If you don't see the correct size for a costume listed, go through to the product page for more size options.

The lion costumes for women come in dress form with accessories, sizes available are X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.

This is a really cool costume choice that is sure to get you noticed. It's a tactile costume that is sure to warrant some hugs. Be prepared to get stroked!

Whatever your costume theme is, maybe Circus, Wizard of Oz or Wild Animals, these are stand out costumes that are likely to have you as the center of attention in no time at all.

For more animal costumes see the links below the lion dog costumes, there's lots of different kinds to choose from for kids, adults and dogs.

Lion Costume For Dogs

Cute and cuddly, these lion costumes for dogs come in various sizes to fit most breeds, if the size you require isn't listed, go through to the product page for more options.

The most basic way to measure your dog for a costume is to measure your dog from the base of their neck to the base of the tail in inches. This is the measurement the most pet costumes are sized by. Some may require extra measurements such as neck and chest.

These lion costumes are lovely and sure to be a hit on any walk. If you want a stand out dog costume, this is a great choice to go for.


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