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Lion Makeup Designs and Tutorials

Updated on November 1, 2014

Lion Inspiration

There is a good reason the lion is called the king of the beasts, as his majestic main and fierce growl - many times seeming to explode from a placid face - declares he is ready to defend his title at any time.

That of course provides great material for those wanting to mimic the look of powerful cat using makeup and face paint, and adding a cool costume to finish off the look.

But there is also the other side of the lion, which has been influenced by the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. So using makeup to recreate that fearful cat is also a lot of fun, even though he found courage in the end.

While there are some similarities between what would be considered house cat makeup and lion makeup, the color of the lion and a couple of other factors make it a completely different look when it's finished, assuming it's done correctly.

Lion Makeup

Even though most people prefer to go with the traditional look of a lion, there are some whom like to interpret the lion, creating a unique and interesting look. There are some lion makeup photos below showing some of that, as well as more traditional lion looks.

Assuming you're interesting in a more traditional lion look, the makeup colors you'll need are black, brown, tan and white. You can see those colors in the face of the lion to the right. Black eyeliner is also a must.

If you would rather be a lioness, just drop the idea of a main, as she will have a very similar look, and the choice of costume will determine whether you want to call yourself a lion or lioness.

The colorings and markings of a lion or lioness are very similar, so no one would think a second thought about how close you are to the real thing.

Lion Makeup with Fuzzy Mane

We'll take a look now at a gallery of lion faces to help generate some ideas as to how you may want to look.

This first one is very well done, and thought the choice of a frizzy, fuzzy mane was a great one. It adds humor to the fierce look, and I'm sure would get a few tugs from those wanting to feel the texture.

I did attempt to trick you a little with this first photo. Did you notice what was wrong with it? It's actually a tiger face with a lion's mane. I'll bet the person doing this had no idea that's what they did. Or it could have been done on purpose.

Now when going to a Halloween or costuming party, no one will care too much, but it's sure to attract some comments from those who pay attention to detail.

Either way, it's a great cat face, and I guess it could be said the person wanted the create this specific look. And who knows, maybe they did.


Yellow Lion Face

Next we have a more creative look at a lion's face, this time incorporating a yellow color into the face.

This is a very simple and easy face painting job, one that almost anyone could do. It would be especially appealing to children who like bright colors.

It does show how all you have to do is maintain the basic features of a lion to recreate the identifiable image.


Lion Makeup with Short Hair

Maybe this is a woman that decided to keep the hair short to show herself as a lioness. Either that or she wanted to showcase the lion makeup without the distraction of a mane. Either way, it's a very nice job.

I particularly like the shape of the eyes, with the inner part pointing down a way a real lion's eyes do. Also looking good was the way the dark part at the bottom of the nose continue on to the mouth. That also is very realistic, and looks pretty cool as well. Nice lion look.


Lion Makeup Video Tutorials

Next we'll take a look at several lion makeup tutorials, offering three completely different looks; ranging from simple to more complex.

The first one is cute because of the choice to include her long hair as a lion mane. I think it is very creative and fun. Also of note is it's one that a lot of people would like to try because it's simple and quick, but also looks great.

As mentioned, the other lion video tutorials are also terrific, providing options for those wanting to sport a little different lion look.

Halloween Lion Makeup Tutorial - Easy and Quick

Lion-Cat Make Up

Lion Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Cute Lion Makeup

This is a very cute choice for lion makeup. The way it is built on the tan foundation works well with the black and white colors.

I like the way it interchanges between the black and white. Starting with the black eyebrows and eyes, it is followed by the white underneath the eyes; the white and black dotted place between the nose and mouth; the mouth itself, and finishing off with the white on the chin.

It's very true to a lion, although creating a very unique look. Very nice.


Beautiful Lion Face Makeup Look

Of the lion face makeup gallery here, this is my favorite of the bunch. I think it's the way she used the lines to highlight certain aspects of the look that is so attractive to me.

The sharp lines and liner, moving from the forehead down to her mouth, which she chose to encircle, rather than fill in, was an interesting and compelling choice.

Also notable is the way she whitened in the middle of her forehead down over her nose and above her top lip. That creates a fascinating and unique lion look.

Finally, the cute way she styled her hair to complement her particular lion face really works well. I like it all.


Lion Makeup

As you can see from the variety of lion makeup faces and looks above, the giant cat is a great source of inspiration, and one we can use some creative license with to produce the desired effect.

It's so fun to copy and/or expand upon some of the features of the lion to create a fierce face, as some have chosen, or a more cute and subtle look; one that is a caricature of the great beast.

Whatever way you may choose to go, the decision to use your makeup to create a lion's face is one that you won't regret.


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