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Little Charmers Birthday Party Ideas and Themed Supplies

Updated on August 17, 2015

How to Plan A Little Charmers Birthday Party

Little Charmers is the adorable new TV show that’s been a huge hit with children all over the world – especially young girls that want to emulate these stylish, smart and magical characters!

Little Charmers has been described as a crossover between the famous Bratz and the retro Strawberry Shortcake – but with added magic! The three main characters, Hazel, Lavender and Posie, spend their days being mischievous and getting into trouble, but their magic always manages to save the day in the end. After all, who doesn’t love a happy ending?

If your little princesses go crazy for Little Charmers, here’s how you can throw an unforgettable Little Charmers birthday party that they’ll never forget!

Adorable personalized Little Charmers birthday party invitations.
Adorable personalized Little Charmers birthday party invitations. | Source

Little Charmers Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Let’s start as we mean to go on – the first thing you should pay attention to is the invitations. Creating your personalized Little Charmers birthday party invitations will depend on your budget and how much time you can set aside.

If you have plenty of time but not much of a budget, why not try these DIY fairy princess invitations? They’re really simple. Grab some of the sticks from reed diffuser kits. Lollipop sticks work just as well. Cut out a star from card, curl some ribbons using the sharp side of your scissors, and write a personalized message to each recipient for a special touch.

If you have a little money to spend, but don’t want to spend too much time creating the invitations for all of your guests, this Etsy seller has put in all the hard work so that you don’t have to. These cute invitations can be printed out on your home computer and filled in with the basic details for your guests – easy!

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Pink, Purple, green, blue confetti - Perfect color scheme for this theme.
Pink, Purple, green, blue confetti - Perfect color scheme for this theme. | Source

Little Charmers Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

The predominant color scheme of the TV show is pink and purple, with splashes of yellow and green here and there – this palette will offer a perfect starting point for your Little Charmers birthday party decorations.

You should set the scene with plenty of balloons within this color scheme, as well as tablecloths, paper plates, bunting, banners and other assorted accessories that will make the venue feel Little Charmers-esque. This party website has plenty of supplies which are sure to make your home or hired venue look amazing.

Little Charmers edible cake topper
Little Charmers edible cake topper | Source

Little Charmers Birthday Party Cake Decorations and Ideas

The cake plays a really important part in any birthday party, especially for younger children. The moment when the lights go down and someone brings out the cake, with everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is a special moment for the child celebrating their birthday, and for their parents too. So obviously, the cake has to be a show-stopper!

The cake comes down to time and budget again – if you have lots of time on your hands (and you considering yourself to be a whizz in the kitchen) why not try a homemade Little Charmers birthday cake? This adorable three-tier effort looks delicious, and fits in with the theme perfectly. If you’re not sure about your cake-making prowess, you could always make a regular cake and finish it off with these cute Little Charmers cake candles!

If you want to splash out on a Little Charmers cake made by an expert, there are a multitude of options available – and the results are often truly amazing! This personalized creation includes the character Hazel, and with its rainbow ribbons and picture-perfect frosting, you can’t go wrong.


Little Charmers Birthday Party Food Ideas

For your food and drink, it’s nice to provide a range of options so that children (and their parents) can enjoy numerous different snacks and beverages throughout the day. Here are some ideas for your Little Charmers party food:

  • Magic wands are obviously a recurring theme in the world of Little Charmers, and you can incorporate them into your food options quite easily. Check out this easy tutorial for star-shaped wand cookies – little princesses will have fun waving them around and casting imaginary spells before they eat them!
  • The Little Charmers all have their own swishy princess dresses that they wear in each episode – so why not make your own little princesses feel special with these easy-to-make ballerina-style treats? All you need is some cupcake holders, marshmallows, some sugar crystals (or other candy) and a skewer of some kind!
  • Cupcakes are a lovely addition to any girly party, and guests can even take them home afterwards as a favor. These adorable cupcakes have a little crown on them, and the pink frosting will incorporate perfectly within the existing Little Charmers color scheme.
  • If time isn’t on your side, eBay will always save the day! These Little Charmers lollipops can fill an empty space on your food table, or you can hand them out as favors at the end of the party.

Little Charmers Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Speaking of favors, no good party host lets their guests go home without a little treat of their own – and that’s where party favors come in. Whether you have plenty of money and a restricted schedule, or plenty of time and a limited budget, here are some Little Charmers birthday party favors that will finish off the party beautifully.

As we’ve covered, magic wands are a key theme of the Little Charmers universe – they are little witches, after all! If you’re short of time but need some gifts to give out as favors, head to a local toy store and pick up a batch of plastic wands with a star on the top. Each guest will feel like a real Little Charmer as they practice their tricks and charms on the way home!

Cauldrons also feature prominently throughout Little Charmers, and they’re very easy to come by around the time of Halloween. If you’re lucky enough to have a child born around this time (or even if you like hoarding Halloween accessories), you’ll be able to get your hands on some cauldrons which can be filled with candy and other surprises.

If you want to get a little bit crafty (and prove to your guests that magic really does exist), try out these amazing DIY fairy glitter jars. Under the right lighting, these jars actually glow-in-the-dark – all you have to do is label them as ‘fairy dust’ and your little ones will be amazed when they turn down the lights.

DIY Glow-in-the-dark Jars

Little Charmers Birthday Party Games and Activities

Of course, you’ll need to think of ways in which you can entertain your guests at your Little Charmers birthday party. Here are some great Little Charmers party games you can have bundles of fun with:

  • Balloon Pop Game – Hide some small toys and other prizes inside a number of pink balloons, and tack the balloons to the wall in a line. Hand one child a magic wand, blindfold them and ask them to try and pop one of the balloons with the wand. They get three chances to burst a balloon without being able to see – and if they manage to pop one, they keep the toy within!
  • Crafting – Getting busy with glue, glitter and safety scissors is a guaranteed way to keep children entertained. Set up a crafting station and encourage children to make their own Little Charmers bunting, or a card for the child whose birthday it is. You could also create a cookie or cake decorating station, with edible decorations and plenty of colorful frosting!
  • Activity Sheets – The actual Nick Jr website has some fun printables that you can download especially for the party. These are great for when things are winding down a little and the kids are getting a little tired. While the kids are occupied, you can also make a start on the cleaning up!
  • Pin The Bow on the Charmer – Ask one of your more artistic family members or friends to bring along a large-scale drawing or picture of one of the Little Charmers. Then, just like Pin The Tail on the Donkey, ask your guests to try and pin a bow in the right position on the drawing. This is more suitable for older children that can be trusted around sharp objects – and it’s plenty of fun! The person who gets the bow closest to the correct position wins.
  • Charmer Statues – Put on some fun music and ask your party guests to run around casting their very best spells while flying on a broomstick. When the music stops, they must stand still – as though they’ve been hit with a freezing spell! If someone is caught moving while the music is off, they’re out – the last person standing wins!

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide to planning your very own Little Charmers birthday party. If you have any suggestions or ideas to help improve this guide, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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