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Lalaloopsy Party Is as Cute as a Button for Little Girls

Updated on June 24, 2017
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Being creative is what it's all about- let's make some cute stuff! Hope you enjoy these ideas and they spark your own fun projects.

Darling Rag Doll

Crumbs Sugar Cookie
Crumbs Sugar Cookie | Source

Parties are Opportunities for Flair and Entertainment

My daughter is planning a party.

When I asked about this years party for her six year old, the reply was "a Lalaloopsy party" to which I returned a puzzled look.

"You don't know about them? Let me show you", and in popped a video to educate Grandma on what is the latest thing for the Kindergarten set. I can see that it sprouts loads of inventive and playful ideas that are just right for this age group of children.

A Delightful Party Theme

The theme centers around these cute Lalaloopsy characters for my granddaughter's coming birthday. They are rag dolls with light, bright colors and are all the rage for little girls. (My granddaughter just entered pre-K).

Introduced in 2010, they have been very popular and remind me a little of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls (if you remember those) of my daughter's childhood.

Fun Candy Colors and Cute Ideas

If your little girl would love one of these parties why not try the creative goodie bag idea in the video below? It's darling and looks so simple to do. When you have decorated the windows and walls with colorful pennant garlands and covered the tables with polka dots and stripes, why not get the really adorable giant stick-ons like the ones in the photo above, to give authentic characters to the décor?

A fairly inexpensive idea that saves time when you have a hundred other things to do and are busy creating many of the decorations from scratch. Especially if you find yourself artistically challenged or hoped that you could spend more time on the cake and less with the wall. Besides!!! They are a happy reminder that can reside on the playroom or bedroom walls to make a cheerful and playful atmosphere for a long time after all the party balloons have deflated.

See What The Excitement Is About

Make Sure You Have The Doll

Lalaloopsy Doll - Dotty Gale Winds
Lalaloopsy Doll - Dotty Gale Winds

I snatched up this cute doll with her little dog friend. My granddaughter is going to love her!

These dolls come in not only different characters, but types. They have a simple old fashioned look that is age appropriate for little girls (pre-school age).

Use the dolls to add to the decor of your party. ( think: Elf on the shelf vignettes)


Get To Know The Characters

Get to know the gang and why girls have come to love them. Learn how to make a really crafty and easy gift bag that helps decorate the party and produce a happy mood. There are so many ideas to be found on videos and in places like Pinterest, Make your little girls party the coolest, most darling, ever.

I can't wait to see what my daughter does with this great birthday theme. Look what she did two years ago: A Princess Party.

Party Decor

Replace "It's a girl" ribbon with something colorful or "Happy Birthday" message.
Replace "It's a girl" ribbon with something colorful or "Happy Birthday" message. | Source
The multi design ribbons are just right and this centerpiece is so simple and fun!
The multi design ribbons are just right and this centerpiece is so simple and fun! | Source

Bright Ideas For A Ragdoll Party

decor ideas:

I Adored These...

  • Stick lollipops into a styrofoam ball, insert dowel for a stem and insert into brightly colored candle holder - sweet treat topiary!
  • Remember making paper ring garlands out of construction paper in school? Use the bright pastels and use to decorate tables or mantles.
  • need lots of buttons and in all kinds of beautiful colors. Play the game "button,button, who's got the button?" Decide on a few easy crafts using the buttons for the girls to take home. String buttons on a ribbon for instant hairbands!
  • Use actual character toys among the surface of the sweets table and on the shelves or counter areas. Each of the characters is known for a special ability and has a certain pet that goes with her character- use these to identify different areas. Spot Splatter Splash makes the crafty things so use her beside the crafts table. Scoops Waffle Cone is at home by the cake and ice cream station, when the sundae-making is on the menu.
  • Create your own story and video, have guests dress up in stripey leggings and sunny,tropical colors.

Ragdoll Cake Pops For Your Party

Dress Up Some Inspired Goody Bags

Buy Or Make The Decorations and Food?

There are such simple elements to a ragdoll party that it isn't hard to make your own decorations or decorate your cake.

Simple, large, colorful buttons, bright polka dot and strips prints, doll with their simple features can be created for walls, piped onto cakes or cupcakes, and turned into fun games for take home favors.

If you find yourself running short of time or energy, plenty of items in this theme are available in craft stores or online stores.

Portrait of A Rag Doll

She has yarn hair and button eyes.
She has yarn hair and button eyes. | Source

Rag Dolls Are a Perennial Favorite

I had rag dolls as a child, and so did my children. Now, they are a favorite for my grandchildren. I don't think they ever really go out of style, and are just more beloved as a child grows up. I know I have a special place in my own heart for the old Raggedy Ann's.

Remember Strawberry Shortcake?

Do you remember those dolls with their assortment of friends and mascots? The Lalaloopsy dolls reminds me a lot of those 1970s favorites. They come with fun names, corresponding personalities and often a motif and certain colors. It makes collecting the whole lot of them lots of fun.

Old Raggedy Ann

Another similar doll, more from my era than my daughter's is Raggedy Ann. Like the Lalaloopsy clan, this rag doll had button eyes and yarn hair.


Buttons are a big part of the decoration details, so it makes sense to include colorful large size ones in games, or as part of the décor.

Make cute, giant sized buttons from paper plates, simply by pasting on the buttonholes or coloring them in with sharpies.

Sewing crafts: using those simple circle punches and colorful yarn can turn the paper plates into pouches.

This 6 Year Old Had A Lalaloopsy Lalapalooza

Fun For Parties, As Favors

Lalaloopsy Stickers (8 strips)
Lalaloopsy Stickers (8 strips)

There are so many things you can do with stickers to customize favors or they can be used for craft time.



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