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Little Bo Peep Costumes

Updated on February 3, 2016

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep is a beloved character from the childhood of little girls, and continues to be a popular choice for a Halloween costume; although it's not just something little girls like to wear, as the ladies like to wear Little Bo Peep costumes as well, although for very different reasons.

The majority of costumes for the theme come in the color pink, although white and light blue are also among the colors chosen.

What surprised me some when looking for Little Bo Peep costumes was the fairly larger percentage of women that chose to have a more retro look; either for themselves or their daughters. They look great as well, especially with pantaloons or long undergarments worn in that day, which continue to look adorable as always.

One final element of the Little Bo Peep costume that looks fantastic is that cap she always wore. For whatever reason, whether with retro or modern costumes, they always work and add to the overall look and feel of the shepherdess.

Retro Little Bo Peep

For those who love the vintage look of Little Bo Peep, the costume below definitely has the period look, and while the colors are somewhat dull, the frills around the neck and wrists make it much better, as does the hat.

Vintage Little Bo Peep Adult Woman Costume

Girl Wearing Little Bo Peep Costume

This Little Bo Peep costume with the bonnet is wonderful. It's so cute seeing the little girl trying to hold up the too-big shepherd's hook. Funny. The outfit is just gorgeous, and would be a lot of fun to make, buy and/or wear.

Cute Vintage Little Bo Peep Girl's Costume

Pink Little Bo Peep Costume

As you can see from the photos of little girls dressing in a Little Bo Peep costume, you just can't go wrong with the choice. They're not only great fun at the time, but the type of moment you can capture in a photo that will bring back fond childhood memories for all parties.

Both of the outfits below are beautiful, and I like the inclusion of the lamb with the top little girl holding a stuffed animal lamb, and the one below where she has a couple of lamp props standing near her for the great image that is captured. Too cute!

Pink and White Little Bo Peep Costume

Adult Little Bo Peep Costumes

As for adult women, here are a couple of cute Little Bo Peep costumes that are not, shall we say, retro in any way. Even so, the hats and shepherds hooks always remain a part of the theme, and they work and look good with both little and big girls.

Add a Little Bo Peep wig as the top woman did, and it is very compelling and cute.

Modern Little Bo Peep Costumes for Women

Little Bo Peep and Sheep Costumes

Little Bo Peep will always be around her sheep, which gives a great opportunity to wear costumes including a sheep, as you see below. Couples or groups could do this, led by Little Bo Peep and an array of different sheep. That would be a lot of fun.

Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep

Little Bo Peep Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween or other cosplay situations is really fun, and Little Bo Peep, surprisingly, adds a lot of possibilities in that regard. You could dress up as a family, or, as mentioned, do it in a group situation.

And if you have one little girl, she will love her beautiful Little Bo Peep outfit all on her own as well. You can't lose with this choice for a costume.


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