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Littlest Pet Shop Teensies: Cute Girl Gifts

Updated on April 3, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop Teensies: Cute Girl Gifts for the 7 Year Old Girl

My daughter wanted nothing but Littlest Pet Shop toys for her birthday! Given the vast selection of games and electronics, I find it interesting that Littlest Pet Shop Toys have the most duration...she has loved these gifts from aunts and uncles for a few occasions, and they continue to be on her wish list. While the actual request was for walking Littlest Pet Shop toys, we saw the teensies and bought them on a hunch. We guessed well...they are a bigger hit than the moving toy!

Teensies are tiny figures, each set a bit different and including a variety of animals, some with special containers. Each set includes a mystery pet as well. I love the fun design of the characters...the Littlest Pet Shop creatures are truly some of the cutest on the market. As a math teacher, I also find some fantastic sorting available with these. My daughter is already considering spending her birthday money on additional Teensies.

Littlest Pet Shop Teensies Sets for Girls

This type of toy is not appropriate for toddlers. The pieces are small, and the last thing you want is a swallowed Teensy pet. The manufacturer recommendation is ages 4 and up.

More Teensy Pet Shop Series: Teensies for 7 year olds are a hit in our home!

Your daughter can collect these on various occasions, or save allowance money to purchase more. These are cute for adding to a knick knack shelf in the bedroom!

Teensies Intro Pack, Series 4
Teensies Intro Pack, Series 4

There are many series options, and you'll find that as you explore those listed right here, additional choices may be recommended for your LPS fan.

Littlest Pet Shop Teensies Pack
Littlest Pet Shop Teensies Pack

My daughter loves her LPS characters, and there are tons of teensies to consider.


More Littlest Pet Shop Fun

In addition to the teensy toys, you may enjoy finding other LPS toy sets for your daughter. My 7 year old girl has loved them for a few years, and the big girls in my house also adore the Teensies. There have been other tiny toys released in recent years, most notably Squinkies. They don't hold a candle to the cuteness of the Littlest Pet Shop options.

Littlest Pet Shop Wall Decals: 7 year old girl bedroom decor at it's best

Easy to use and fun for your 7 year old daughter, the LPS decals allow you to add to the theme without it being permanent. If she outgrows the theme you can update easily. In the meantime, the cute characters of the Littlest Pet Shop will be happy to keep her company.

Littlest Pet Shop Bedding for a 7 year old Girl

Add further to the LPS theme in her bedroom by using Littlest Pet Shop Bedding...this full size set is fun, cute, and perfect for making her room lovely. There are also many choices in separate bedding items, whether you just want the sheets or whether you just want a comforter.

Additional Littlest Pet Shop Toys for 7 year old Girls

These are some sets that attract my daughters attention, the walking pony set being the one that she received for her birthday. It's adorable! I love the fact that these sets are ultra-affordable...when my budget is stressed I can still find gifts that please my little girl!

Do you love Littlest Pet Shop? Does Your Daughter?

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