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Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Theme

Updated on April 28, 2015

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Do you have a birthday boy or girl who finds the adorable little animals from Littlest Pet Shop irresistible?

Littlest Pet Shop birthdays are fun and easy to plan! Choose a couple of the birthday child's favorite animals, or include them all! Below you will find some great suggestions for party games, food ideas, party supplies, birthday gifts for kids and birthday party favors.

Littlest Pet Shop Party Packages

Littlest Pet Shop Basic Party Pack

Includes 8 invitations and thank-you postcards, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, solid-color table cover, 24 balloons (2 colors), crepe paper rolls (2 colors) and confetti.

Littlest Pet Shop Deluxe Party Pack

These pint-sized pets may be little but they have huge appeal with kids. Includes 8 invitations and thank-you postcards, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, table cover, centerpiece, mylar balloon, 24 balloons (2 colors), crepe paper rolls (2 colors), curling ribbon (2 colors), confetti and cake candles.

Littlest Pet Shop Invitations and Thank-You Notes Combo Pack (8 each)

Littlest Pet Shop Invitations/Thank-You Notes (8)

The adorable pets of Littlest Pet Shop help you invite your friends to your party, then thank them for coming! This combo package includes 8 invitations and 8 thank-you postcards (with envelopes) to match your party theme.

Littlest Pet Shop 9" Dinner Plates

Littlest Pet Shop 9" Dinner Plates (8)

Serve up your birthday lunch on these adorable character plates. Package includes 8 paper dinner plates to match your party theme. Each measures 9" in diameter.

Littlest Pet Shop Dessert Plates

Littlest Pet Shop 7" Dessert Plates (8)

Make your decorated birthday cookies or birthday cake more fun with a plate design with your favorite pet friends! Package includes 8 paper dessert plates to match your party theme. Each measures 7" in diameter.

Littlest Pet Shop Mylar Balloon

Littlest Pet Shop Mylar Balloon

Mylar balloons make decorating for a party easy and fun. Be sure to have several on hand for decorating inside (tying a balloon to the birthday child's chair is a popular idea), and outside (to easily identify the party location).

Balloon measures approximately 17" in diameter.

Littlest Pet Shop Table cover

Littlest Pet Shop Tablecover

Decorate your party while keeping the tabletop nice and clean. Plastic tablecover. Measures (54" x 96") Add even more color to your party area by covering surrounding tables with solid-color table covers that coordinate with your party theme. Make every day special.

Food Ideas for your Littest Pet Shop Party

Puppies in a Blanket Hot Dogs wrapped in Croissant Rolls.

Goldfish Crackers

Puppy Chow Recipe

1 Cup Chocolate Chips

8 Cups Chex Cereal

1 Cup Peanut Butter

4 Cups Powdered Sugar

1 Cube Butter or Margarine

Melt butter, chocolate chips, and peanut butter together.

Pour over Chex cereal. Put mixture in paper bag,

add powdered sugar and shake until covered.

Scooby Doo Graham Cracker Snacks

Puppy Cake Use a round cake for the Puppy's body and 2 cupcakes for the paws. Use Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies and Junior Mints to give the puppy spots.

Flickr Photo Credit cmonkee9

Animal Cookies Create animal shaped sugar cookies, then let the kids ice their own! Put out small candies like M&M's and licorice ropes to decorate their creations.

Pet Shop Cupcakes!

Flickr Photo Credits: Cutie Cakes WY

Cake and Cupcake Decorations - Create an Amazing Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Surprise!

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Activities and Games

Animal Make-Overs: When the children arrive give them an animal ear headband of their choice, or let them make some of their own! You can use felt ears on a plastic headband, or use construction paper to create bunny, kitty or puppy ears. Use fake feathers if they would like a birdie headband. You can complete the look by drawing whiskers and noses with face paint.

Hopstacle Course: Players will hop like bunnies through an obstacle course you've created with pillows, tires, boxes, chairs etc.

Lilly Pad Hopping: Like musical chairs! Make fabric or felt lily pads and place them in a circle. Play music while the kids hop from pad to pad. When the music stops everyone has to find a pad. The frog without a pad is out! Take one pad away and start again.

Pin the Tail on the . . . Monkey, Bunny (use cotton balls), puppy or kitty.

Pet Adoption: Set up a pet adoption center with small plush animals and let each child "adopt" one. Then give them a shoe box to create a home for their new animal. Provide colorful paper, sticky backed craft foam, craft foam flowers, glue sticks, scissors etc. The children can cover and decorate their very own littlest pet house to take home.

Guess How Many: Fill a new small goldfish bowl with gold fish crackers and have the children guess how many there are. You could also do with dog bone candy (found at your local bulk candy store).

Kitten Relay Race Push a ball of yarn across the finish line with your nose.

Print your own Littlest Pet Shop Coloring Pages by Clicking This Link

Littlest Pet Shop Party Favor Box Filled

Littlest Pet Shop Party Favor Box

These favors are so cute guests will want to take them home and keep them. Every hot pink with purple polka dots box includes a Littlest Pet Shop sticker sheet, a Littlest Pet Shop assorted notepad, 4 butterfly hair clips, assorted cookie cutter and dough, crab squirter and a box of 4 pastel crayons.

Littlest Pet Shop Sticker Sheets

Sticker Sheet - Littlest Pet Shop (2)

Kids absolutely love stickers, especially when they coordinate with your child's party theme. They make terrific prizes for games, and fun fillers for favor boxes, too.

Littlest Pet Shop Jumbo Activity Books

Littlest Pet Shop Activity Book w/ Crayons

A jumbo book with the littlest pets. Each features 94 pages of puzzles, games, coloring activities, and comes with a box of 4 crayons. Fun party prizes! Assorted; 10½H.

Littlest Pet Shop Bracelet Set

Littlest Pet Shop Rubber Bracelets

Cute bracelets make fun prizes. Each says "LPS". A little love goes a long way!" Soft and rubber-like. Can also be used as plush pet collars!

Littlest Pet Shop Activity Sets

Littlest Pet Shop Activities On-The-Go Studio (DI)

Kids can color and create fun scenes with this activity. Includes Littlest Pet Shop character magnets, paper dolls, stickers, crayons and a storage bag; 5¼". Makes a great door prize or gift for the birthday child.

Littlest pet Shop Gifts

Do you have more ideas? Please share them!

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    • profile image

      dessertlover 6 years ago

      Love all the pet cupcake photos! So many cute ideas and I think you've covered all the partyware one could ever need!

    • shauna1934 profile image

      shauna1934 6 years ago

      Thanks for this lens!!! Very helpful! I"m trying to plan my daughter a littlest pet shop party right now!!