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New Years Poems and Sonnets

Updated on September 24, 2014

Looking Ahead - Poems & Sonnets for the New Year

I write poetry on a wide variety of subjects depending on what interests me at the time. Below are some of my original poems and sonnets that look at the future and what to expect in the New Year.

I've also selected a few posters, books and devices that artistically communicate looking to the future, that are available for purchase.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) reprint with permission

Make More Than Resolutions

Find the Path That Works For You

The Future Can Be Brighter

The future can be brighter if you make it

Don't succumb to mediocrity and "take it"

Try to be cheery as much as you can be

Live the best life you can live and you'll see

That the days are more fun to get through

And others will want to be around you

You'll find that New Years Sonnet I is a bit more serious than New Years Sonnet II

New Year's Sonnet Number I

You feel the burden of this coming year

Often filled with empty resolutions

Yet your inner voice tells you not to fear

For you may seek the cleansing ablutions

Day follows Eve on calendar pristine

To fill with some appointments of success

And from nascent emergent dawns you'll glean

A spirit of unending recompense

So, fear not that you will be swiftly crushed

By all the expectations thrown your way

Nor, to achieve, good outcomes must be rushed

Be steady on your quest; don't powerplay

Listen not to others laying pitfalls

But to quiet voice that to your heart calls

La Future


La Future

You may purchase this poster from

New Year's Sonnet Number II

This day must be the start of something grand

Else the coming days would be quite boring

Of course you could give the future a hand

And not stay in your deep slumber snoring

Go through all the rooms and straighten your house

Give what you don't need to those who have less

Purging is tough so try not to grouse

You'll feel really great for tackling the mess

No matter what the economy does

Or the politicians in their Houses

Plan to do better than the year that was

With enjoyable purpose that rouses

Start each new day on a positive note

And mix it up a bit; don't live by rote

Get Yourself Organized with These Helpful Books

Looking Ahead

Gaze into your crystal ball

If you can read the glass

But I expect a future uncertain

With mysteries coming to pass

So while the path to take

Is not perfectly plain

Have fun along your route

And reach for smaller gain

Organize the Space Around You with These Helpful Items

Future Dreams - An Artistic Poster


You may purchase this poster Future Dreams from

A Few Props for Looking Forward

Below are a few props that may be fun if not helpful in your quest of looking toward the future

Have Fun Looking Ahead with Tarot Cards and a Ouija Board

May Your Year Be Filled With Wonder - Feel free to share your wonder

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