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The Best Puppy Gift Ever!

Updated on November 15, 2012

What is the best gift you can ever give your puppy?

Are you looking for puppy gift ideas? Is your puppy special? Your puppy is family and like family your puppy should be treated and loved like all of the other children in the house. These little guys run jump and play everywhere they can be found and have almost a non stop motor. Happy puppies can be a joy to watch for you and the children. I think it is natural that you will want to give your puppies toys and things to play with. These toys serve three purposes; to occupy their time, to strengthen their teeth, and to keep them from chewing things like furniture and television remotes!

There are many gifts you can shower your puppy with but there is one in particular that your growing puppy will absolutely love the best! Keep reading and I will explain what that is.

Puppy Gift Ideas! - Here are some other puppy gifting ideas your puppy will love!

Prevent Fleas In Dogs
Prevent Fleas In Dogs

So You're Still here?

Since you are here that must mean you want to know more...

If you are still reading then you must be a huge puppy lover like myself. As puppy lovers then you know the best gift you can give your children is a new puppy! The question is what is the best gift you can give to your new puppy? We all know about the obvious; dog bones, chew toys, and neat little doggy shirts and pants, but really what is the best gift you could possibly give? I say it is pest control.

There is nothing like seeing your new puppy scratching profusely for hours on end. Fleas and ticks will irritate your new little puppy beyond belief and you will see your little guy doing more itching then playing. This is a very bad sign. A scratching puppy is not a happy fellow. I have seen puppies scratching and whimpering at the same time due to the agony of the constant biting of hundreds of hungry fleas.

A pest free puppy makes a happy baby!

A pest free puppy makes a happy baby!
A pest free puppy makes a happy baby!

Do You Have Any Home Pest Control Remedies? - What is the best way to eliminate fleas or ticks?

Home pest control remedies can work better and cheaper then industrial treatments in some instances. There are some industrial products such as growth regulators that are imperative they are used with home treatments when it comes to fleas however. Home treatments can kill adult and infant fleas but NOT their eggs. Growth regulators cause the female fleas to become sterile and lay neutralized eggs. This is extremely important in flea elimination because of the amount of eggs female fleas can lay in a short period of time.

Tell us about your home flea and tick remedies or horror stories. Do you use home remedies or do you just stick with the big boys?

Here Is My List Of The Top 5 Gifts You Can Give Your Puppy.

Now that we have finally solved our pest problem we can shower our little guys with love! We can now give them all of the fluffies and chew toys that will keep them occupied and busy. Here is my list of the best money saving puppy toys you can ever buy!

  1. A chew toy - This will help prevent them from chewing items like shoes and remote controls that will drive you absolutely batty because it WILL happen!
  2. Another chew toy - This is necessary because one is never enough and you don't want the little guy to get bored or you might loose a PlayStation or XBox controller like I did.
  3. One more chew toy - Make sure you have extras around just in case one or two get worn out or chewed... remember just one is never enough.
  4. A BIG chew toy - Make sure to also get something humongous just so they will not be able to tear it up too quickly. Small chew toys can be shredded in hours if your puppy likes it enough.
  5. Last but not least I think I forgot to mention... A CHEW TOY! - I promise your kids and family will love you for this! There is nothing worse then finding your puppy with something of value in its mouth as their new chew toy. Trust me I know from experience.

Tell us how you show your puppies love! - Please comment

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      PestControlEasternSuburbs 5 years ago

      Lots and lots of playtime!