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Buy m&m Costume for Halloween At The€“ Best Price

Updated on September 9, 2014

Be all nice and sweet with an M & M Costume

M&m costumes are always popular Halloween costumes year in and year out. From the green M&m costumes to fancy dress for kids, you can never fail to attract attention or get some kind of recognition when you wear this.

From the bright colors to the the funny look, these costumes are truly a good choice.

If you plan to wear an m&m costume this year, here is where you can get them for the best price online.

M&M Costumes For Adults

From a green poncho to sexy tank m&m dress, here are the best priced m&m costumes for adults.

Green m&m Costume

The green m&m costume is the most popular of all colors...hmmm. I wonder why

This green m&m costume (poncho style) is currently at the CHEAPEST price online. This usually retails for about $36 while some shops are selling it for about $49.

Remember, this only includes the green m&m dress. You will have to find your own gloves and tights from your own wardrobe!

Care To Use The Sexier Version Instead?

Then the adult green tank top version may just be the perfect one for you. It doesn't look exactly like the circular M&M costume above as it simply a dress. But it does look nice with the trademarked M&m face drawn in the front.

The main thing you have to remember with this one is that it fits a women in the smaller size range. According to many customers reports, this one-size fits all dress is actually just for 4 - 10

"Just look at me...Fabulous!" Green M&M

Bestselling m&m costume Outfit

M&M Plain Wrapper
M&M Plain Wrapper

This is a more unique look at the m&m costume in wrapper form.


Blue M&M Costume For Adults - M&M Halloween costumes in Blue

Blue M&M costume
Blue M&M costume

Pictured above is a blue m&m costume for adults which is the deluxe edition. This means you get the tunic and gloves, but without the shoes and trousers shown on this picture. Ideally fits a 42-46 chest.

And Here Are Some Other Blue M&m's Halloween Costume Ideas!

The blue costume for men below is sold at a cheaper price, but is smaller than the one above. Make sure to check if it fits you too!

Red m&m Costume For Halloween

We're Still Showing Costumes For Adults Here

I personally love the red m&m costume. It highlights my hair color! lol. If you like this red Halloween costume as well, choose from any of the ones below!

Note: In the past 2 years, we've had a poll on this page asking what the favorite color is and the red M&M costume is the clear winner.

Check it out.

And The Women's Version

The red costume is also available for women. It looks very similar to the green ones above and is also available with the circular head as well as the tank top.

This right here on the side is the tank top version which many people like to wear.

Yellow M&m Costume

Here are some yellow m&m costumes that might just be of some interest to you. I've included some m&m accessories too in case you fancy getting one as well!

The first one is a steal at $22 but fits only large-extra large sizes. The yellow dress for adults is one of the best price I've seen as well with price starting at $18!

“Oooh look, a butterfly! Yay!” Yellow M&M

Your Favorite M&M Color

Which M&M costume is your favorite color?

See results

Orange m&m Costume

and the last m&m color

Right, here's the last color available of the m&m costumehere. I sure do hope I've covered all the colors available! Tell me if there's one I haven't seen at all in the comments section of this page.


M&M Costume For Kids, Tweens and Teens

Many of the costumes above are also available in sizes for teens and tweens. It might take a little time to find one, but they are around online.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to write on the comments section below and I'll help you find one.

Toddler M&M Costume - and Buntings For Infants Too!

From buntings to m&m wrapper costumes for your kids --- cutest one ever!

Here's a green m&m costume for kids.

This includes white glove hands and white foot covers.

I particularly love how unique the Nascar M&M costume below is. I haven't seen anything like it before. If your child both loves racing and M&m (what a combination!), then this is going to be a real winner.

You can even buy it together with a racing helmet to complete the look.

California Costumes Nascar Kyle Busch Child Costume, Medium
California Costumes Nascar Kyle Busch Child Costume, Medium

This is what I'm talking about. How cool is this M&M Nascar combo?


Options For Toddlers Too

These M&M toddler costume are super cute. There's the usual design which fits older kids from 2 - 4 years old.

But if you plan to get one for an even smaller child, then don't worry. There are buntings that are a great fit too.

M&M Bunting Costume Color: Blue
M&M Bunting Costume Color: Blue

And this is the bunting I was talking about usually available in blue and red. It is an officially licensed costume and just perfect for newborns.


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