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mabon craft ideas

Updated on September 9, 2011


*~*Mabon Incense*~*    

  2 parts Frankincense    1 part Sandalwood    1 part Cypress    1 part Juniper    1 part Pine    1/2 part Oakmoss (or a few drops Oakmoss bouquet)    1 pinch pulverized Oak leaf

       Burn during Wiccan ceremonies on Mabon (the Autumnal    Equinox, circa September 21st), or at that time to attune    with the change of the seasons.


  *~*Autumn Equinox Ritual Potpourri*~*  


  45 drops Honeysuckle Oil    1 cup Oak Moss    6 small Acorns    2 cups dried Oak Leaves    2 cups dried Honeysuckle    1 cup dried Passionflower    1 cup dried Rosebuds and Petals    1/2 cup dried Pine Needles    1 tablespoon Sage

     Mix the honeysuckle oil with the oak moss and then add    the remaining ingredients. Stir the potpourri well and store    in a tightly covered ceramic or glass container.


Decorating items:

Hazel, Corn, Acorns, Oak, Wheat Stalks, Cypress cones, Pine cones  Myrrh, Sage, Pine  Orange, Dark red, Yellow, Brown  Acorns, Pomegranates, Pine Cones, Baskets of fallen leaves  Breads, Corn, Cornbread, Beans, Squash, Apples, Roots (carrots, potatoes, onions), Cider

Mabon is the time to honor the Ancient Ones and the Spirit World. Traditional Pagan activities at this time include fermenting grapes to make wine and the decorating of graves. Also traditional is to wander wild places and forests, gathering seed pods and dried plants. Some of these can be used to decorate the home or altar.

Make a Indian Corn bundle to hang on your front door  Make a rattle from an empty gourd and some seeds.  Make a dried leaf mobile  How about a pine cone pyramid?  Weave some wheat into fun shapes

Tradition sees the Mabon Wreath as the primary symbol of this time of year, the remembrance of the wheel of the year, the wheel of life, and the promise of rebirth, both in the spring and in our next lives.

Or make a pretty fall bouquet of leaves, pine cones, corn and grapes to leave on a grave as a gift to the ancestors.

Grapes Gourds Dried Leaves Wine Pine Cones Rattles Vines Acorns Indian Corn Garland Wheat Sun Wheels Horns of Plenty (Cornicopia)


Celebrating Mabon  

 Altar and Home: It is appropriate to decorate your altar and home with traditional Autumn colors of gold, orange, red, and brown. Decorations might include pumpkins grouped on the doorstep, dried flowers and wheat attractively arranged in a stone vase, Indian  corn hung from the front door, fall leaves scattered across the altar, and baskets of apples.  

  Fresh Apple Candle Holders: Apples can be easily made into clever candle holders by making a circular cut into the stem area and hollowing out a space big enough to hold a votive candle.  Place the candle snugly in the hole and light.  This decoration is  especially appropriate because apples are sacred to Pagans for the pentacle shaped arrangement of the seeds inside.  To see this for yourself, slice an apple in half from side to side rather than from  top to bottom.  

  Mabon Thanksgiving Dinner: To remember and honor the harvest, Mabon is designated as the Witches' Thanksgiving.  Gather friends and family on the Equinox for a harvest celebrations in grand  proportions.  Serve roasted squash or turkey; mashed potatoes; fresh whole grain bread; vegetables; corn bread stuffing; cranberry sauce; pumpkin pie; hot spiced cider; and wine.  

  Gourd Rattle: It is easy and fun to make a dried gourd rattle. Follow these easy instructions: allow the gourd to dry completely; drill a hole in the area opposite the stem; pull out the fiberous material inside with tweezers; fill with a few dried beans; glue in  a stick that fits the hole for a handle; and decorate if desired. This instrument can then be used for ritual, private meditation, or drumming circles.  

  Gourd Dipper: To make a gourd dipper, take a fresh gourd; slice off an area to be left open for dipping; scrape the insides clean; and allow to dry in a place protected from insects and high humidity.  The dipper can then be used for scooping grain, herbs, seeds, incense, or other magickal items.  

  Hayrides: Organize or attend an old-fashioned hayride to honor and celebrate the harvest.  

  Harvest Platter: Choose a large platter on which to form this centerpiece.  Arrange dried or silk leaves, pieces of wheat, nuts, small Indian corn, small gourds, sugar pumpkins, and candles together on the platter.  This centerpiece can be lit before each meal to remind all those gathered around the table that the final  harvest is near.


Depending on when the leaves turn in your area, beautiful multi-colored leaves can be dipped in paraffin, to be used for decoration. Quickly dip  the leaves in melted paraffin, and put them on wax paper. When the leaves are dry, you can put them in a huge decorative jar with a sigil of protection carved lightly on some or all of the leaves.  


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    7 years ago

    think you so much for your blog; you've helped me so much with decorating ideas!


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