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Mad Hatter Costume Ideas

Updated on April 15, 2013

Dress up as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

If you need costume ideas for dressing as The Mad Hatter - be it for Halloween, a costume party, or a Mad Tea Party - this is the place to be. Let me be your guide to dressing quite madly! We'll cover several different interpretations of The Mad Hatter and take a look at the common themes you see in most representations so you can pick and choose your favorite details and create the perfect Mad Hatter costume that's best for your purposes.

The key components of a Mad Hatter costume that you see in almost any version of the Mad Hatter is his big hat, an oversized blazer or jacket of some kind, and a polka dot bow-tie. Of course, there are lots of variations and you can always add your own finishing touches to it. Many feminine versions also include striped leggings or tights to echo the whimsical, almost circus-like feel of the whole world of Wonderland. Almost anything with colorful bold geometric prints like stripes, checkerboard, or polka dots look great on the Mad Hatter.

Vintage Mad Hatter image is public domain, found courtesy of

What clothing and accessories do you need for a Mad Hatter costume? - Let's look at these pictures of the Mad Hatter in his various incarnations for some ideas

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If you look over the various historical images of the Mad Hatter, you will see some common themes. Obviously, the HAT is key! But beyond the hat, what else is there to a Mad Hatter costume? You'll definitely need a jacket or blazer of some kind, preferably in a bright color or bold checkerboard pattern. The Mad Hatter also usually has a big floppy bowtie around his neck, with great big polka dots.

What kind of hat does the Mad Hatter wear?

Let's start with the hat. No matter the incarnation, the mad hatter always has (of course) a hat! And a fairly mad one at that, usually oversized and sort of a floppy top hat number. There are plenty of cool ways to go with this, and I'm not always a fan of the hugely popular Johnny Depp version, but I have to say, this Mad Hatter Hat kicks some serious derriere.

Disney Mad Hatter Hat for Adult Men and Women by elope
Disney Mad Hatter Hat for Adult Men and Women by elope

This deluxe mad hatter hat is expertly constructed with the finest taffeta fabric and is imprinted with lovely details appropriate to only the maddest of hatters. Features a faux peacock feather and the iconic 10/6 badge is attached to the band. The band also features authentic gold tassel trimmings. Hat is officially licensed by Disney for the Alice in Wonderland Line from the Tim Burton movie. Fabric lining, Fits adults Fits adults 59-60 cm heads (23.5 inches), and Taffeta.

Make your own custom Mad Hatter hat with this unique sewing pattern
Make your own custom Mad Hatter hat with this unique sewing pattern

Making your own Mad Hatter Hat

For more adventurous hatters, you can buy this amazing vintage replica sewing pattern online, and create your own Mad Hatter hat from scratch.

Great for lots of different costumes this pattern shows you how to make an authentic Wellington hat, excellent for Victorian, Steampunk, or Wild West costuming as well. Instructions for making the hat out of wool or straw.

Mad Hatter Jacket Costume Ideas - Thrift a strange and wonderful jacket to be the Mad Hatter

In any incarnation of the Mad Hatter I've ever seen, he's wearing some sort of odd oversized jacket. Thrift it or buy it used for your very own one-of-a-kind Mad Hatter outfit. (Don't worry about cross-dressing - no matter your gender! - because that will just add to the eclectic look of your mad hatter outfit.) Any bright color is good, especially if you can find it in a bold pattern.

The Mad Hatter wears a big polka-dot bowtie

Another really popular look for the Mad Hatter is a big floppy bowtie, usually with polka dots. It's really easy to take any long scarf, or even just a piece of fabric, and make a big bow around your neck.

Mad Hatter Costumes - Buy The Whole Outfit

Here are a few ideas for some great Mad Hatter costumes if you decide not to make your own from scratch.

Disguise Men's Mad Hatter Deluxe (Movie),Multi,XL (42-46) Costume
Disguise Men's Mad Hatter Deluxe (Movie),Multi,XL (42-46) Costume

He's Mad! He loves Tea! He is the Mad Hatter! From the hit movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton comes this awesome Mad Hatter costume. Played by Johnny Depp, you too can now look just like the character from the movie. Coming with the jacket, the Mad Hatter bow and the iconic hat, this is a must have costume! Time for you to cross over to the Wonderland as the Mad Hatter! Costume Includes: Faux shirt front, jacket, hat and bow (pants and makeup not included).

California Costumes The Mad Hatter Costume,Multi,Teen (7-9)
California Costumes The Mad Hatter Costume,Multi,Teen (7-9)

This feminine interpretation of the Mad Hatter makes cute women's mad hatter costume, perfect for hostessing your own Mad Tea Party. The tea party hostess' ensemble includes: A tailcoat jacket with salmon piping and attached teal vest, matching mini-top hat, high-waisted plaid skirt with attached petticoat, bow tie, plaid glovettes and spat shoe covers.

California Costumes Girls Tween Mad Hatter Costume, Multi, X-Large
California Costumes Girls Tween Mad Hatter Costume, Multi, X-Large

Another awesome mad hatter costume for girls, this costume gets amazing reviews for being a well-made costume. This mad hatter costume includes a dress with attached neck tie, hat, leggings, glovelettes, shoe spat covers. Sized specifically for tweens and your teenagers.

Plus Size Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume 2X
Plus Size Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume 2X

This authentic, detailed, plus size adult Mad Hatter costume is sure to get you noticed. The dark green velvet jacket has gold button accents down the front and the collar and cuffs are trimmed with a black polyester material with gold thread woven in to give the costume added detail. The foam / poly blend top hat has a matching dark green velvet exterior. The vest is made of soft orange, red, and brown paisley-patterned velour. The vest's lapel and interior are made of orange satin that makes a bold statement and the vest has velcro closure at the back of the neck and ties at the back of the waist. The woven, plaid pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit. A black polyester ascot with a gold button pin and ivory-colored shirt front are included with this Mad Hatter costume package. This high-quality, plus size costume will completely transform you into the kooky storybook Mad Hatter character in no time!


White Eyelashes

Madhatter Eyebrows

Mad Tea Party Chic

Disney Couture "Alice In Wonderland " Triple-Stacked Teacup Ring
Disney Couture "Alice In Wonderland " Triple-Stacked Teacup Ring

Add the perfect final touch to your Mad Hatter costume with this awesome teacup ring.


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    • profile image

      Minecraftian 2 years ago

      Hello, I was wandering someone could help me find a costume of the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland?

    • profile image

      CraftyDude 4 years ago

      This is super helpful. Trying to create a costume with no tailoring ability and make it pop. This gave me some great ideas and affirmed some of my thoughts about the overall look. Will post pics when complete...maybe.

    • jcalbon lm profile image

      jcalbon lm 5 years ago

      What fun ideas for dressing up like the Mad Hatter! Those videos are especially imaginative.

    • JoyfulReviewer profile image

      JoyfulReviewer 6 years ago

      Thanks for the fun costume lens!