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Made in USA: Show Your Patriotism With Flags, Cabinet Hardware & More

Updated on July 3, 2012

How Will You Fly Out the Ole' Red, White & Blue This Year?

The latest styles out of France, Germany and the Netherlands may be chic, but they're also foreign. With the world turning itself upside down, global politics making less and less sense and alien issues invading our daily lives, many Americans are grasping for an anchor to the dependable, familiar and unadulterated purity this country recognized not so long ago. (Is my radical patriotism showing again? Ah well, in the words of Lee Greenwood, "I'm proud to be an American"). Well if you are floundering for a way to show your patriotism this Memorial Day and Fourth of July (and every day for that matter), this lens will show you a few ways how. In an era where long distance is free, cell phone plans are always on sale and talk is truly cheap, don't just talk about patriotism, live it.

Patriotic Patrionizing

While we can't all be as courageous as the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day, we can all do our part to support this beautiful country of ours. From the unaffiliated housewife to the elderly, from the chic cosmopolitan to the staunchly practical businessman, and everyone in between, by patronizing all-American products, we are proudly doing our part. What's the easiest way to show your true colors? The next time you buy a piece of furniture, set of cabinet pulls or any other type of merchandise, make sure it was made in the USA. The world is full of fragmentation, but we can unite under this common good, and in this small way, remember all those brave soldiers who gave their lives so we could live ours freely.

This year, in honor of America's day, why not celebrate in style with cabinet hardware made in the USA? Support this beautiful country by patronizing companies that give regular Americans (just like you and me) jobs, opportunities and paychecks! Below I've highlighted a few companies that are proud to raise the flag of our great country with their all-American products. Don't think you are getting inferior goods by limiting your options to homegrown products either. These are all companies with goods that have:

- Good old American quality and durability

- Style that is not compromised by that quality

- Up and coming trends as well as unique and original designs of their own

And so, without further ado, I give you a few ways to show your patriotism with some all-American brands. Also, enjoy the kid-friendly ways to show your true colors at the bottom.

Nottinghill Hardware
Nottinghill Hardware

Notting Hill Hardware

This stuff is jewelry for your drawers, and why not? Cabinet hardware is something you handle all day long, why shouldn't you be allowed to look at something pretty? Aside from the fact that attractive cabinet hardware creates a beautiful atmosphere for the entire room, setting the stage for décor and style. Notting Hill Hardware began from one woman's dream, and grew into a thriving and sought after leader of the industry. How's that for living the American dream?

This all-American company carves details into the metal like some expert filigree artist, attending to the minutest details and yielding stunning effects. Just look at the images for an example. The texture and detailing on these elephant head cabinet pulls makes you want to reach out and feel it because it is so realistic looking.

Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet Hardware

Made in USA

I also love the way Notting Hill Hardware uses colors to highlight, contrast and accentuate details of their cabinet hardware. Take this cabinet knob for example. The mild bronze hue is a perfect backdrop for the brightly colored fruits, making them look more luscious than ever.

What about the gorgeous gemstones that Notting Hill incorporate into their designs? These cabinet knobs really feel like drawer and door jewelry (I'd love a blue sodalite and pewter combination ring or necklace pendant, wouldn't you? Hmmm, what an idea for a birthday present!) The weathered effect of aged pewter only enhances the clear and beautiful gem's appearance. All in all, Notting Hill decorative hardware is nothing short of breathtaking. If you are looking for cabinet hardware that can really make you stand out for your good taste and excellent style, Nottinghill is your answer. And the best part, you are using all American-made products. (Check out more Notting Hill Hardware here.)

Notting Hill Hardware

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Anne at Home Hardware
Anne at Home Hardware

Anne at Home Hardware

With collections like Corinthia, Hammersmith, and Oak, Anne at Home cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs are bound to have a more traditional style. Fortunately, as goes the American tradition, their products still have plenty of zing as well. Anne at Home hardware is known for their customization. They have over thirty-five finishes to help you get just the right color combination for your room's palette. Choose a design, and Anne at Home will tailor-make the cabinet hardware to your exact specifications. From the finish to the style, you can create the unique cabinet knobs or pulls of your dreams...literally. Forget about finding the same piece in your neighbor's house; forget about finding it anywhere!

(If we're choosing favorites, Anne at Home has a collection cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls called Toscana that I'm crazy about. It's just so deep, so different, so enchanting!)

Anne at Home Hardware also has whimsical collections like their pig cabinet knobs. They've also got bear, frog, pinecone, trout, horse and many more that can be just the thing to finish off a perfect room theme. If you are into the whole thematic décor idea, you might like to try a western theme, in the spirit of the holiday. With cowboy hats, spurs and horses galore, you can "rastle" up a mighty fine atmosphere with these Anne at Home cabinet knobs and pulls.

Anne at Home also specializes in decorative bathroom accessories and accents, including towel hooks, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and more. What I like about these bathroom accessories is the combination of contemporary and classic. They couple frosted glass, a smoky, modern innovation, with some traditionally loved metals such as copper, bronze and pewter. The blend of the old and the new is refreshing and familiar all at once.

As with Notting Hill hardware, Anne at Home cabinet pulls, knobs and bathroom hardware has the tried and true stamp of quality that any made in USA product should. With their handmade processing procedures, though, Anne at Home really goes the extra mile. Forget Paris, you just don't get quality like this anywhere else! Check out all of the exciting and homegrown cabinet hardware from Anne at Home.

Anne at Home Hardware

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Still Not Convinced You Need to Buy USA Made?

Need some more reasons to buy USA made? Here are just a few:

- Safety: Foreign regulations allow for unsafe working conditions, product safety standards and cruel child labor (I'm all for putting your kids to work, but some how, I think we have different ideas of what's acceptable). Shopping American made means you know what you're buying is safe for you and the people who made it.

- Supporting the Economy: This is not just a feel-good ploy for us to use so we can sleep better at nights. By buying American made products, you are helping to keep money in this country, improving our economy, decreasing spending, and can even in turn give more Americans jobs. Why not put money back into our suffering economy instead of shipping it out to foreign countries, never to return? The job rate for people under 25 is less than 50%. That figure is astronomical! By supporting American businesses, you are creating more jobs for people, maybe even your own friends and family. You can express your individuality the all-American way with cabinet knobs and pulls from the best this country has to offer. Consider it your patriotic duty.

A Tribute to our Soldiers - Lee Greenwood

We all want to make our homes look as beautiful as possible. Now you can do that and support your fellow countrymen at the same time. So the next time you're looking to touch up with an easy and inexpensive home improvement, remember to buy American. Enjoy the video, it always makes me cry.

All-Encompassing Americanisms

Looking for other ways that you and your family or friends can show your patriotism? Here are a few more ideas:

- Write a letter to a soldier. I remember when, I was just a little girl in third or fourth grade, my mother suggested that I do this as a sign of camaraderie with our soldiers overseas. I wrote and sent my letter, not really expecting it to have much results. A few weeks later, though, I received a reply. To my astonishment, this was not just a form letter from some secretary's desk, but a personal note (from a colonel, none the less) thanking me for the concern. He said it was heartwarming to know that even someone so young was taking an interest in his welfare. The correspondence lasted a little longer, but the impact on both myself and the colonel was forever. Give your children a wider picture of the world. Help them see beyond their own square foot of personal space by letting them reach out to others (specifically those who are protecting them without even knowing it).

- Care packages are also well received and soldiers are ever so grateful to get a little bit of comfort in an otherwise unpleasant situation.

- Tie it back to the past by learning about our founding fathers. Read the declaration of independence to remember what makes this county so unique and so special.

- Visit a war veteran. Whether it's great uncle Abe or someone in an old age home you're meeting for the first time, connect to the past on a real and deep level by spending time with someone who lived in it and came through a hero. Not only will you raise this valiant spirit, but you will also be enriching your child's sensitivity to the elderly, showing them that old people are filled with value and life as well.

- Do your kids know all the words to the star spangled banner? (Do you?!) Get out the song sheet and learn all the words. Know an instrument? Learn how to play our national anthem proudly on your own.

- Symbolic as well as practical, Memorial Day or July Fourth is a wonderful time to donate blood. Commemorate the soldiers that lost their blood, and give to those who are ever in need of more. Note: If you are pregnant, in the early stages of nursing, iron-deficient, ill, or have other health issues, donating blood is not for you. We want heroes not martyrs.

- Register to vote. There are so many Americans who simply let Election Day slide by without a second glance. Take your fate into your own hands by taking part in this important decision.

Giving it Over to the Next Generation of Americans

Kids Can be Patriotic Too

"Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it." It's vital that we teach our children the importance of this monumental day and get them involved from an early age in celebrating and commemorating what it stands for. These are some kid-centric ideas:

- Make an American flag. From cross-stitching to paper weaving, sand art to glitter, there are plenty of crafts for kids that make this a simple and fun project to do together.

- Have your kids wear flag t-shirts or hats. Also fly flags on your car, fence, front door, mailbox, everywhere! Don't forget the ones the kids made!

- Decorate with the colors of the day. If you are having a party or a big family lunch, this is especially relevant. Buy red, white and blue paper goods, streamers, table clothes and party favors to get everyone in the spirit of things.

- Read up on one particular figure from our founding history. Do a report, collage, diorama or other fun project to display what you learned.

- A nice activity for older kids to get them in touch on a deeper level is to have each person write a list of what it means for them to be an American. Read your lists out loud (if they want) and discuss what they wrote.

- This is a big project, more for you than the children, but the kids will love it if you do. Organize a parade in your neighborhood. Get a few parents on board, and make a "float" (can be a wagon covered in red, white and blue tissue paper), a bandstand, music, refreshments, or whatever else you come up with. One person can be in charge of organizing the kids to put on some sort of performance. Whether it's the recital of the Declaration of Independence, a Star Spangled Banner choir or a skit reenacting a historical event, the day is sure to be memorable for all.

Proud to be an American

From buying all-American brands like Notting Hill Hardware and Anne at Home Hardware, to flying the stars and stripes, let this Memorial Day be something to remember for years to come. United we stand, divide we fall. What actions will you take this year to stand together with your proud country?

Memorial Day Commemoration - What's your style?

What actions will you take to show your all-American side?

See results

What makes America special to you? What does being an American mean to you? Let the world hear your thoughts and passions about this great country of ours.

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