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Magic Potions and Spells

Updated on August 30, 2017

Magic potions

In the Middle Ages, magical concoctions were at a premium. Courtesans earned the hearts of the most wanted men by seduction, gaining power and influence.

Some stories started from a love cure, still remain in history.

The magic potions were accompanied by rituals designed to charm forever the gentlemen they were intended for.

How to make spooky potions

These hair-raising potions can be made by the glass, as shown, or in large quantities for your pumpkin-head cauldron. You may need these ice techniques below.

Coloured ice

Use coloured juice or add a few drops of food colouring to a pitcher of water, pour it into an ice-cube tray, and freeze overnight-simple but effective!

Crushed ice

To make the ice for your crushes, put some ice cubes into a bag, close the top, and whack it hard with a rolling pin.

Hot chocolate Bones

Make this welcoming brew to warm the bones of the trick-or-treaters on their return!

Brewing the bones

1 tsp of cocoa powder

1 mug of milk, some sugar,

and marshmallows

Mix a teaspoon of cocoa powder into a small amount of milk to make a paste, add sugar to taste, pour in hot milk, and stir. Add the marshmallows, which will melt - delicious! Decorate a long straw or spoon with a paper skull.

Lemon and Lime Slime

Watch the amazement on your friends' faces as the drink turns greener as the ice melts!

Slurping the slime

1 glass of lemon-lime soda

green ice cubes

Simply throw the ice cubes into the lemon-lime soda and decorate! Hang a few creepy-crawlies from the side.

Vampire Broth

Mix this broth in front of your friends and watch it come alive before your eyes!

Fixing the froth

1 glass of cola

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

Fill a glass about two-thirds full of cola, add a scoop of ice cream, and STAND BACK! Cut out some black paper bats to swoop from your straws.

Witches Brew

Eye of newt, blood of bat, frog's tongue, and a squeeze of lemon. A brew with more than a few surprises!

Mixing the magic

Half a cup of cranberry juice

Half a cup of lemon-lime soda

Green ice cubes

Chewy candy

Mix the cranberry juice and soda together, add the ice cubes, and throw in the chewy candies as surprises! Let a slithery, slippery snake slide over the side.

Dream Spell

This spell allows you to mess with someone else's dreams .

You will need :

  • asleep person
  • tap, holy or bottled water
  • concentration
  • imagination

Casting instructions:

Stand next to or near the sleeping person for 1 minute.

Sprinkle a bit of water in a circle around them, but you have to make sure none of the drops will touch the person.

Sit down 1 foot away from the circle of water.

Sprinkle a few drops of water on yourself.


_Name of the person____'s dreams, listen to me,

I control what you will now see.

Stare at the person for 30 seconds

Close your eyes and imagine a dream for your victim.

Note: this will only work if the person's in a deep sleep and its a full moon.

Aphrodite's magic potion
Aphrodite's magic potion


  • 5 drops of rose water
  • 1 glass of champagne
  • 250 g raspberries


  1. Crush the raspberries and squeeze the juice obtained through a very fine sieve. Mix them with champagne and add drops of rose water. Put the potion obtained in a dark bottle, pour into a crystal glass and give your loved one. If you want to do this without him knowing, pour him onto his favorite food or drink.
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Is magic true?

Do you trully believe magic works?

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