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Make a Homemade Card and Give a Gift

Updated on August 29, 2015

Create a Card and Pick Out a Gift

Valentine's Day is a great time of year to show your love for someone - especially your kids! Make them a special card and give them a small gift! Or have everyone in the house make a card for someone else and have an exchange. It would be a great family activity!

This homemade card is extra easy and picking out a personal gift can be a breeze too. All the reds and pinks are sure to warm anyone's heart.

(Happy Valentine's Day! All of the photos on this page are my own)


Card Supplies
Card Supplies


Card stock paper, stampers, ribbons, markers, glue or other adhesives and ink.

These items are all common, easy to get items. You can find them at any local store. You don't have to spend a fortune either. Watch for sales and buy them at other times of the year and save them for Valentine's Day. Use scraps left over from other projects. Make this an inexpensive family activity.

Step One - Secure the inner paper into the card

Put the card together
Put the card together

Put the inner piece inside

You can use glue or sticky tape to do this step. I used school glue to hold the papers together. You can skip this step if you only want to make a single color card but I like the depth it gets by using 2 pieces of different colored paper

Step Two - Stick on the Self Adhesive Felt Hearts

Felt hearts are easy to use

No matter what holiday or celebration you are making a card for, you will be able to find self adhesive felt shapes to stick on it. They make them for every holiday you can think of and they're so easy to use! They look great and there's no cutting or messing around with getting the shapes to match and they look homemade. It's an easy shortcut!

Step Three - Add the Ribbons and Marker Thread Marks Around the Hearts

Embellish your card
Embellish your card

I added some marker thread marks around the hearts to make them stand out a little bit. It really makes the card look like it has that personal touch! It only took a few minutes to get them all added.

Step Four - Stamp and Personalize the Inside of the Card

Inside of the card
Inside of the card

Stampers work great inside!

I was able to borrow the cupid stamp for a friend. If you don't own what you need, ask around! if you are going to be making lots of cards, it might be worth it to invest in your own. Otherwise, borrowing one works just as well! You can also watch for these at garage sales or resale shops to pick them up a little cheaper than buying them new because they can be expensive depending on the brand.

Step Five - Personalize the Back Cover with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss or Made with Love For...
Sealed with a Kiss or Made with Love For...

Valentine's Day Stamper

You want to add things that will give your Valentine's Day card a special touch and stampers are a way to do that.

Add a personal touch to your card by using a stamper. This stamper is a pretty generic stamper but it works! This one would be especially good if you plan on making lots of cards!

The Final Product

It's Done!
It's Done!

Now It's Time to Pick Out a Gift

I've added a list of super fun Valentine's Day Gifts for kids to make your shopping easy and inexpensive.

Encourage Reading with these Cute Books for Kids!

Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George
Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George

Curious George has been a long time favorite of many! Adults will enjoy reading this book to the kids as it brings back childhood memories of Curious George and the mysterious Man with the Yellow Hat.

Another great story! Mouse loves Valentine's Day and all the fun things that go along with it! These popular books make great gifts for the holidays.


Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You Gift Set - Bunny & Book
Guess How Much I Love You Gift Set - Bunny & Book

For that extra special little one in your life, this set is adorable! They get a little bunny to go along with the little book. You could read this one to them every night and they'll ask to hear it again and again.


Books or Activities?

Would you rather give books or create some kind of activities for Valentine's Day?

See results

Valentine's Day Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks I Heart You Cards
Shrinky Dinks I Heart You Cards

Remember that awesome moment when the beautiful picture you created twisted and turned and then shrunk down to mini size in the oven? Give your child that same memorable experience with this Valentine's Day Kit.


Watch the Shrinky Dinks Shrink

I used to love watching the Shrinky Dinks shrink. It's really fun if you have a toaster oven or a window if your regular oven so you can watch them shrink. It doesn't look like anything is happening and then all of a sudden it shrinks down to a tiny little hard piece of plastic that you've drawn or colored. These are really fun little Valentine's cards!

Did you know?

Written Valentine's Day cards first appeared around the 1400's and were being mass produced in factories by the mid-1800's.

My Favorite Valentine's Day Activity

There's one activity that is my all time favorite and my kids love it too! We love getting heart shaped sugar cookies, either homemade or store bought and loading them up with frosting and then decorating them with all different sprinkles and red sugars. I love the taste of the cinnamon heart candies along with the cookie and frosting. It's a taste that is unique to Valentine's Day!

How To Make the Frosting

What's Your Favorite Thing About Valentine's Day?

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