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Make a Haunting Halloween Wreath Decoration

Updated on September 1, 2013

Witch Wreath Decoration

What better way to welcome friends, trick- or- treaters, and other ghostly visitors during Halloween than to hang a wreath on the front door or lamp post that leaves everyone wondering where is the witch? Her broom is there but she seems to be melting. Her stringy hair is sticking out from her flopping hat. Her situation may have something to do with the magic she is brewing in her fogging cauldron.

Birchwood Wreath
Birchwood Wreath

Birchwood Wreath

Preparing the Wreath

Step 1 requires you purchase or make a wreath from birchwood or grapevines. Most craft stores sell various size wreaths. This is a birchwood wreath that has been made. It has a 24 inch ring and the twigs spread out to 36 inches. Now that you have the wreath you need to spray paint it with flat black paint. The paint is often sold at craft stores but any hardware or box store is sure to have it. Paint the entire wreath, front and back, then let it dry.

While you wait for the paint to dry check out some of my favorites on Amazon.

Bewitching Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Bike Spinner - Witch
Bike Spinner - Witch

A witch on wheels!

Airblown Haunted Ghost With Light Outdoor Halloween Decoration
Airblown Haunted Ghost With Light Outdoor Halloween Decoration

This ghostly figure will add the right touch of fright

Restless Bones Halloween Decoration
Restless Bones Halloween Decoration

I am always certain to have a few bones around, just watch where you step!

Witches Hat
Witches Hat

Decorating the Wreath

A Black Witch Hat, A Broom and Creativity

Next purchase or make a black witches hat. There are plenty of free patterns on the internet although I find it easier to work with a pre made hat. It's your choice, whatever you are game for. You also need to purchase a small broom, three feet in size is perfect. These brooms are available at craft stores, especially around the holidays. If you prefer to make your broom, stay tuned for a future lens where I provide easy to follow instructions. Using the black spray paint, cover the broom front and back and allow to dry.

Now take about three feet of colorful Halloween ribbon and wrap it around the hat. Tie in a bow and leave streamers as long as you like. I leave my ribbon hanging about18 inches and cut the end into points for added interest.

Now you have the basics for your wreath. Next you need your creativity.

Adding Spooktacular Critters - Spiders, Ghosts, Bats, and Ravens

Personalize your wreath with the spooky creatures of Halloween you adore most

Beistle 2-Pack Glittered Spiders, 5-1/2-Inch
Beistle 2-Pack Glittered Spiders, 5-1/2-Inch

I hot glue these critters around the wreath

Impact Innovations Halloween Lighted Ornamental Silhouette 14x17 - Ghost
Impact Innovations Halloween Lighted Ornamental Silhouette 14x17 - Ghost

New this year for me I'm hanging this fellow inside so it is the first ghost my friends will meet!

Package of 3 Artificial Black Feather Halloween Flying Crows - 4 3/4" Long, Beak to Tail
Package of 3 Artificial Black Feather Halloween Flying Crows - 4 3/4" Long, Beak to Tail

Where there are witches there are ravens, I am going to hang these fellows from the porch ceiling above the wreath

Fun Express Halloween Hanging Bats - 3 Pieces
Fun Express Halloween Hanging Bats - 3 Pieces

Fun and creepy at the same time. Don't get caught without them!

Melting Witch Wreath
Melting Witch Wreath

Completed Witch Wreath

Happy Hauntings

Take the broom and hot glue it to the wreath with the handle at a 45 degree angle facing toward the sky.

Next hot glue the hat in the center of the wreath, squish it a bit to make it appear as if the hat were melting into the wreath.

I chose glittered spiders to hot glue around the wreath, on the broom, and even on the hat. You can use whatever Halloween creatures you like to complete your wreath. I have also used small ghosts on wreaths. Small skulls and skeletons would lend a creepier look than what I am going for this year.

Please excuse me, I am going to hang my wreath on the front door!

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