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Make a Sugar Cookie House for Valentine's Day

Updated on January 22, 2013

Surprise Them with a Sugar Cookie House for Valentines Day

I love gingerbread house making, and it's a blast when the kids and I work hard to do nearly a dozen houses each Christmas season. I've got an awesome system for us, and I've spent 20 years or so perfecting my approach. In fact, my 2012 gingerbread baking took about an hour and a half, with 12 houses created! My day 2 of the project was about the same amount of time for assembly. I'm not a perfectionist. It's all about the journey and the memories, and my gingerbread house journey includes a sugar cookie house recipe that's perfect for Valentine's Day.

Your kids expect cookie houses and such at Valentine's, not so much! Surprise them with an elegant sugar cookie house in Valentines colors as a dinner table centerpiece. Or, think about putting together an afternoon party of decorating a sugar cookie house! You could even invite neighborhood kids or friends if you want to do it on a big scale, but you'll want to stage your event so that you control stress and mess!

My Sugar Cookie House Recipes and Techniques

If you need it all in one place for easy access, you can track down my Kindle version right here. It includes my sugar cookie house recipe and my staging tips for big gingerbread and cookie house projects. If you prefer the online tips and tricks, check out my "how to" page here: All Things Gingerbread

Gingerbread Essentials
Gingerbread Essentials

Basics of how to manage a mass cookie house project.


Have you thought about making a cookie house for Valentine's Day?

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Age Appropriateness and Energy Management

Keep in mind the abilities of your youngsters. Little one's have limited attention spans. Keep it simple! You'll do most of the decorating.

Older kids will enjoy great variety and may take time to create.

Valentines Sugar Cookie House Tips

Valentines Sugar Cookie House Tips
Valentines Sugar Cookie House Tips

Royal Icing and Dough Ideas for Valentine's Sugar Cookie Houses

Remember, I'm not a perfectionist...that doesn't mean that you can't be! However, my houses tend to be a little messy because I'm working with kiddos. You can be more careful if you do a single house and take your time. One of the best ways to dress up your sugar cookie house without spending a boatload on candy is to tint your royal icing. You can, of course, use food coloring. I love the depth of Wilton hues.

Another fun approach I use is to mix jello powder into my icing. I use red flavors for pinks. Use a little for light pink. You can use more for a deeper color, but you will get a gritty icing. I like this because it flavors as well as colors. If you like purple hues for v-day, use grape jello mix.

Another great approach to your sugar cookie house creation for Valentines is the use of tinted dough. Use food coloring in your dough, creating colorful walls and roof.

Heart Cookie Cutters in Your Valentine House

I'm experimenting with a few fun ideas for Valentine's sugar cookie houses. One of my Christmas experiences with gingerbread houses included the use of cookies for shingles and decor. You can use mini cookie cutters to create heart shaped shingles, doors, windows and more.

I'm also working with the idea of a heart shaped end of the house. Your creativity is truly your own limitation. I suggest that you invest in good cookie cutters, especially if you expect to repeat the activity in the future!

Add a Sense of Whimsy: Display Your Cookie House for Valentines on a Red Cake Pedestal

Bianca Pedestal Plate Width: 10", Color: Red
Bianca Pedestal Plate Width: 10", Color: Red

What a great way to create a fun display for your Valentine's Day table. Don't limit yourself to using this concept for kids' parties. What a great concept for a couples dinner at church, a V-day wedding reception or for a Valentine's Birthday Party!


Sugar Cookie House Decor for Valentines

Sugar Cookie House Decor for Valentines
Sugar Cookie House Decor for Valentines

Are you thinking about surprising them with a Sugar Cookie House?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Cookie House! YUM!! Great Lens.

    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 

      5 years ago from Land of Aloha

      Never even thought of making a sugar cookie house, but I'm drooling over that red scalloped cake stand. It's so cool! :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What a cute idea!!!! :) I love cookie houses!


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