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Make Easy Christmas Ornaments With Repurposed Crystals

Updated on December 1, 2013

Scavenged Crystals Are Perfect For Crafting

The other day I saw this mountain of boxed light fixtures on clearance for £5 at Ikea. They originally retailed for £32 and the big sign with the slashed 32 caught my eye.

The next thing that caught my attention was that they were displaying the crystals from the light fixture on a spiral shaped ornament stand and this started the creative gears in my head turning.

I quickly came to the conclusion that for £5 I could get a new light fixture for my house (it still looks nice even without the crystals) and scavenge all of the pesky crystals from it for craft purposes. (It came with 57!!!)

Below I have outlined how I made a set of really simple ornaments with some of the crystals.

Let's Get Started

Time required: (10 Ornaments) 20 minutes

Difficulty: easy


  • Glass or Acrylic feature crystals
  • eye-pins or sturdy wire
  • Accent beads


  • Jewelry making pliers & snips


1. First secure one of your feature crystals to a piece of wire.

2. Next add on your accent beads. My accent beads are plastic and super cheap but they have a lovely soap bubble sheen to them that I am rather partial to.

You can make this part as simple or complex as you like with any beads you have to hand.

Close off the top of the accented part with a loop using your jewelry pliers.

3. Lastly you need to make a hanging loop or hook. I just used another piece of wire to make a hook that was jointed onto the accent bead wire but you can also use any sort of thread or even fishing line.

If you don't feel like venturing to the craft store you can easily locate all of your supplies for this project from eBay and Amazon.

DARICE 1893-09 Jewelry Plier Set, Set of 5
DARICE 1893-09 Jewelry Plier Set, Set of 5

I make a lot of jewelry so I use my jewelry pliers all the time. At first, I only used two of the pliers in the set but now I use most of them as they have each grown on me for different tasks. I'd say that owning a set of these is sort of a must for any serious crafter who manipulates any sort of wire.

Clear Acrylic Chandelier Drops - Pkg of 112
Clear Acrylic Chandelier Drops - Pkg of 112

Acrylic (plastic) crystals look just as nice as glass as long as you don't allow them to get scuffed. I have a couple dozen of them on my tree right now and they sparkle beautifully. By using acrylic for ornaments I also have the extra added peace of mind knowing they won't break with a curious toddler around.


Ebay has some fantastic lots for "replacement" chandelier crystals and "sun catcher" crystals. The auora borealis ones are particularly stunning, especially if you are making them into sun catchers!

Also Great For

Wedding Favors

Sun Catchers

Gift Tag Accents

Holiday Party Favors


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